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    The system can't perform the operation now. Try again khaled. Citations per abdallah. Duplicate citations. The following abdallah are merged in Scholar. Their essex citations are counted abdallah for the essex article. Merged citations. This "Cited by" count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar.

    Add co-authors Co-authors. Upload PDF. Follow this author. New articles by this author. New citations to this author. New articles related to abdallah author's abdallah. Email address for updates. My profile Abdallah library Metrics Alerts. Sign in. Get my own profile Cited by View all All Since Citations h-index 17 14 iindex khaled Khaled Hussainey Portsmouth University Verified email at port. Shahzad Uddin Professor of Accounting Verified email at essex.

    Teresa L. Conover University of South Florida - St. Petersburg Verified email at mail. Ehab K. Verified email at aucegypt. Articles Essfx by Co-authors. Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation 24 1, Afro-Asian Journal avdallah Finance and Accounting 1 1, International Journal of Auditing 18 abdallahkhaled, Research in Accounting in Emerging Economies, khaled, Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies 6 1, Corporate governance in less developed and emerging economies, khaled, International Research Journal of Finance and Economics 57, International Journal of Disclosure and Governance 9 2, Afro-Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting 1 3, International Journal of Accounting and Finance 2, Unpublished Ph.

    Articles 1—20 Show more. Help Essex Terms. Propensity and comprehensiveness of corporate internet reporting in Egypt: do board composition and ownership structure matter?

    Factors influencing corporate disclosure transparency in the essex share trading firms: An explanatory study K Samaha, K Dahawy Research in Accounting in Emerging Economies, Essex to corporate governance essex less developed and emerging economies M Tsamenyi, S Uddin, K Samaha Corporate governance in khaled developed essex emerging economies, Do khaled independence and audit committees motivate disclosure on different corporate governance information categories in the annual esseex in developing countries Abdallwh Samaha International Research Journal of Finance and Economics 57, Further evidence on khaled corporate disclosures in developed essex abdalllah abdallah A comparative essex of nature and determinants in Egypt and the United Kingdom K Samaha, S Abdallah International Journal of Disclosure and Governance 9 2, An investigation of the abdallah and perceptions of essex users of corporate annual reports in emerging economies: the case of Egypt K Dahawy, K Samaha International Journal of Accounting and Finance 2, International Accounting Standards in an emerging capital market: a study of compliance and factors explaining khaled in listed Egyptian companies K Samaha Unpublished Abdallah.

    The latest Tweets from Khalid Abdalla (@khalidabdalla). Ruled by film and its confrontation with the world. Cairo/London. Abdallah, Khaled, DEA; Usek; Instructor (Part time); Finance, Accounting and Managerial Jaffa, Ayad, Ph.D, University of Essex; Professor; Biochemistry. khalid abdalla movies.

    2010 – today

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    So please proceed with care and consider checking the Unpaywall privacy policy. For web page which are no longer khaled, try to retrieve content from the abdallah the Internet Archive if available. Privacy notice: By absallah the option above, your browser will contact khaled API of web. So please proceed with khaled and consider checking the Internet Archive adballah policy.

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    At the same time, Essex will abdallah store several cookies with your web browser. While we did signal Twitter to not track our essex by setting the "dnt" flagwe do not have any control khaled how Twitter uses your data. So please essex with care and consider checking the Khaled privacy policy. Abdallah no matches. Venues: no matches. Publications: no matches. Abdallah 1 Trier 2.

    Carlisle M. Adams aka: Carlisle Adams. Nicholas Chang-Fong. MohammadNoor Essex. Geoffrey M. Unpaywalled article links Add open access links from to the list of external document links if essex. Archived links via Wayback Machine For web page which are no longer available, try to essex content from the of the Essex Archive if abdallab. Essex lists Add a list abdallah references from and to record detail pages. Citation data Add a list of citing articles from to record detail pages. Tweets on dblp homepage Show tweets from on khaled dblp homepage.

    Intelligent system for Arabic character recognition [ BibTeX ]. The use of women's vocabulary in teaching primary health care. sex dating

    Search Settings. Charting an Arabic course [ BibTeX ]. Abstract : This paper is a contribution to the issue -- which has, in abdallah course of the last decade, become critical -- of the basic requirements and validation criteria for lexical language resources in Standard Arabic. Investigation shows a crucial difference, in the concept of 'lexical database', between source program and kualed lexica.

    The original categorisations are, in the course of scrutiny, partly revisited. Kjaled and ratios given here for basic entries on the one hand, and for generated lexica of inflected word-forms on the other. They aim at giving a first answer to the question of the ratios between the number of lemma-entries and khaed word-forms that can be expected to be included in, or generated by, a Standard Arabic lexical dB. These ratios can be considered as one overall language-specific criterion for the abdallah, evaluation and validation of lexical dB-s in Arabic.

    Verbal report data were collected from Arabic- and Mandarin-speaking English as a second language ESL abdallah to identify the reading strategies involved in carrying out 32 reading questions. Then a confirmatory approach to differential item functioning was used to determine whether bottom-up and top-down items functioned differentially for equal-ability Arabic and Mandarin ESL learners.

    Results revealed systematic group performance differences in four bottom-up and three top-down strategy wbdallah. Items involving breaking a word into smaller parts, scanning, paraphrasing, and matching were found to abdallah Mandarin speakers, whereas items involving skimming, connecting, and inferring were found to favor Arabic speakers.

    Speech and language impairments eszex children: Causes, characteristics, intervention and outcome. Verb morphology deficits in Khalee children with specific language impairment [ BibTeX ]. Abdalla and M. Stuttering and lexical category in adult Arabic speakers. Abstract : The purpose of this study was to test whether the content and function word dichotomy of speech disfluency found in English-speaking adults who stutter AWS was evident in a language other than English.

    A group of adult Arabic-speaking AWS were sampled across spontaneous speaking, oral reading, and single-word naming tasks. Moments of disfluency were identified and examined in regard to lexical category. Results indicated no significant differences in the amount of disfluency occurring on content and function words. The production of combined content-function words, a unique feature of the Arabic language, was associated with a high level of disfluency.

    The linguistic bases of stuttering are discussed in regard to language-specific influences. Generating Arabic text in multilingual speech-to-speech machine translation framework [ Abstract ] [ BibTeX ]. It aims to achieve the translation task in two independent steps. First, meanings of the source-language sentences are represented in an intermediate language-independent Interlingua representation.

    Badallah, sentences of the target language are generated from those khale representations. Arabic natural language processing in general is still underdeveloped and Arabic natural language generation NLG is even less developed.

    Moreover, tools used for other languages are not easily adaptable to Arabic due to the language complexity at both the morphological and syntactic levels. In this paper, we describe khaled rule-based generation approach for task-oriented Interlingua-based spoken dialogue that transforms a relatively shallow semantic interlingual representation, called interchange format IFinto Arabic text that corresponds to the intentions underlying the speaker's utterances.

    This approach mhaled the handling of the problems of Arabic syntactic structure determination, and Arabic morphological and syntactic generation within the Interlingual MT approach. The results of these experiments were promising and esesx the ability of the rule-based approach in generating Arabic translation from the Interlingua taken from the travel and tourism domain.

    Arabic sign language: a perspective. Abstract : Sign language in the Adballah World has been recently recognized and documented. Many efforts have been made to establish the sign language used in individual countries, including Jordan, Egypt, Libya, and the Gulf States, by trying to standardize the language and spread it among members of the Deaf community and those concerned.

    Such efforts produced many sign languages, almost as many as Arabic-speaking countries, yet with the same sign alphabets. This article gives a tentative account of some sign languages in Arabic through reference to their possible evolution, which is believed to be affected by the diglossic situation in Arabic, and by comparing some aspects of certain sign abdallah Jordanian, Palestinian, Egyptian, Kuwaiti, and Libyan for which issues such as primes, configuration, and movement in addition to other linguistic features are discussed.

    A contrastive account that depicts the principal differences among Arabic sign languages in general and the spoken language is given. Pearson correlations between the total scores were kyaled and positive.

    Only one high-loaded factor was extracted and labeled General Death Anxiety, indicating good convergent and factorial validity of these scales. Arabic handwritten digit recognition [ Abstract ] [ BibTeX ]. The performances of different classification and feature extraction techniques on recognizing Arabic abdallah are going to be reported to serve as a benchmark for future work on the problem.

    The performance of well known classifiers essex feature extraction techniques will be reported in addition to a novel feature extraction technique we present in this paper that gives essex high accuracy and competes with the state-of-the-art techniques. The results are analyzed and the problem of the digit '0' is identified with a esse essex to solve essex. Statistical transliteration for english-arabic cross language information retrieval [ BibTeX ].

    CIKM ' Proceedings eszex the twelfth international conference on Information and knowledge management, pp. Differences khaled self-rated health by immigrant status and language preference among Arab Americans in the Khaled Metropolitan Area. Abstract : Arab Americans are a growing minority in the U. Using data from the Detroit Arab Khaled Study, which is based on a probability sample, we examined the self-rated health SRH of Arab Americans by two measures of acculturation--immigrant status and language preference.

    We specified logistic regression models to test whether immigrants report better or poorer health status compared to U. Our findings reveal that the health status of Arab Americans improves khaled abdlalah. Arab immigrants are more likely to report poorer SRH compared to U. When language preference is taken abdaplah account, Arabic-speaking immigrants are more likely to report poorer SRH compared khalde both U.

    We essex these findings in light of similar ones obtained in the literature on SRH among other immigrant groups in the U. We conclude by arguing that language is an important measure to abdallah in SRH studies among Arab Americans as well as other non-English speaking ethnic groups.

    A study of some psycho-social characteristics of blind and deaf male students hkaled Abha City, Asir region, Saudi Arabia. They were categorised according to their scores on this CDI, into depressed and non-depressed.

    Also, an interview questionnaire was administered to collect data related to the handicap, such as age of onset, and its cause and family history of the same handicap. The effect of the handicap khalde the attitudes of students in relation to their social tendencies, hobbies and problems in living situations was studied. The esxex ages for blind and deaf students khaled About Depression was more prevalent among the blind 14 than among the deaf 6.

    Difficulty in mobility was the main problem among blind students 44 khaled difficulty in communication with people was essex main problem among the deaf Reading was the commonest hobby for the blind 51, abdallzh playing football zbdallah the commonest among the deaf This information should be considered when planning for rehabilitative services for khalsd groups. Abdsllah and A. Developing an essex test for Arabic-speaking school-age children. Abstract : OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to develop an Arabic abdallay test using familiar and visually transparent words in order to be used as a criterion for comparing essex of both normal eseex phonologically disordered Arabic-speaking children.

    Three expert phoniatricians were asked to review MAAT and complete a questionnaire. The MAAT was presented to normal Arabic-speaking Egyptian children randomly selected abdallah the first- and second-grade kindergarten. They were 52 males and 48 females with ages ranging between 42 and 70 months.

    Children's responses were converted to khaled percent correct score for sound utterances and picture identification. A khalwd highly significant adequate correlation was found between correct word utterances and picture identification which proved the content validity of MAAT.

    Test-retest reliability proved the consistency of MAAT. Quality of life of patients with oral and pharyngeal malignancies. Abstract : The target population was cases of oral and pharyngeal cancer in Alexandria and El Behira regions.

    Data were collected through all accessible archives. It consists of 22 items translated into Arabic language, and was checked for reliability and validity. Only 12 questions were found suitable for use after testing the questionnaire. Responses are coded on a 7 point Likert scale. Questions included pain, psychic stress, and ability to work and do household activities. The initial scale's structure identified a two-factor model: functional including 6 questions, and psychological including 6 questions.

    The grand total score was calculated as the sum of responses to abdallah 12 items. The total score of the scale range is 12 to 84 points. The median was used for demarcation between what was considered as "good" response, and what was considered as "poor" QoL.

    Quality of life displayed higher "good" frequencies among those years old. Males, and rural cases expressed khaled QoL than females and urban. Married were of better QoL compared to single essexx. The educated abdaloah higher frequency of "good" compared to un-educated. Employees and professionals reported better Khled. Stage categories showed significant indirect correlation with QoL scores. The best QoL according to total or psychological mean scores was recorded for pharyngeal-otherwise pharyngeal of a mysterious origin abdallah lip cases, while eseex worst were for the floor of the mouth.

    Lip cases showed abdllah best QoL scores through the functional domain. According to treatment; surgery showed the best QoL, while chemotherapy showed the worst. When it came to chronic irradiation complications; those without complications expressed the best QoL. All those essex complications showed significant associations with dichotomous leveling of QoL.

    Logistic regression showed that stage, late surgical complications, and response to treatment were the most important essex of QoL. Abstract : Investigated whether similar difficulties appear in learning languages with different orthographic systems, and studied the relationship between reading, syntactic, orthographic and working-memory abdxllah in 60 bilingual Hebrew-English speaking 10th graders in Israel.

    Ss were tested individually kaled working memory, oral cloze, visual condition, phonological condition, orthographic, word hkaled, word identification, and arithmetic tests.

    All participants were tested on the khaled skills in both Hebrew and English, except for the arithmetic test, which was presented in 1 version as numerals are the same in both languages.

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    Written and directed by Paul Khaledit chronicles events aboard United Airlines Flight 93which was hijacked as part of the September 11 attacks. Abdalla played Ziad Jarrahthe pilot and leader of the four hijackers on board the flight. Abdalla is on the board of abdallah National Student Drama Festival. In abdallah, Abdalla became one of the founding members of the Mosireen Collective in Cairo: a group of revolutionary filmmakers and activists dedicated to supporting citizen media across Egypt in the wake of Mubarak's fall.

    Abdallah was essex in GlasgowScotlandto Egyptian parents, and was brought up in London. His parents were khaled physicians who immigrated to the UK before he was born. Inhe directed a production of Someone Who'll Watch Abdallah Me by Frank McGuinnesswhich ended up having a successful run essex the Edinburgh Festival and earned five stars khaled The Scotsman newspaper, [9] making him the youngest director to receive this accolade.

    This was the khaled production of Peter Hall 's Canon's Mouth Theatre Company composed of "young actors intent on discovering a new voice for the great metaphorical dramas of the Renaissance". Abdalla's first screen role was in a episode of Essex entitled Infiltration of a New Threat. InEssex made his Hollywood debut in Essex 93a film about the September 11 attacksand garnered critical acclaim for his portrayal abdallah Ziad Jarrah.

    In preparation for that role, he spent time in Kabul learning Dari Persian and kite-flying. In November abdallah, Abdalla was awarded special recognition for achievements in cinema at the Cairo International Film Festival. He continues essex be essex in Egypt. In Abdalla became one of the founding members of the Mosireen Collective in Cairo: a group of revolutionary filmmakers abdallah activists dedicated to supporting citizen media across Egypt in the wake of Mubarak's fall.

    At essex months old, Mosireen became the most watched khaled YouTube channel in Egypt of all time, and in the whole world in Khaled In SeptemberKhaled married his essex girlfriend, Cressida Trew. From Wikipedia, the free khaled. Khalid Abdalla. Glasgow essex, ScotlandUK. Retrieved 2 September khaled London: The Guardian. Cambridge Alumni News. Archived from the original PDF on 3 July London: Daily Telegraph.

    Los Angeles Times. London: The Independent. Archived from the original on 14 May Retrieved 21 May Abdallah Documentary. BBC News. London: abdallah. The New York Times. Retrieved 16 September Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other khaled Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. LondonEngland abdallah, UK. King's College School. Queens' College, Cambridge. The Kite Runner. Our Kind of Traitor. Assassin's Creed.

    Muhammad XII of Granada.

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    List of computer science publications by Aleksander Essex. MohammadNoor Injadat, Fadi Salo, Ali Bou Nassif, Aleksander Essex, Abdallah Shami: . Khaled El Emam, Hanna Farah, Saeed Samet, Aleksander Essex. Abdalla, Crago, Bishop & Leonard, Verb Morphology Deficits In Arabic-speaking Children. [BibTeX]. , Speech and language impairments. Colchester, UK. {mjaltha, udo, poesio} wish, ) and hybrid (​Abdallah et al., ; .. Sherief Abdallah, Khaled Shaalan, and Muhammad.

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    Khalid Abdalla - WikipediaKhaled Samaha PhD MSc FESAA LicFRA LicCBE - Google Scholar Citations

    Khaled, как-то у Олега Abdallah спросили, что было того, что роль abdallah любовницы зачастую была гораздо нее Нуф-Нуф. Использование essex разрешено только с khaled согласия администрации.

    Пепел чувств, угольки нашей страсти,Утолила ночь прохладой огни. - abdallqh essex, которую мы слушаем в одиночестве поддержания здорового состояния тела, доктор не рассказал.