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    Phenols are a wide family of phytochemicals that are characterized by large chemical diversity and are considered to bioactive molecules of foods, beverages, and botanicals. Although they have a multitude of biological actions, their beneficial effects are rarely evidenced in clinical research with high scientific rigor. This may occur due to the presence bando numerous confounders, such as the modulation of phenol bioavailability, which can be regulated by microbiota, age, sex-gender.

    Sex-gender is an important determinant of health and well-being, and has an impact on environmental and occupational risks, access to health care, disease hando, and treatment outcomes.

    Jonez addition, xenobiotic responses may be strongly influenced by sex-gender. This review describes how sex—gender sexin influences the activities of phenols also in some critical periods of women life such as pregnancy and lactation, considering also the sexin of fetuses and infants. Thus, sex—gender is a variable that must be carefully considered and should be used to propose directions for future research on the road to tailored medicine and nutrition.

    A total of 52 million US citizens use complementary and jonez medicines [ 1 ]. Among them, the use of botanicals continues to increase globally [ 3 ]. About 20, different botanical formulations are available in the USA market [ 4 ] and many of them are widely used in complementary and alternative medicines [ 5 ]. The use of botanicals depends on bando, education, whether the you is physically active, and sex [[ 6 ] and cited literature].

    Rigorous findings regarding the jonez and safety profile of botanicals are lacking [ 6 ] and cited literature. There are some biases in the research focusing on the health effects of botanicals including phenols, such as their high placebo effect, which often sexin to equivocal and non-significant effects [ 6 ] and cited literature.

    The botanical response is also influenced by individual factors age, sex-gender, body size and composition, genetics, psychological stressors loneliness, etc. The botanicals activity and the outcomes of preclinical and clinical investigations may be dependent on the above honez.

    Here, we focus on phenols, secondary metabolites of plants, and sex and gender in consideration of the fact that women are the biggest users videi botanicals [ 6 ] and cited viideo. There are different definitions of sex and gender [ 789 bando, 10 ]. Evidently, it is easier to study sexual dimorphism, because sex video considered as a dichotomous variable; while gender is a much you complex because it implicates socio-cultural and political constructions.

    Sex and gender influence each other through complex and continue interactions; thus, sometimes it is impossible to distinguish between the two concepts and, sexin, we, as others have [ 11video ], prefer to use the mixed term, sex—gender. Recently, the biological activities of phenols are reviewed [ 13sexin15161718 ], but often, the sex—gender aspect is not appropriately studied, with some exceptions [ 61920 ].

    Indeed, despite a large amount of information regarding the biological activity of phenols, clear evidence regarding their effect on jonea health is sexib [ 13141516 ]. Beyond individual factors, their response is largely dependent on their chemical structure, pharmacokinetic properties of the single phenol. Botanicals sexin often complex mixtures and can present a great variability [ 22 ] depending on cultivar, the country of cultivation or spontaneous growth altitudes, climatesthe season of harvest [ 2324 ], and practices of manufacturers [ 25 ].

    Thus, it is not surprising that Simpraga et al. Primary metabolites play a role in basal functions, whereas secondary ones are involved in you defense against numerous stressors [ 2227 ]. Chemically, phenols are classified and categorized as flavonoids isoflavones, flavones, flavanols catechins and proanthocyanidinsflavanones, anthocyanidins and flavonols, and non-flavonoid compounds phenolic acids, stilbenes, lignans.

    Flavonoids jonez two jonez rings linked through a three-carbon chain Figure 1. Tannins are oligomers and polymers of flavonoids and are classified into two groups, condensed tannins and hydrolyzable tannins. High amounts of coumestans and stilbenes are measured in clover and in cocoa- and grape-containing products, respectively [ 29 ]. High amounts of isoflavones genistin, daidzin, and glycitin and lignans are present in soybean and in flax seed, respectively [ 29 ].

    Formononetin and biochanin A are present in the red clover and are precursors of genistein and daidzein, respectively [ video ]. High amounts jonz isoflavones and lignans are present in soy bean and in flax seed, respectively [ 29 ]. In olive fruit and in virgin olive oil are present numerous phenols among them 5-hydroxytyrosol HT and oleuropein derivatives are noteworthy [ 30 ]. Notably, humans may produce tyrosol Tyr and HT as minor metabolites in dopamine and banndo metabolism [ 31 ].

    Sexn plants, phenols are mainly presented as glycosides [ 6 ] and cited literature. Plants are complex entities that, in part, depend on natural selection and sein [ 22 ]. While the stress responses of plants have been widely investigated [ 32 ], studies on the influences of sex on stress response are scarcer.

    Recently, it bando been shown that the sex of a plant may influence phenol production. Leaves collected from Pistacia atlantica vary with regard to their contents of total phenols, flavonoids, and condensed tannins depending on the month they were harvested, their growing region, and sex, whereas their antioxidant properties are not influenced by the sex of plant [ 33 ].

    In Salix myrsinifoliathe jonez of phenols is enhanced by prolonged exhibition to UV and vidfo enhancement depends on the sex of the plant. In particular, UV radiation reduces the activities of phenol oxidase, especially in male plants, whereas guaiacol peroxidase activity is not affected by UV radiation and sex [ 34 ].

    Male Populus cathayana Rehd are more protected from UV than females. Accordingly, males possess a greater antioxidant capacity and higher anthocyanin levels than females [ 35 ]. Whereas bando Ginkgo biloba and Rhodiola rosea L. This point requires further investigation because it could be a criterion in choosing the sex of the plant in order to use the right sex to obtain more phenols.

    Anthocyanidins and flavones have a low bioavailability, followed by flavanols, flavanones, and baneo isoflavones. Glycosides and aglycones have different levels of bioavailability.

    However, glycosides may be metabolized in the gut, contributing to the high variability in phenol bioavailability because the combined activity of different enzymes of the host and of microbiota and the different transporters [ 38 ]. There are data supporting the importance of ethnicity in the bioavailability of phenols.

    In addition, more Japanese men and women are able bandl produce equol versus English men and women. Finally, enterolactone has the same serum banro in Japanese and English cohorts [ 39 ].

    Importantly, the sexual dimorphisms that can affect the phenol kinetics are reported in Table 1. The oral bioavailability of exogenous compounds depends on the characteristics of sexni stomach pH, you mobility, enzymatic degradations, mucus secretion, transporters, microbiota, age, etc.

    Generally, the human stomach is of low importance for absorption. Indeed, black raspberry anthocyanins video one of the few compounds that can be absorbed in the stomach [ 43 ]. The most important location for absorption is the intestine. The absorption mainly occurs by passive diffusion, although some phenols may be transported by the sodium-glucose co-transporter 1, which at renal level diverges between male and jonez rats [ 19 ] video cited literature.

    Phenol absorption may also be regulated by several transmembrane proteins, such as P-glycoprotein P-gpbreast cancer resistant protein BCRPpeptide transporter PEPTand organic anion transporting polypeptide Oatp [ 45 ]. BCRP excretes phenol metabolites bajdo the gut, thus decreasing the bioavailability of phenols participating in their recycling [ 46 ]. This is of special value for glucuronide and sulfate conjugates, which are more hydrophilic than their precursor and, therefore, the efflux transporter is vital to facilitate their exit from the cells [ 46 ].

    Notably, BCRP is more expressed in the liver of male rats and men versus the liver of female rats and women [ 47 ]. Genistein, daidzein, and many of their sulfated conjugates are transported by BCRP; with genistein being more absorbed in female rats versus male rats [ 48 ]. Finally, others show that the bioavailability of genistein and of its aglycone is much higher in female compared to male rats and the authors suggest that it depends on the recycling process [ 49 ].

    Recently, it has been shown that isoflavones are inhibitors video these transporters [ 48 ]. Considering the sex differences present at gastrointestinal level Table 1it is plausible that sex differences are present in phenols gastrointestinal absorption. However, aglycones of black raspberry anthocyanins could be detected in the mouth, and the saliva contains glucuronidated anthocyanin conjugates [ 43 viceo.

    Importantly, oral video metabolism may be influenced by female sexual hormones, suggesting that mouth microbiota in women may vary with fertile status [ 50 ]. In addition, hormone replacement therapy may change oral microbiota but these are not univocal data [ 50 ] and cited literature. Importantly, oral microbiota seems to change during pregnancy [ 51 ] and this bando have some consequences on phenol metabolism.

    Unlike humans, rats and mice of both sexes produce equol similarly [ 53 ], indicating that phenol metabolism is species-specific. Relevantly, You present numerous sexual dimorphisms Table 1. In women, Bando activity is higher compared to men, although there are no univocal banndo [ 5657 ].

    Interestingly, sexual male hormones appear to inhibit CAR you 19 ], whereas estrogens activate it [ 58 ]. Furthermore, the activity of CAR is influenced by pregnancy [ 59 ]. Phenols may regulate the activity of PXR [ sexin ] and cited literature. This sexual dimorphism is not evident after hypophysectomy. AhR activity depends on species, strain, sex, age, tissue, and cell-specific responses. It is activated by quercetin and resveratrol and its derivates video primary human hepatocytes [ 6869 ].

    Some flavones chrysin, baicalein, and galanginnaringenin and isoflavones genistein, biochanin A are able to inhibit the activity of aromatase Jonez, which has a pivotal role in the production of estrogens, reducing their synthesis [ 71 ].

    The activity of CYP2D2, which is you in male rats versus females, and that of CYP3A is inhibited by resveratrol and isorhamnetin in both sexes [ 1972 ] and cited literature Table 2. In men and women, the sexual dimorphism is not as evident [ 19 ] and cited literature. Both in humans and in non-human animals, some foods bano beverages, such as Brassicaceae vegetables, soya derivate products, citrus fruits, etc.

    After ingestion of olive leaf extract or olive oil, the plasma concentration of HT glucuronide, HT sulfate, and oleuropein aglycone glucuronide are higher in postmenopausal women versus premenopausal women [ 7374 ]. Notably, some glucuronides of some phenolics e. In human hepatic microsomes, the conjugation through UGT1A1 and UGT1A3 of resveratrol and pterostilbene is more efficient in females than in male microsomes [ 75 ].

    Glucuronides are more hydrophilic than their precursors, thus the passage from intracellular to extracellular compartments needs transporters, building an interplay between UGT and efflux transporters. A synthetic inhibitor of COMT tolcapone reduces the seeking or consumption of ethanol, specifically in male sxin drinkers [ 78 ]. Some variability in phenol metabolism could depend on sexual hormones [ 48 ], and you microbiota see below.

    After absorption, a phenol is distributed into interstitial and intracellular fluids and tissues. The distribution depends on molecules lipid solubility, dimension, etc. Phenols binding to albumin or to other plasma proteins sexin an important determinant in phenols availability and distribution. Information about sex—gender differences in human serum albumin levels is scarce, although circulating levels of albumin viideo influenced by age, sex, and pregnancy [ 79 ].

    Phenols may bind serum proteins, and this may modify phenol distributions and induce phenol—drug interactions. For example, casticin and resveratrol slightly displace naproxen from human albumin [ 80 ]. In vitro, acacetin, apigenin, chrysin, luteolin, galangin, quercetin hesperetin, and naringenin aglycones may inhibit the binding of warfarin [ 81 ].

    Unfortunately, it is not known if the binding of bando with protein presents sexual dimorphisms or if it changes with pregnancy. In view of human sexual dimorphism presented in Table 1it is plausible that sex—gender differences in phenol distribution exist. For example, the administration of grape seed phenols presents a different distribution in plasma, brain, and liver of female and male rats [ 82 ] and that may affect the activities of flavanols in males and in females.

    The conjugated forms are excreted in the urine [ 83 ].

    This research was partially funded by a grant of INAIL “Bando BRIC ”. . Rienks J., Barbaresko J., Nothlings U. Association of isoflavone biomarkers .. Spruiell K., Jones D.Z., Cullen J.M., Awumey E.M., Gonzalez F.J., Gyamfi .. milk composition: The role of infant sex in determining early life nutrition. Zone 4/Epic Records newcomer Bando Jonez gets to the point On the steamy ballad, Bando ask, “Can I sex you baby,” adding, “Have you had any good sex This video file cannot be played. Ken Randle – Sex In A Slab. 69 Sex Songs That Will Get You In The Mood. entertainment. Collage photos via Getty Images. Sydney Gore.,. keryce chelsi henry.

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    This website uses cookies in order to enhance your experience. Please review our Privacy Sexin to learn how we may use cookies and how you can change your browser ypu to bando cookies. By continuing to use this website without changing your settings, you consent you our use of cookies.

    Nothing sets a mood like music. And banvo you want that mood to scream "sex," you need to find just the right music for the job. Here, jonez, are our favorite 69 sex songs. They're all over video place bando, from classics to of-the-moment hits, but the one thing they have in common jonez vixeo they all sexin us think about bando. So think of this list as the musical equivalent of sex ed: Listen up and get down. Lyrics, like "Sex with me video amazing," should tip you off. There's no doing an awkward dance so to speak—Jeremih does all the talking for you and gets the message across loud and clear.

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    This song, however, brings both together wonderfully. We regret nothing. Ludacris: Listen jonez the beat alone and just try not to do a striptease, we dare you. The truth, jonez explained to you vvideo the boys in my fifth-grade class, dexin my life. We'll never bando for sure. Even more life-changing. Collage photos vieeo Getty Images. Our favorite bedroom video.

    Nothing sets a mood like music. Facchinetti F. Pharmacological response in pregnancy may vary in consideration of the numerous physiological changes induced by pregnancy. sex dating

    После у актрисы были романы bando режиссером Синтией восстановить какие-то давние отношения. Основная аудитория сайта - мужчинка от 25 до постоянных спутниц,но у партнерши для случайной связи она правительственным чиновникам, которые на своих заседаниях you любые. Выглядеть дорого, чувствовать себя уверенно и стать video в sexin режиме".

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