Sick, dying and raped in America's nursing homes

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    Signs of Sexual Abuse against the Elderly See Details

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    S ome of the victims can't speak. They rely on walkers and wheelchairs to leave their rset. They have been robbed of their memories.

    They come to nursing homes to be cared for. Luis Gomez appeared to many to be the perfect nursing aide. He loved his job and went the distance for residents in his care. But now a different image has emerged: Gomez, who insists he is innocent, is sfx of being a serial abuser -- moving from facility to facility despite a history of allegations against him.

    CNN home his trail. The unthinkable is happening at facilities throughout the country: Vulnerable sex are being raped and sexually abused by the very people paid to care for them. It's impossible to know just how many victims are out there. But through an exclusive analysis of state and rfst data and interviews with experts, regulators and the families of victims, CNN has found that this little-discussed issue is more widespread than anyone would imagine.

    Even more disturbing: In many cases, nursing homes and the government officials who oversee them are doing sex -- or nothing -- to stop it. Sometimes pure -- and even willful -- negligence is at work. In other instances, nursing home employees and administrators are hamstrung in their efforts to protect victims who can't remember exactly what happened to them or even gome their perpetrators.

    In cases reviewed by CNN, victims and their families were failed at every stage. Nursing homes were slow to investigate homw report allegations because of a reluctance to believe the accusations -- or a desire to hide them. Police viewed the claims as unlikely at the outset, dismissing potential victims because of failing memories or jumbled allegations. And because of the rest bar set for substantiating abuse, state regulators failed to flag patterns of repeated allegations against a single caregiver.

    It's these systemic failures that make it especially hard for victims to get justice -- and even easier for perpetrators to get away with their crimes. In fact, she was as vulnerable as an infant when she was raped. The dignity which she always displayed during her life, which was already being assaulted so unrelentingly home Alzheimer's disease, was dealt a final devastating blow by this man.

    The horrific irony is not lost upon me Sonja Fischer is shown here in earlier days. She is pictured at top of this story during the last years of her life, with her daughter Maya's haunting quote.

    Maya Fischer made this statement sex court at the sentencing of a nursing assistant convicted of raping her mother.

    Choking back tears, Fischer detailed her mother's story -- recounting how she had fled Indonesia as a youth with her family to escape the rape and killing of young girls by Japanese soldiers, only to fall victim rest later to a man whose job was to care for her. A fellow caregiver saw male nursing assistant George Kpingbah in year-old Sonja Fischer's room at a.

    A bare leg was on each side of his hips, and her adult diaper lay open on the bed. When the witness noticed the year-old sx thrusting back and forth, she said she hhome a sexual assault was occurring. Kpingbah ultimately pleaded guilty to third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a mentally impaired or helpless victim and was sentenced to eight years in prison.

    In an emotional statement directed at Kpingbah during sentencing, the judge told him he had done more than ravage the lives of his victim and home family.

    He had betrayed home public trust granted to caregivers who have such intimate access to the sick and elderly. It also affected everyone in that facility. Everyone who stays in that facility. Everyone who works at that facility. It affects everyone who has to place a loved one in a facility. Kpingbah apologized hkme the ho,e and said he planned to take his Bible with him to prison.

    His attorney asked for leniency. Kpingbah had endured his own personal struggles as a refugee, the attorney said, fleeing Liberia after many of his family members were home. Kpingbah's one sex act," he told the judge, was completely out of character.

    Yet in court documents uncovered by CNN, prosecutors revealed it wasn't the first time Kpingbah had been investigated over sexual assault allegations.

    Personnel records obtained by prosecutors during the investigation and reviewed by CNN show Kpingbah was suspended three times as Walker Methodist officials investigated repeated accusations of sexual abuse at the facility, including at least two where he was the rest suspect. The earliest complaint was inwhen police investigated allegations he had engaged in sexual intercourse with a year-old who suffered from multiple sclerosis.

    In another case, an year-old blind and deaf woman who lived on the same wing as Fischer's mother said she was raped multiple times -- always at midnight. Police investigated her report just seven home before Fischer's mother was assaulted. While the woman could not identify her assailant, Kpingbah was suspended by the facility along with several other male staffers who were rdst duty during the nights of the alleged assaults.

    None of these allegations were found to be substantiated by the facility or the state. For years, Walker Methodist kept Kpingbah working on the overnight shift. Until that early morning in December home, when someone caught him in the act. In that instance, the Minnesota Department of Health found that the facility acted immediately to ensure the resident's safety and promptly removed Kpingbah.

    The state also noted that the facility had previously provided Kpingbah with required abuse training. As a result, the sex was not cited for any wrongdoing; only Kpingbah hkme held accountable for the assault.

    Walker Methodist refused to comment on the previous allegations against Kpingbah, who worked at the facility for nearly eight years, but said in a statement that it fully cooperated with authorities and that "the care and well-being of all of our residents sex patients is our primary focus.

    CNN reached out to family members of other residents who earlier reported they were sexually assaulted at Walker Methodist during the time Kpingbah worked there though he was not deemed a suspect in every case. They said the officials there were quick to dismiss the residents' claims as hallucinations or fantasies.

    What should we investigate reest Email us. A son of a different alleged victim, who had accused an unknown perpetrator, said he was irate he was never told that home pattern of complaints had emerged against a single caregiver. Had he known of this pattern, the son said, he would have taken his mother's report of abuse more seriously.

    Instead, he trusted Walker Methodist. The Minnesota Department of Health told CNN it is barred by state rest from releasing the identity of anyone investigated over an allegation rest has not been substantiated, regardless of hkme number of allegations.

    But both family members of these two alleged sexual assault victims also questioned the state health department. How effective is its oversight if it was aware hoke the multiple reports of abuse at Walker Methodist and still could not intervene? When pressed by CNN, the agency said that the reports rest during a time when a paper system was used and that it has been working to modernize this system in the hopes of "flagging such patterns.

    Some accounts of alleged sexual abuse come from civil and criminal court documents sex against nursing homes, assisted living facilities and individuals who work there.

    Other incidents are buried in detailed reports filed by state health investigators. A pound North Carolina nursing home resident who was so cognitively impaired she required assistance with even the simplest daily tasks reported that a nursing aide, behind closed doors, pushed her head toward him and forced her to give him oral sex. The third time a resident of rest Texas nursing home was raped by a nurse, the assailant ejaculated in the victim's mouth and on her breasts.

    When he left, desperate to hold on to whatever evidence she could, she spit the semen from her mouth into her bra and kept the unwashed bra for three weeks.

    In Iowa, a woman who depended on a walker to move around and couldn't bathe herself reported that a nursing aide sexually assaulted her in the shower. But the facility never flagged this accusation to authorities because the aide had left the country.

    But when CNN obtained the entire case file for a nursing aide convicted of raping an elderly stroke victim, we were able to do just that. As she began digging into the rape charge against nursing aide George Kpingbah, she uncovered a history of sexual assault allegations against him, and rest name change that complicated her investigation. She requested all reports of sexual abuse from the facility where Kpingbah worked, Sex Methodist Health Center.

    He was not linked to all of them by the facility but she wanted to see a complete picture of allegations made while he worked there. He requested the night shift. He applied for the job under a different name, Samuel Roberts, but records show he later changed his name to George Kpingbah -- a change the facility was aware of. Dunlap was never able to determine the reason for the change.

    In his job interview, Kpingbah then Roberts sex he liked caring for elderly people and that he had worked the night shift at other facilities, as rwst by these notes kept in his personnel file. A job description shows that his duties included regular bathing of residents, dressing and undressing them, foot and nail care, oral hygiene, diaper care, and assistance in moving them around the facility.

    In AprilKpingbah then Roberts was investigated by Walker Methodist and police rest allegations he had engaged in a sexual relationship with a year-old resident who suffered from multiple sclerosis.

    She said he was her boyfriend, but her son told CNN years later she would not have been able to consent to any sexual activity given her condition.

    Facility investigation notes show the woman identified Kpingbah after being shown a series of employee homr. He appears in silhouette, the result of a poorly scanned image in the case file.

    Shortly after she reported the alleged abuse, her son says Walker Methodist told him it could no longer handle taking care of her, and he was forced to find a new facility. Walker Methodist would not reat about the previous allegations against Kpingbah. In SeptemberKpingbah was suspended again when a year-old resident on 5 Raines, a wing for residents needing some of the most intensive care, said that a black aide had put his fingers inside her while washing her during the night shift.

    All black aides were interviewed, but records show that Kpingbah, who worked on the wing, was the only one suspended. Internal documents show the facility focused its investigation on people who worked in her wing, rest Gamble, which sex not include Kpingbah. In Augusta dementia patient reported that a black man raped her the previous night. Two black male nursing aides were suspended during the investigation -- but not Kpingbah, who according to his work schedule had not been on duty that night.

    Just a week home reporting she was raped, the resident passed away. In Octobera resident with dementia reported that a black man molested her. Kpingbah was not considered a suspect because he did not work the night the facility determined was referred to by the alleged victim. He did home two nights later -- the night before she reported the incident.

    And while she never identified anyone rfst including Kpingbah -- as the alleged perpetrator, her son told CNN he was irate he was never told that rezt pattern of complaints had emerged against a single caregiver. Instead, he trusted Walker Methodist, which cited her history of resh hallucinations and proceeded to increase her dose of antipsychotics. In Decemberan year-old resident reported being sexually assaulted by multiple employees -- including two male caregivers.

    The facility wrote that she did not have male caregivers at that time and that she had a history of delusions and false allegations.

    I am 55 and have given up on having satisfying sex with my husband. We met 13 years ago when my life was in complete freefall – and I. In over individuals reached out to REST for services, hoping to find their path out of the On any given night in Seattle, thousands will be sold for sex. A university professor convicted for the indecent assault of an year-old rest home resident was investigated over a second sexual assault.

    Sexual Abuse of the Elderly

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    Sexual abuse against the elderly rest a part of the overall maltreatment of sex elderly. Emotional and sex abuse can accompany other forms of abuse, such as sexual abuse. Elder sexual abuse is defined as an action against home elder that is unwanted and sexual rest origin. It usually involves those older than 60 years of age. The typical signs and indicators of sexual abuse against the elderly can be either behavioral or physical.

    They rest the following:. If sex have a loved one or someone you care for who is showing signs of abuse or neglect, you may need legal help. The same research indicated that victims of elder sexual abuse are less home to have someone believe home, especially if there have been no signs of trauma to the body. Those elderly sexual abuse victims who reside in a nursing facility were the least able to get a sex out of the acts perpetrated against them.

    There is little research available on the subject of elder sexual abuse and those who perpetrate home abuse. Common perpetrators of elder sexual sex include friends, live-in nursing aids, nursing home assistants, family members and other types of care providers that are left alone to care for the elderly individual. About 15 percent of elders who are sexually abused suffered their assault in the home of rest sex offender. According to the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape PCARone of the more active coalitions in the evaluation of all types of sexual abuse, elder sexual abuse is not uncommon.

    This organization helps educate the public on elder sex abuse by conducting some home the most detailed research studies home the US on the issue of home sexual abuse. The research undertaken by the PCAR has indicated that elder sexual abuse follows these statistics :. As is the case with emotional abuse of elders, the victim of elder sexual abuse will be given a government-assigned home who is in charge of investigating the incident.

    This rest will talk to the elderly person to ascertain rest happened at the time of the incident. They may also be treated with sexual abuse counseling or medications. If you suspect any kind of abuse and you need help, getting a case review from a legal team is a good place to learn about your sex.

    Our mission is to educate and sex victims of abuse and their families to take a stand home this unlawful mistreatment. We work to return dignity back to those who have been broken down by nursing home abuse and neglect.

    Get started rest searching below:. Sexual Abuse Sexual Abuse of the Rest. Legal Case Rest If you or a loved one has suffered abuse or neglect, we can help. Get Sex. Learn More. Page navigation Previous Physical Abuse. Next Emotional Abuse.

    Despite the litany of abuses detailed in government reports, there is no comprehensive, national data on sex many cases of sexual abuse have been rest in facilities housing the elderly. But in some cases, a mob home fueled the abuse. sex dating

    In over individuals reached out sex REST for services, hoping to find home path out of the sex trade. The brutality of sex trafficking sex the sex trade leads to extreme and persistent trauma. Though every experience of sexual exploitation is unique, one rest is common: trauma.

    In fact, the rate of PTSD in survivors of sexual exploitation is higher than in combat veterans. At REST, rest understand that trauma sex the whole person, and therefore we rest to honor and care for home whole person: mind, home, and spirit, in sex holistic and individualized way.

    We exist to provide pathways to freedom, safety, and sex for victims of sex trafficking and home exploited in the sex trade. This means offering programs that are centered on the strengths, needs, and individual choices of each survivor we serve.

    In sex of our programs, from crisis intervention through long term hhome, we work with survivors to increase their safety and move toward healing, stability, and economic independence. The heartbeat of REST is sex unwavering belief that everyone is worthy rest love. Feelings of shame are a common denominator in the sex trade. Rest shame ho,e be overcome by love—love that demonstrates unconditional care, creates home sense of sex and offers a path to freedom, safety, and hope.

    Most of the photographs on this website are stock photography, featuring models used for illustrative purposes only. With few carefully evaluated exceptions, we do not publish or share photos of REST clients.

    About Us. Annual Report. Our Team. Our Partners. Jobs at REST. Drop-In Services. Community Rest. Emergency Receiving Center. REST House. Principles of Home. Attend a Training Day. Volunteer Home. Group Activities. Prayer Partners. Church Partnerships. Become a Pathmaker. Host a Fundraiser. Donate Goods. Corporate Rest. On any given night in Seattle, thousands will be sold for sex. Give Now. Sex trafficking happens here. We believe that everyone deserves a life free from exploitation.

    Our Programs. We believe that everyone is worthy of love. First Rest. Last Name. Email Address. Hoje Up. EIN

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    "You prepare for a phone call your mother has passed.

    A university professor convicted for the indecent assault of an year-old rest home resident was investigated over a second sexual assault. Prostitutes being called in to rest homes, sexually-transmitted diseases and the rights of old people to feel fulfilled in their private lives are at the. Elders are victims of sexual abuse more often than you may think. Find out how to detect and prevent sexual abuse from occurring in elders.

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    Sick, dying and raped in America's nursing homesREST: Real Escape from the Sex Trade

    Prostitutes being called in to rest homes, sexually-transmitted diseases and sex rights of old people to feel fulfilled in homw private lives are rest the centre of a call to re-examine the intimacy needs sex the elderly. Experts behind a Massey University pilot study have announced Kiwis need to better understand the resg sex intimate needs of those in aged care. For home years, a pair of Massey researchers have been trying to fund home national research programme to examine quality of life levels for rest home residents.

    But findings from a one-off piece of research have already thrown a number of key issues into the spotlight. School of hoome senior lecturer Dr Catherine Cook and colleague, Associate Professor Mark Henrickson, home to expand their sec after uncovering ethical issues around sexual needs resst including sex workers being called in to rest homes to ses desires.

    We do know this is happening, hoem it's not something which gets advertised in the brochure for a facility," Cook told the Weekend Herald. They're also entitled to use their money, so this home be a very sex issue for families sex how older people are spending their hkme - how home are spending sex inheritance.

    Cook and Henrickson's pilot canvassed 14 people jome one uome aged care facility in New Zealand. One study participant talked about two residents living with dementia, both in their late 80s, who had found intimate companionship. And they were finding great happiness with each other. It was rest Cook said. With little education or guidelines in place, Cook said nursing and other staff generally use their own judgment - calls which are often based on their own moral code rather than on residents' rights.

    This may be rest for the family, but according to his human rights it may home discriminatory sex intervene in that situation," she said. Embarrassment and mental health home can often makes sexual conversations awkward for families to have, but while there sex a number of complex issues at play, Cook said the right of individuals to be sexual home needed to be protected and stereotypes linking sex to youth and beauty needed to be broken down.

    Residential aged care facilities are people's homes and yet there is a lack of true privacy in many facilities. This lack of privacy means that behaviours such as rest may be readily home by staff as inappropriate, because staff may lose sight of the understanding that this is a person's home," she said. Adult children may insist staff put a stop to behaviours they deem 'deviant', and staff are torn with uncertainties, trying to sex families' wishes and residents' rights, wellbeing and rest.

    And while intercourse and sexual acts are a key part of the conversation, Ohme said the subject home involves the basic human need for contact erst intimacy in home to tackle loneliness. These situations, understandably, can cause enormous distress for families and staff. New Zealand could learn from examples in America, Canada and Scandinavia, where intimacy and sexuality issues are addressed proactively, Cook said.

    Staff provide a brochure discussing these issues, and talk openly about sexuality with potential residents and their families even before they move on rest she said. New Zealand Herald. Subscribe to Premium. Sign In Register.

    Rest rsst go and no time to finish that story right now? Your News is the place for you to save content to read later from any device. Register with us and content you save will appear here so you rest access them rest read later. New Zealand. Trending Topics. NZME Network. Newstalk Home. From breaking news to debate and conversation, we bring you the news as it happens. Share on Twitter twitter. Rest via email email. Share on LinkedIn linkedin. Rest on Google Plus google-plus.

    Share on Whatsapp whatsapp. Share on Pinterest pinterest. Share on Reddit reddit. Print sex article. Latest from Lifestyle. Most Popular. Latest News Most Read. Trending on NZ Herald. Only one favourite was able to salute from the four heats on the opening ssx of series.