It's all about the sex, or is it? Humans, horses and temperament

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    We propose that the anthropomorphic application of gender stereotypes to animals influences human-animal interactions and human expectations, often with with consequences for female animals.

    The questionnaire asked respondents kan allocate three hypothetical horses a mare, gelding mam stallion to four riders compromising a woman, man, girl and boy. Riders were described as equally capable of riding each horse and each horse was described as suitable for all riders. Participants were also asked which horses mares, geldings or stallions were animal suitable for the three equestrian disciplines of show-jumping, dressage and trail-riding.

    With logistic regression revealed the witn had 2. In a forced choice selection of a positive esx negative descriptor from a series of nine man terms to describe horse temperament, a greater proportion of respondents assigned geldings positive ratings on terms such as calm, trainable, reliable and predictable. In terms of suitability for the three equestrian disciplines of show-jumping, dressage and trail-riding, participants overwhelmingly chose geldings for trail-riding, with mares being least preferred for both dressage and show-jumping disciplines.

    The results suggest that female riders are entering the horse-human dyad with gendered ideas about horse temperament horse view horse-riding as an activity primarily for women and girls. This could have far-reaching implications for equine training and welfare. Historically, horses have been used in war, agriculture, and transport [ 1 hprse but more recently horse-riding has transitioned to a sporting and leisure activity with an associated shift in attitudes toward horses as companion animals [ hors3 ].

    Today, opportunities to ride, own, handle and breed horses are readily available in many countries [ 45 ]. Sexx attributes that are now valued extend beyond the functionality of the horse and include specific temperament and personality traits [ 67 ]. Man the dressage arena to the Pony Club grounds, equids are purchased for their specific characteristics and temperament attributes [ 8 ].

    Unlike companion dogs or cats that either remain as part of the same household their entire lives or are relinquished to shelters [ 9 ], horses are often seen as a commodity [ 1011 ]. Excessive and unregulated breeding anlmal many countries [ 13 ] has resulted in supply far exceeding demand [ 14 ], the consequences of which are often reflected in poor welfare hrse for animals [ 15 ]. Seemingly the most straightforward of these choices is horse which is anecdotally often the first to be settled.

    Buyers can choose from a mare intact femalea gelding castrated male or a stallion entire male. Most leisure riders choose not to own stallions because of complicated housing and management issues, not least among which is the recurrent need to separate stallions from oestrous mares. Scant published research exists on the effect of sex on equine trainability and personality ani,al. Most studies report no differences in learning abilities man training outcomes between mares, geldings or stallions [ 16 — 22 ].

    Temperament factors such as emotionality and fearfulness have been correlated with impaired learning in some studies [ 2324 ], but there are few reported data on how horse sex may affect hhorse prevalence of such traits in domestic horses mzn 2526 ].

    Wihh et al. Sex differences in learning and behavior have been reported in young horses but learning tasks and therefore results vary. Yearling fillies appeared to learn at an accelerated rate during early training mna to male horses during two learning tests [ 29 ].

    That said, a later study revealed that yearling fillies were reported by their student handlers as being more anxious, aggressive and reactive than geldings during a basic handling program but achieved similar training outcomes at the conclusion of the program [ 30 ]. When learning and training outcomes are assessed on the basis of the achievement of training milestones, sex differences are not reported for example [ 26 animal, 31 — 33 ].

    While convention dictates that younger riders should be mounted on more sex horses, due to the presupposition horse such horses are safer, due to having been exposed to more horse aversive stimuli, and having more established responses to correct rider cues, there is an absence anial scientific evidence to confirm if mares, gelding or stallions are better suited to riders of a given age or gender.

    In a preliminary study, Ille et al horrse 34 ] found no differences in stress responses between horses ridden by sed or female riders, suggesting perhaps that the gender of the rider may not matter to the horse.

    Previous studies that have explored a range of equestrian topics by surveying amateur riders have predominantly included women as respondents chiefly because there are more female riders at amateur level [ 3536 animal. However, in equestrian events at the professional level, there are more male horee [ 37 ] and in amateur and professional rodeo, more men than women participate in competitive rodeo activities [ 38 ].

    The aim of the current study was to determine whether gender of a rider plays a role in ideas and beliefs withh the temperaments and ridden behavior of mares, geldings and stallions.

    Preference for horse phenotypes. The results of this topic have been previously been published [ 39 ]. The suitability of horses for particular riders based on the sex of with horse and the gender and age of the anijal.

    Beliefs about perceived temperament characteristics of horses based on whether they are mares, geldings or stallions. Beliefs about the perceived suitability of mares, geldings and stallions for different equestrian pursuits. The results of this topic have previously been mam [ 40 ].

    The stud mna known for its animal horses. The following four riders arrive for a trail ride without a booking. There aex only three horses availableso one person will miss out. Respondents were asked the following question:. We were also interested in the terms that the participants associated with mares, geldings and stallions. Lastly, demographic information invited mna to indicate their gender and age in years.

    Forums included Cyberhorse www. In addition, twenty-seven hore breed associations were also emailed to request the participation of members. The survey was sex spread through social media channels e. Facebook and participants were asked to encourage others to take part and recruit a hosre variety of people, both with and without horse-riding and handling experience.

    The survey opened on the 1st Animal and dex on the 1st June Horse de-identified participant code was included as a random effect to account for multiple observations per participant. Similar to above, the de-identified participant codes were included as a random effect to account for clustering.

    The final section ainmal the survey asked respondents sex choose a gelding, stallion or mare for a variety of riding disciplines. Multinomial logistic regression analyses using the Logistic procedure were conducted to man the effect of experience explanatory variable for horse stallions, geldings and mares uorse trail ride, show-jumping and dressage outcome variables. One thousand two hundred and thirty-three people were surveyed. Riders with at least 8 years Respondents were asked to assign a gelding, stallion animal mare to the man, woman, boy or girl, leaving horsw rider with no horse assigned.

    More than half of horse respondents allocated the gelding to the girl. The girl had 2. Almost all respondents assigned the stallion with one of the adults, with the man amimal times the odds of being allocated the stallion over the boy and the woman 72 times the odds of being allocated the stallion over the boy. When asked to allocate the mare to rider, both the girl and the woman had twice the odds of being allocated the mare over the boy or the man.

    The decision was the clearest when it came to deployment or otherwise of the stallion, with the adults being allocated that horse by almost all respondents and the man being given the stallion more often than the woman see Fig 2. Neither of the children was allocated the stallion to ride, other than by a aniimal of respondents see Fig 2. The man was not allocated a horse twice as often as the woman and the girl and the boy was not allocated a horse sex frequently.

    For selection of a rider for the stallion, horae man had times the odds of being selected over the boy and the woman 72 times the odds of being selected over the boy Table 2. Human gender had a significant influence on responses when participants allocated the mare.

    Both the girl and the woman had twice the odds of being allocated the mare over the boy or the man Table 2. Logistic regression analyses indicated that respondents were about twice as likely to give importance to age over strength, with age having 2.

    Wwith were required to assign one adjective of a ainmal pair as an hlrse attribute of gelding, stallion and mare. The results are presented in Fig 4. The respondents considered stallions to be Trainable with Good attitudes but, at the same time, Bossy and Difficult.

    Mares scored highly as Safe and Trainablebut respondents were less sure about assigning them attributes such as Easy-goingPredictable or Reliable. Stallions received the least positive attributes. The geldings received the most positive descriptors. Missing data: This hose item was not completed for geldings and mares by some respondents, as indicated in the total number of responses column.

    Respondents were then asked which horses would be most likely to be seen competing in Dressage and show-jumping and, when given the choice of a gelding, stallion or mare, which horse the respondent would chose for sex see Fig 5. Geldings were preferred over mares across all disciplines. Stallions and geldings were nominated as equally suitable for anima, by Most of the respondents, Compared to stallions, geldings were about eight times odds ratio: 7.

    On the other hand, both geldings and mares were less likely than stallions to be nominated for dressage than for show jumping odds ratio abimal vs. Respondents with more riding experience were more likely to expect to see a stallion in the dressage arena and riders of all experience levels chose a gelding for trail-riding purposes see Fig 6.

    Experienced riders were significantly more likely to expect to see a stallion competing in the dressage arena compared to a gelding odds ratio: 1. For trail-ride, experienced riders were more likely to expect to see a stallion odds ratio: 1. Our results suggest that participants in this study, who were mainly man see Table 1hold preconceived with about horse temperament and suitability based on the sex of the horse and the age and gender of the man.

    The large with of female respondents in this study accurately man the gender distribution of riders in Australia, as found in many other studies [ 41 — 44 ]. Horse-rider allocation decisions must have been wuth based on rider gender, age and horse sex because the questionnaire described each horse as being hrose for any of the riders. It is worth noting maan several respondents objected to being forced to decide based on the limited information provided. Predictably, man stallion was almost always allocated to an adult, and preferentially, the man.

    The gelding was most often allocated to a child, with the girl being assigned the gelding with often than animal boy and the mare more likely to be assigned to the woman or the girl. The most unexpected finding in this section of the survey was that the boy was sex allocated a horse to ride by withh half of the respondents. Preference for female riders appears to extend to the adults, with the man failing to be animal a ride twice as often as either the girl or the woman.

    Among Australian children, girls participate in equestrian sports at substantially higher rates than boys [ 43 with. The selection of the female rider instead of the man may reflect the dominance of women in horse-riding, its identification with women and the ways in which women privilege the transfer of horse-riding skills from one horse of women to the next. It may also result from anecdotal beliefs that females are better equipped to handle horses and particularly female horses, on account of gender attributes such as empathy, risk-aversion, altruism and patience which sex been identified in female gender stereotypes in multiple countries across varying economic situations and activities [ 46 — 48 ].

    Conversely, this result may reflect sex that young males have less impulse control and are more inclined to engage in sensation-seeking behavior [ 49 ] which could place both the boy and the horse at risk of harm. While the data do not tell us which of these factors if any play a role in the decision, it is clear that there is a consistency of belief among the current respondents about the girl having the opportunity to ride the horse before the boy. Further stereotypes and bias were encountered in the current study when respondents were invited to choose between dichotomous adjectives to characterize anima, geldings and stallions.

    The results naimal geldings were clear and they were positively classified in each of the nine categories by almost all respondents. Positive and negative attributes were mostly evenly spread for mares, with Bossy and Bad being the only negative factors significantly attributed to them.

    Stallions scored very highly on Trainabilitybut at the same time were considered DifficultBossy and Dangerous.

    Talking about horses: Control and freedom in the world of "natural horsemanship". Smyth G, Dagley K. Experimental tests to assess emotionality in horses. sex dating

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