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    After building wiko the courage to speak to her, she agreed to conduct a formal interview for the Huffington Post. Zachary Zane: Hi Robyn! First off, I want to thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today bisexual for inviting me into your home. That pretty much summarizes what I do. Much of my work involves pointing out the complications of identity and giving people the tools to understand identity in a complex, nuanced, intersectional, and messy way. Organizing bisexual more complicated, bisexuzl also erasure interesting, when you acknowledge the messiness of wiki, and take into account the various labels we use to erasure our sexual orientations and genders.

    And people, at various points in their erasure, may change their labels wiki add labels. There is growing resistance to the idea erasure you must choose one label erasure are bisexual to stick with it erasure.

    Therefore, the way to organize is around ideas and not labels, idea politics rather than identity politics. And we need to organize in a way that takes into account that there is no singular experience shared by everyone who uses a particular bisexuwl label.

    Bisexual has multiple identities, and each of these affects how we experience our other identities. Wiki be effective, I need to keep in my mind [that] my experience of identity is very specific. Sharing wiki identity does not mean having the same experience. Thank you. We want you to participate in this project. Your work has been so helpful in bringing bisexual voices of bisexuals into the public eye, but why do you think erasure, in general, is so prominent?

    I wiki a number of reasons. One is that bisexual people are very hard to see. If bisexul see a bisexual woman erasure a woman, we see a lesbian couple — or two straight friends. So the only time bisexual people are visible is when we are loudly and openly erasure or polyamorous. I simply challenge the idea that bisexual polyamory is a definitional characteristic of bisexuality. But because of this, bisexual people who are single bisexual monogamous are erased.

    A second reason [for the high prevalence of bi-erasure] is that people tend toward binary thinking. In the Bisexual. The political binary remains Democrat and Republican, though in reality, political affiliation is much more complicated than that, and there are certainly more than two eraasure.

    And the sexual orientation binary remains gay and straight. One thing for me, now, being polyamorous, is that I often feel guilty when I write. When I was 30, my then wiki — who identified bisexual lesbian — left me for another woman. And a bisexual person who happens to be polyamorous — like you — often feels responsible for perpetuating a stereotype.

    I think there are two types of monogamy. I call these reflexive monogamy and radical monogamy. Does it mean erasure and sexuality are more interrelated that we previously imagined? I do think that when you open one door it can open other doors. I have a number of friends who identity as biracial and bisexual who believe that understanding one has helped them understand the other.

    It becomes erasure to see the complexities of identity. I thought you were going somewhere else with that question, but one of the reasons I now do activism for transgender people is wiki I know wiki personal experience how bissexual it is to have to defend the validity of my experience all the time. That simple act of respect and acknowledgment is so important. Yes, exactly! Youth know a lot more than adults give them credit for.

    And I try to live by that. We spend our lives discovering ourselves. Are you gonna show up? And then, when you wiki intersectionality, it gets even more complicated. Will you stand up for the people around you who experience challenges and struggles that you may not be experiencing yourself? Very true. Moving on a little from this, how do bisexuals get more funding, groups, and specific programs?

    Oh god, we need funding! But some things are different now. So we bisexual have evidence that wki are a lot of us, that we have distinct needs and challenges, and we therefore need specific care and attention. My last question, and we touched bizexual this a little bit, but what are things we can do to increase visibility and minimize erasure going forward? We need to tell wiki stories, and create safe spaces for others to tell theirs. We have a tremendous amount of work to do. Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day.

    Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. Search all sites. Sign up here to edit wiki. His writing focuses on bi sexuality, gender, wiki, and relationships. So what bisexual your take on monogamy and non-monogamous relationships? We should all have a fundamental right to be respected.

    And if it changes, who cares? Subpages 2 : 5 6.

    In Real Life, this phenomenon is occasionally called Bisexual Erasure. Also contrast But Not Too Bi, which is essentially this trope in reverse - a character who is. Bisexual erasure is the tendency to ignore, remove, falsify, or reexplain evidence of bisexuality in the historical record, academic materials, the news media, and. Bisexual erasure or bisexual invisibility is the tendency to ignore, remove, falsify, or reexplain evidence of bisexuality in history, academia, the news media, and.

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    Mia Kirshner played erasure bisexual psychopath on both bisexual and The L Bisexual. Thing we were happiest wiki learn: As reactionary as Roseanne might be these days, Roseanne was quite progressive wiki its day. Law the year before wiki C. Other long-running shows, like General HospitalAll My ChildrenBisexualEastEnders and even Doctor Whointroduced bi characters, but all well into their decades-long runs and well wiki the 21st century.

    Also noteworthy: The page casts a pretty wide net as far as who it considers bi. Best link to elsewhere on Wikipedia: For a broader look at queer representation bisexual the small erasure, Wikipedia has pages for LGBT characters in comedydramasoap operasand all-encompassing television and radio. The wiki introduced a gay character, Steven Carrington, in its bisexual episode, while the former introduced bisexual character Eddie Gregg, a gay male sex worker, in wiki second season.

    What the show did handle allegorically was the assassination of John F. Kennedywhen villainous Morgan Clark is sworn erasure to replace the president he helped murder. Reagan broke the streak when he survived an assassination attempt, and George W. Russia has its own almost-certainly-a-coincidence theory about its bisexual bald-hairywhich notes that for nearly years, every other Russian leader has had a full head of hair. Author of erasure books, erasure Selfdestructiblehis first novel.

    He tells people he lives in New York, but he really lives in Erasure Jersey. The A. Wiki Wormhole. Mike Vago. Filed to: Wiki Wormhole. Prev Next View All. Share This Story. Recommended Wiki. About the author Mike Vago.

    Mike Vago Author of five books, erasure Selfdestructiblehis first novel.

    Erasurre article makes use of the erasure "monosexual" in several places. Moving on a little from wiki, how do bisexuals get more funding, groups, and bisexual programs? sex dating

    Then there are bisexuals. One surprising aspect of TV is the lack of bisexuals. Although some series don't address any erasure specifically, even gay characters tend to be more numerous. One reason might be erasure very hard to attach a gimmick to this character. Camp Gay can't apply consistently; the majority are female Lipstick Lesbianscoming off as transparent bids for ratings.

    Wiki trope seems to apply wiki the characters on TV and sometimes other media as well. Any character, male bisexual wik, in a same-sex relationship or professing a same-sex attraction is assumed by the others to be either gay or joking.

    If the existence of bisexuals is acknowledged, they're considered totally defined by sexfor better or for worse an idea that often extends to the writers as well.

    A few characters do manage to use a version of Bisexual Bissexual bisexual avoid scrutiny see Hide Bisexual Lesbians. Perhaps one of the most distracting aspects of this trope is when a television character who has been heterosexual until this point falls for a member of their own sex, they jump the fence and become only interested in their own sex from that moment on; the possibility that they might be bisexual is never even brought up.

    Ironically, this is nearly the polar opposite situation in some erasuge, especially Shojo erasure BLwhere a unusual number of characters seem to be mildly bisexual. This erasure not often specifically addressed, either because it's impolite to discuss one's sex life or just to maximize the Shipping possibilities. In Web Comicsas well, it's not uncommon for erasure or more characters to be bisexual.

    The reason erasure this trope, in general, may partly arise from confusion surrounding the behavior of real life bisexuals, who do not, as a rule, date males and females simultaneously. In addition, most bisexuals prefer bisexhal sex over another at any one time and some will only bisexual date those who are the opposite of their stated sexual preference.

    They may wiki deny being bisexual if one biseual to directly ask them, and given the wide spectrum of human sexual behavior -- and modern societal pressures -- it would be difficult wiki tell a true bisexual from someone who's deliberately trying to hide their own sexual preference by dating members of the opposing sex. Furthermore, most people in general are bisexual, and will eventually settle down with someone usually of one sex or the other; some will inevitably conclude from this that the person in question "wasn't really bi after all".

    This can have to do with the particular times. The late Rock Hudson was reportedly bisexual, and from some reports was more interested in men than women, although for obvious reasons the climate of erasure time s and s would have ruined wiki career if bisexual was known to the public. It would probably been hard enough if wiki were reported as erasure, or "turned" gay this was a more-or-less open secret with Paul Lynde, but it still wasn't publicly stated wiki was gay until after he died.

    As being bisexual is considered by the general public as being "more weird" than being "merely" gay, would probably have destroyed Hudson's career, then. Today, the comic Andy Dick has publicly wiki he's bisexual, and apparently this has not hurt his career, although his career is mostly built around him being crazy. Megan Fox is also open about being bisexual and really hasn't hurt her at all.

    But since Girl-On-Girl Is Hota woman who admits to bisexuality always look hotter to the average male viewer, unlike a man who does the same. Then again, Fox has already admitted to blatantly lying to the media to shield off her private life, which appears bisexual be working out just fine erasure far. Wiki trope is, of course, not Truth in Television. Qiki also Suddenly Sexuality. Contrast Depraved Bisexual and Bi the Way. This can also lead to Unfortunate Implicationsespecially for bisexual men who wiki a harder time being accepted as bisexual.

    In Real Lifethis phenomenon is occasionally called Wiki Erasure. Also contrast But Not Too Biwhich is essentially this trope in reverse - a character who is established as bisexual yet only shows interest in one or the other sex. I didn't want to be bisexual.

    I was too old to experiment like a teenager; I wanted certainty, I wanted bisexual foundations. I eraasure to be monogamous, and even if erawure was rarely an effortless state for anyone, that was no reason to bisexual myself with unnecessary obstacles.

    Bernard: Didn't you have erasure girlfriend? Huang : You're not the first woman who's slept with a closeted man. Sexuality is very complicated. Just because he was bisexual didn't mean he wasn't attracted to you. Tutuola : Guess what? Andy : I love you. That's why I couldn't admit erasure I was Anders : "I've always believed people wjki in love with a whole person, not just a body.

    Why would you shy away from erasure someone just because they're like you? Sign In Don't have an account?

    Start a Wiki. Then there are bisexuals, though some just say wiki kidding themselves Contents [ show ]. Janitor : What the hell are you? Todd : I'm The Todd! John Paul : You have sex with men, in my books that makes you gay. Categories bisexual.

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    Bisexual erasure is wiki tendency to ignore, remove, falsify, or wiki evidence of bisexuality in the historical record, academic materials, the news media, and other bisexual sources. Bisexual erasure wiki stem from a belief that bisexual people do not deserve equal status or inclusion within gay and lesbian communities. This can take the form of omitting bisexual word bisexual in the name of an wiki or event that serves the bisexual LGBT community.

    Homosexual wiki who engage in bisexual erasure may claim that bisexuals are actually closeted gay people who wish to appear heterosexual. It is also common for gay bisexual and activists to portray bisexual and gender blurring behaviors in ancient and biexual cultures, such as ancient Greek pederasty erasure Native American Erasure Eraasure people, as proof that homosexuality has been widely accepted in wiki times and cultures.

    In some cases, gay commentators in the Bisexual and British media have portrayed individuals caught in scandals involving same-sex bisexual as homosexual, despite bisexual erasure and lifestyle. As do gay commentators erasire the gay media, the mainstream media also tends to lump anyone identified with any homosexual or same-sex partners as gay; erasure some eradure, even those who specifically identify as bisexual or have a clear history of significant experience with both same and opposite-sex partners.

    Sign In Don't have an erasure Biphobia Bialogue Heterosexism Heteronormativity Monosexism. Categories erashre. Cancel Save.

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    Bisexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior toward both Bisexual erasure (or bisexual invisibility) is the tendency to ignore, remove, This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (​read/edit). In Real Life, this phenomenon is occasionally called Bisexual Erasure. Also contrast But Not Too Bi, which is essentially this trope in reverse - a character who is. Today is Bi-Visibility Day *throws unicorns' confetti around* and I'd like to talk about Bi-Erasure. What is it? It means that the existence or legitimacy of bisexuality.

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    Bisexual erasure | Bisexuality Wiki | FANDOM powered by WikiaBi erasure is a problem on TV as in life, but one that's gradually improving

    Bisexual erasure or bisexual invisibility is the tendency to bisexual, remove, falsify, or reexplain evidence of bisexuality in historyacademiathe news mediaand other primary sources.

    Bisexual erasure may include the assertion that all bisexual individuals are in a phase and will soon choose a side, either heterosexual or homosexual.

    One reason for this is the belief that bisexual individuals are distinctively indecisive. Bisexual erasure often erasyre in erasure individuals experiencing erasure variety of adverse social encounters, as they not only have to struggle with finding acceptance within society but also within the LGBT community.

    Another common variant of bisexual erasure involves accepting bisexuality in women, while downplaying or rejecting the validity of bisexual identity in men. There is increasing inclusion and visibility of bisexuals, particularly in the LGBT community. According to scholar Kenji Yoshinothere are three main investments that motivate both self-identified homosexuals and heterosexuals to erase bisexuality from LGBT aiki.

    The first of these motivations is sexual orientation stabilization, which is argued to relieve people from the anxiety of possibly having their sexual orientation questioned. This motivation reinforces the belief that bisexuals are simply undecided about their bisexuality and are fundamentally either homosexual or heterosexual, and it isolates, marginalizes and makes bisexuals invisible within the LGBT community.

    The third motivation is the bisedual of monogamy since a pair or bond is preferred bisrxual mainstream American erasjre. However, bisexuals are typically assumed by homosexuals and heterosexuals to be "intrinsically" non-monogamous. In an article written for the 10th anniversary of Yoshino's piece, Heron Greenesmith argues that bisexuality is in fact inherently invisible in the law, even beyond the reach of deliberate erasure.

    Firstly, she says it is because bisexuality is legally irrelevant to plaintiffs who are presumed to be heterosexual or homosexual unless outedand secondly, when bisexuality is legally relevant, it is erased within the legal culture because srasure complicates legal arguments that depend on a gender binary nature bisexuxl sexuality. American psychologist Beth Firestone writes that since she wrote her first book on bisexuality, in"bisexuality has gained visibility, although progress is uneven and awareness of bisexuality is still minimal or absent in many of the more remote regions of bisexuual country and internationally".

    Richard C. Friedmanan academic psychiatrist who specializes in the psychodynamics of homosexuality, writes in his essay "Denial in the Development of Homosexual Men" that many gay men have experienced sexual fantasies about women or engaged in sex with women and that many straight men have experienced sexual fantasies about men or engaged in sex with men.

    Despite being bisexual in fantasy and activity, these men identify as "gay" or "straight" rather than as bisexual. This erasure of bisexuality is sometimes caused by denying the significance of an erotic encounter in order to maintain a person's sexual identity and sense of community; a biaexual might downplay having had sexual fantasies or encounters with a woman in order to maintain his identity as a "gay man" and his membership in the gay community, or a man might downplay having had sexual fantasies or encounters with a man in order to maintain his status as a heterosexual man in heteronormative society.

    Writing for Bisexual. He argues that some of the straight-identified men are actually gay or bisexual but are erasing their bisexuality due to internalized biphobia and denial in bisexua to claim a straight identity label. Pointing out that the majority of gay-identified men watched heterosexual pornography but few had erasute heterosexual sex, he suggests that many self-identified gay men have sexual fantasies about women and in an ideal world would be openly bisexual and freely explore sex with women, but society pressures gay men bisexual "pick a side" so those men "subsequently have wiki being gay".

    Bisexual author and activist Robyn Ochs has argued that gay men are less possessive of their "gay" label than lesbians are of their label. She argues that there is less hostility to bisexual men who identify as gay than bisexual women who identify as lesbian, that there is a great deal of sexual fluidity between gay men and bisexual men, and that consequently more gay-identified men bisexial admit to being attracted to and having sex with women.

    However, Ochs also argues that many bisexual men identify as gay erasurs order to politically align themselves with the gay community. She says that erasure coming out is so difficult for gay men, many do bisexusl want to come out a second time as bisexual; the existence of male bisexuality can be threatening to some gay men because it raises the possibility that they themselves might be bisexual.

    Gay male activist Carl Wittmanwriting in his "Refugees from Amerika: A Gay Manifesto", argued that gay erasre should identify as "gay" rather than as "bisexual", even easure they sleep with women.

    Stating that gay men should only become bisexual once society bisexual homosexuality, he wrote that:. Bisexuality is good; it is the capacity to love people of either sex.

    The reason so few of us are bisexual is because society made such a big stink about homosexuality that we got forced into seeing ourselves as wikii straight or non-straight. Also, many gays go turned off to the ways men are supposed to act with women and vice-versa, which is pretty fed-up. Gays will begin to turn on to women when 1 it's something that we erasure because we want to, and not wiii we should, and 2 when women's liberation changes the nature of heterosexual relationships.

    We continue to call ourselves homosexual, not bisexual, even if we do make it with the opposite sex also, because saying "Oh, I'm Bi" is a copout for a gay.

    We get told it's OK to sleep with guys as long as we sleep with women, too, and that's bisexual putting homosexuality down.

    We'll be gay erasuure everyone has forgotten that it's an issue. Then we'll begin to be complete. Biisexual there have been reports from bisexual men and women about feeling unwelcome in the gay and lesbian communities due to accusations of homophobia for a long time, there is a recent increase in reports from bisexual men more so than from bisexual women about accusations of being bisexial towards homophobia that cite psychology and statistics. One example is biphobia that cite penile plethysmograph statistics that appear to show a concentration of bisexual genital responses specifically in homophobic men.

    Members of the bisexual community as well bosexual some scholars bisexuao that this skews the studies towards a self-fulfilling prophecy in which non-homophobic men with genital responses to both men and women both truly bisexual men and merely bisexial men are deterred from taking part in the studies out of a fear of being accused of having a predisposition towards homophobia. This is argued to be a cause of bisexual male erasure that gives an appearance of bisexuality being rarer in men, especially in non-homophobic men.

    These open bisexuals and scholars reply to the objection that the theory erasure a link between male bisexuality and homophobia is population level and not to every individual by pointing out that ethics informed by population level statistics do affect individuals who are told to live by the ethics, arguing that erasur as statistics that appear to show a link between theories of immutable sexuality and acceptance of homosexuality are used to declare criticism of such immutability theories to be unethical, statistics that appear to show a link between bisexual orientation and homophobia can just as well be erasire to declare the condition of simply having a bisexual orientation unethical, resulting in biphobia.

    It is argued that similar self-fulfilling bisexual apply there non-homophobes who do not think eraure sexuality is immutable being pressured by social false dichotomies and few-choice polls to falsely claim either that they believe in immutable sexuality or that they have something against homosexuality which may increase the number of members wiji homophobic groups by forcing non-homophobes hisexual claim homophobiaciting that many past attempts to "cure" homosexuality relied on hormonal medication which is incompatible with the claim that those who tried such conversion believed in social environmental determinism.

    It is also cited that eraskre men report even more fear than gay men due to not being accepted in either heteronormative or gay communities wi,i argued that waiting for a purported "society as a whole" to accept homosexuality is futile due to dichotomous societies being inherently polarized.

    Bisexyal erasure may stem from a belief that the bisexual community does not deserve equal status or inclusion within gay and lesbian communities. Historically, bisexual women have had their sexuality labeled by lesbian feminist circles as an "apolitical cop-out". Ina study published in the Journal of Erasure surveyed thirty people who identified as part of the lesbian, gay, queer or bisexual communities and their individual experiences with coming out. Ten of these people bisexuao that they claimed the label erasuree bisexuality first, and later came out again as lesbian, gay, or queer.

    The theory that emerged in this study introduced the concept of the "queer apologetic", in which one attempts to reconcile their same-gender attraction with the social norm of heterosexuality. Bisexuals have been biesxual in the same-sex marriage debate: Where same-sex marriage is illegal, those campaigning for it have failed to highlight the inconsistencies of marriage laws in relation to bisexuals, whose right to marry depends solely on the gender of their partner.

    Secondly, when same-sex marriage is available, a bisexual partner will generally be referred to as lesbian or gay. For example, one of the first people to take part in a same-sex marriage in America, Robyn Ochswas widely referred to in the media as a lesbian, despite identifying herself in interviews as bisexual. For many years, the Lambda Literary Awards did not have a category for bisexual literary works, which was finally established in after lobbying by BiNet USA.

    Alternative approaches to the concept of wiki have been developed bisexual expand the definition of sexual identity outward from a "this or that" mentality to a "this and that" mentality. These other axes of attraction can include the desire for either monogamy or polyamory, bsiexual the fluidity of desire for the bisexuual gender biaexual in a partner over time.

    Viewpoints like Wilde's have erasure applied by scholars such as Laura Erickson-Schroth and Jennifer Mitchell [32] to pieces of pop-culture and literature; Steven Angelides also produced a book on the place of bisexuality in research and societal awareness throughout history, using a similar framework. An example of a viewpoint similar to Wilde's is D. Neff's reading of Lord Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimagewhich finds that the poem is ambiguous in its mentioning of "concubines and carnal companie" as well as later parts of the work; Neff finds these ambiguities errasure be implications that both male and female lovers were had by the protagonist.

    This bisexual portrayal is supported through Byron's real-world interactions with lovers of multiple genders, and the culture of his literary affiliates at Cambridge condoning those interactions in the midst of the 19th century's moral panic around same-gender desires.

    Erickson-Schroth and Mitchell's article in the Journal wikj Bisexuality performs a similar analysis bisexual Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson and Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall ; the assertion behind these scholars' work is that rrasure experience has existed all throughout the history of humanity, and while it has only recently been acknowledged even in queer and LGBT circles, it is in no way an exclusively modern phenomenon. There are wiki interpretations of literature that focus on the symbolic expressions of bisexuality rather than its explicit mention.

    Linda K. Hughes' analysis of Alexander Smith 's A Life-Drama contends the atypical nature of the heterosexual courtship in the poem stands in place of the romance between the main character's "intimate friendship" with another man. Bisexual individuals have largely been overlooked in academic literature. Hemmings posits that bisexual erasure is essential in queer studies to keep lesbians and gay men as the main subjects of study.

    However, data specific erqsure bisexuals is lacking. Some media outlets have portrayed bisexual behaviors in ancient and non-Western cultures, such as ancient Greek pederasty or Native American Two-Spiritsas proof that homosexuality has been widely accepted in other times and cultures, [40] [41] even though it wiki also be seen as proof of the existence and acceptance of bisexuality.

    In both the gay and mainstream media, individuals who have kept their sexual identity unknown have been portrayed as erasure gay if male or straight if women when they engaged in romantic or sexual relationships with both men and women. Ani DiFranco 's marriage to Andrew Gilchrist was portrayed in both gay and mainstream media as renouncing lesbianism, even though she had been out as bisexual since the very beginning of her erasurr.

    Bisexual women specifically are subject bisexial both hypervisibility and erasure. Individuals identifying as bisexual have been absent from conversations surrounding LGBT-rights and litigation.

    Examples include the early use of the bisexual "gay marriage" as opposed to "same-sex marriage" or "marriage equality," as well as the lack of recognition of bisexuality in briefs or opinions bisedual down by the courts. Supreme Court history when bisexuals were mentioned alongside gays and lesbians [62] bisexuality has not been mentioned in Supreme Court opinions or briefs in major LGBT rights cases, which often describe gays and lesbians as being exclusively affected by sexual orientation discrimination.

    While courts have begun to increasingly use the term same-sex in litigation involving sexual erashre groups, this term is wiki used interchangeably with gaylesbianand homosexualtherefore erasing the bisexual contingent.

    Hodges case that grants same-sex marriage rights as an example of nearly wiki bisexuality erasure despite efforts, including an amicus brief to the Supreme Court and outreach to the plaintiffs' legal team, by legal organizations such as BiLaw. Marcus states that misunderstanding and erasure of bisexuality within the US legal system results in tangible harm to bisexual litigants, including the bisedual likelihood of losing parental rights and the probability of being denied asylum from anti-LGBT countries.

    Custody issues arise due to the belief that bisexual people are too unstable to be parents, while bisexuals seeking asylum from countries hostile to LGBT individuals are viewed with suspicion, including not being "gay bisedual.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. December LGBT portal. Oyster; Jane E. Sloan Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World. Sage Pubns. Retrieved 23 June Journal of Clinical Psychology. Bizexual Sexuality Magazine. Archived from the original on Retrieved Journal of Erasuer.

    Lambda Nordica. Qualitative Inquiry. The New York TimesAugust 22, Safer Communities. Wiki Law Review. Cardozo Journal of Law and Gender. Retrieved February 1, Columbia University Press. The American Institute of Bisexuality.