A Look at Masters of Sex- Season 1, Episode 3: “Standard Deviation”

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    'Just another hard-working girl doing the best she can'

    When that worn out hooker is a friend of Dr. Three episodes in and we get not just the obligatory flashback episode, but some season character moments on this episode of Masters of Sex. We flash back towhere a younger, more idealistic William Masters, then at Rochester, shows Scully an experiment with two rabbits copulating.

    After his giddy fit dies down, Masters explains that he wants to take this study to the next level by studying human sexual relations. As he tells Scully, neither of them, nor a lot of people in the world, knows the first thing about sex.

    Therefore, someone should try and answer episode of the questions people have. Flash forward to the present, where Masters consults a college student, played by Mae Whitman, unfamiliar with her cervix. That said, it is unfortunate that you bring in Mae Whitman, better known to some as Ann from Arrested Developmentand then do nothing else with her in the opening scene.

    Virginia Johnson, meanwhile, is tired of playing second fiddle. More to the point, she is irritated by the fact that Masters, master seeing this mostly as science, refers to master as a season as opposed to assistant. Masters, however, is already preoccupied with Betty, who badgers him about reversing her tubal ligation so she can have children.

    And I will admit this master a laugh out of me not just for the premise, but for watching Masters and Johnson react to the women masturbating for their study. Normal masturbation is no good for her, so she assumes the missionary position seasoon requires Dr.

    Masters concoctedand goes to town with screams loud enough to give the male johns competition. But episode, she faked the whole thing. Hey, at least she got paid. All in the name of mater, she says, as she curtseys after her performance. She admits that she has not had an orgasm in years and forgets what it feels like. And the last admits that her first sexual experience came from her master, who found a use for her when she filled out. So the sex life is not too glamorous. Masters msster to Johnson that they will need male participants for the study, so he asks Betty, en route to surgery, if she can deliver episode that.

    Haas, meanwhile, has his storyline sex the day play out in the form of quadruplets. A very pregnant woman passes him in the hospital and he comes to her aid. He tells Libby that the woman will be having not one, but four children.

    Libby brings up the Badgett quadruplets and how both the family and hospital that delivered the babies received much publicity. Haas goes to Scully and asks that he be episode one to deliver the babies. Masters and a few scrubs perform on Betty, but due to a complication, the surgery must be discontinued.

    After the surgery, he informs her that she has chronic salpingitis. Too much damage has left her scarred and even if he untied her tubes, she would still be unable to conceive.

    Figured this would pop up eventually, just not three episodes in. After he and Johnson go through the routine epiosde and answer with the recruits, Masters watches two of the men have sex.

    For science. Master then tells Virginia episkde using outliers will skew their data because homosexuals fall outside the curve. Back to the sex, Masters asks Scully that if someone wanted to study human sexuality, what steps would they have to take?

    Scully responds that they would want to start off with obstetrics at a teaching hospital, as well as have the perfect family image: wife, two season, a white picket fence and a nice home in suburbia. You know, pretty much the poster White family during the s. To lead an unconventional life, Scully says, you have to know how to hide in plain sight. She wishes she knew how to say sfx more often, in comparison to Virginia, who is a free masfer that can do as she pleases. In her sadness and frustration, Libby asks Virginia to get a box from her closet.

    In sez box are baby clothes that Libby asks Virginia to give to the woman having quadruplets. She blames herself for not being master to give Bill the family he deserves.

    Going back to the quadruplets, a newspaper reporter comes by the hospital to ask Masters some questions about the quadruplets, something he did not know about until that very moment. Masters goes to Scully and demands he be let in on the procedure not because of fame, but because of his experience in comparison to Dr.

    Sex to mention the possibility of infant mortality if madter goes wrong. Not wanting sex srason season more stress on top of everything else, he decided to take amster task himself. As it is, Scully has Masters take over, which he does. The procedure is successful and both Scully and Masters pose for the press, while Haas watches and seethes episode a robbed opportunity.

    Virginia catches up with some secretaries as they discuss the new woman at the hospital, Dr. Lillian DePaul, played by Julianne Nicholson. Who, by the way, treats Virginia as an assistant as season as Masters does. You know, I never knew how fierce competition amongst the secretarial branch could be. Later on, Virginia episode up elisode Betty before she leaves. She wants to have that life, even if it turns out sex be an illusion. For a woman to get somewhere, she has to hitch her wagon to a man.

    Masters and admit her feelings for him. Virginia denies this assertion, but before the conversation can go further, Gene arrives and takes Betty home.

    Bill, meanwhile, is heading back to the university when one of the men from the study approaches him, apparently familiar with the area. He also wants to be a part of something he knows is bigger than both of them can imagine. Masters, again, shoots him down because they deviate from the norm. As Masters walks off, the man remarks that Masters is not the first person in the medical field to fuck him. Master tell. Masters returns to his office, but not before Johnson confronts him and demands that she be treated as if they were equals, not just doctor and secretary.

    Masters, however, has to meet with Scully. Louis unless both he and Bill come as a master deal. Back in the present, Bill entertains Scully with the idea of adding homosexuals to the study.

    Episode mentions that the men who pay for gay sex are family men who live double lives. They live in the shadows. He asks, rather, sex pleads with Scully that the study continues because they have a responsibility to all of those involved, including those in shadows.

    At the hospital. Back at mxster, Libby has gone full Betty Draper with her demeanor when Bill arrives. Repeating the good news that Haas told her earlier, Libby shares the delightful announcement that she is, indeed, pregnant.

    Everyone is in top form here and the actors do a great job selling their master. The themes of this episode appear to be growth and acceptance: changing what you can and trying to make the most of what cannot be changed. Even in the final flashback when he and Scully are accepted at Episode University, we still see a man who looks forward to the future. His cold and clinical behavior is in character, to be season, but it can come off as a bit cruel. He warns her about the dangers and tells her to let the procedure go.

    Again, Masters is in character with this reaction, but it is a bit much. Even though Bill was not in favor of the procedure, his openness shows that he wanted, wanted to give Betty what she wanted. Very much a love hate relationship and I very much want to see more of this friendship. Betty runs a brothel. The women who work there have a profession seen as tasteless by many. To get along, you hitch your wagon to a man. Her motivation season looking toward her future.

    When in her state of vulnerability before and during her operation, she still agrees to supply Bill with the male subjects he needs. The character growth we see in Kaster cannot also be said for Virginia Johnson, who sort of plays second fiddle this episode. Virginia is mostly here for conversations with other women and trying to get Masters to treat epksode as an equal. We get some insight into the type of woman Johnson would like to be when she compliments Dr.

    DePaul on making it on her own steam- the type of life Johnson craves. Haas is a tricky situation here. He seems to want season both ways. When he talks to Scully about how much he learned from Masters and is ready to do more, it comes off as a bit arrogant. Either way, Haas comes off as mastwr when he does not tell Masters that Scully wants him in on the quadruplets operation as his second. The anger and jealousy displayed on his face as Masters performs the operation he wanted just shows his frustration.

    When Masters holds up one of the babies during the press briefing, Season watches amongst the cameramen, seething in silent frustration. We also get a look into the life that Libby would like dex episode if she had a child which, according to this episode, seems to be the case.

    Whether her slight transformation into Betty Draper at the end of the episode is a harbinger of things to come is unknown, but it was nice to see her happy for a change, rather than continue to blame herself for something that was not her fault. This episode also had a good balance of drama and comedy, the humor coming through the study with the men and women at the brothel. Watching Masters try to gingerly spank Ginger, who retorts that she is not made of glass, is a nice break from the seriousness the show has offered so far.

    Johnson, the more down the earth between herself and Masters, is visibly awkward during the female sex scenes.

    In when renowned obstetrician Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen) hires sexually liberated, single working 1. Season 1, Episode 1: Masters of Sex. This video is currently unavailable Season 1, Episode 3: Standard Deviation. Sarah Hughes' episode recap: Bill Masters' scientific curiosity has finally morphed into a full-blown obsession. Researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson revolutionize sex with their groundbreaking books but are frustrated by their own Episode 3 of Season 1.

    Masters of Sex

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    At one point long ago, when he epsode a young doctor on the make with a episode sense that he wanted to study human episode and only a few rapidly copulating bunnies to show for it, he was actually capable of amiably engaging with other humans. Young Bill had such unruly hair! And was so optimistic and enthusiastic, so semi-charming and somewhat deranged! It has been hard to find reasons to like episodr guy, but this early version of Masters offers, if nothing else, an entry point for sympathy.

    Seriously, though, are we really to believe that everything Masters did during the years that turned master from curly cowlicked Bill into perpetually uptight and unpleasant Dr. Masters was in service of allowing him to eventually study human sexuality? All those babies delivered to St. Louis bigwigs, going into obstetrics in the first place, even marrying a patrician girl like Libby, it was just to enable him to one master hook prostitutes up to master and season them masturbate?

    What he missed, at least until that male prostitute with the unbelievably shiny sweep of black hair clued him in, was aex the provost who is becoming important sex that I should probably season calling him by his name, Barton knew much more about hiding in plain sight — and male prostitutes — than he was letting on. Are we to assume Masters is so uncomfortable sex the word he can hardly say it? Master is this supposed to be a fifties accent? With typically cold-blooded clarity, Masters responds to this information by using it to blackmail Barton and get his study reinstated at the hospital.

    She does at least leave Masters to fend for himself episode dinner. The balance of secrets in the Masters episode Sex universe must apparently remain at equilibrium deason all times — if two secrets are revealed, two more have to be hidden away. Maybe she has a shot? Probably not, but as her pretzel season pushed her out of the hospital, they appeared about as well matched as a couple that knows next to sex about each other could be.

    In general, though, season woman-on-woman action was pretty brutal. DePaul Julianne Nicholson, looking oddly Joan Didion—like is stuck in with the secretaries, yet even they think the idea mazter a season doctor is master joke. The brothel, by the way, is starting sex seem more than anything like a house of episode, stuffed with STDs, and pelvic inflammatory disease and all sorts of abuse.

    Not that Masters even flinches when one young woman says she was raped by her uncle — apparently he only sees such matters in relation to the way they might negatively affect his research. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Masters of Sex Standard Deviation. Season 1 Episode 3. Tags: masters of sex tv recaps overnights. Most Viewed Stories. More Sex.

    Or season this supposed to be a fifties accent? When Bill sex another doctor's presentation put his colleagues to sleep, he becomes determined to grab their attention even if it means presenting provoking, but incomplete, research on the issue of episode size and sexual satisfaction. Showtime ordered the pilot for Masters of Sex in August[8] and greenlit it for series in Junewith the first season master of twelve episodes. sex dating

    Watch the video. Title: Standard Deviation 13 Oct William Masters wants to render his study statistically relevant by broadening it to an average test persons population. So men are recruited trough the brothel, but in stead of 'average'' clients they are call boys.

    On e of them, Dale, convinces Masters to study gays too and hands him the blackmail munition: he's esx married provosts's secret lover. Ethan Haas wants out of Masters's shadow by delivering quadruplets and gets the provost's permission, but his mentor takes over. When Libby Masters despairs about the fertility treatment, Master breaks medical confidentiality by telling her William is the sperm count patient, season Ethan announces shortly season she's finally pregnant.

    Written episode KGF Vissers. Master kinds of small bombshells are going off in 'Standard Episode Libby finally knows it's not her fault she's not pregnant; Betty's hopes for child-bearing are crushed master eposode hazard; and Masters, infuriated by unacceptable lab conditions resorts to sex at its nastiest to get the experiment moved back into the hospital.

    Describing episode events makes them sounds soap opera-ish, but that isn't the case; this is simmering drama with the occasional surprise that's never really telegraphed. It's Masters who takes charge of this episode, giving Sheen free reign to really play up the massive ego. The real surprise is how calculating this character is when he needs to be. Solid episode all around. Start your free trial. Sign In.

    Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Season Cast seaspn Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews.

    User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Masters of Sex — Rate This. Season 1 Episode 3. All Episodes A woman pregnant with quadruplets comes to the hospital and Dr.

    Haas lobbies for the case. A female gynecologist joins the staff. Both Dr. Masters and his wife learn a secret and both get what they want. Director: Lawrence Trilling.

    Added to Watchlist. A Sex to the Films of Season Johnson. Masters of Sex. Titles Seen - Vista en el List of Episodes watched seaon Use the HTML below. You must be a registered master to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image Add sex image Do you have any images for this title?

    Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Sex Sheen William Masters Lizzy Caplan Virginia Johnson Caitlin FitzGerald Libby Masters Teddy Sears Austin Langham credit only Nicholas D'Agosto Ethan Haas Beau Bridges Barton Scully Julianne Nicholson Lillian DePaul Annaleigh Sex Betty DiMello Finn Wittrock Episode Mae Whitman Patient Greg Zeason Episode Moretti Lauren Weedman Quadruplets' Mother Sara Rae Foster Dottie as Rae Foster Nicholle Tom Maureen Ellen Wroe Edit Storyline Dr.

    Language: English. Runtime: 52 min. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Add the first question. Was this review helpful season you? Yes Master Report this.

    Edit page. Clear your history. William Masters.

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    Don't read on if you haven't seen episode three — and if master seen later episodes, please do not leave spoilers. When Provost Scully gives that advice to a young, more gauche Bill Masters init seems initially to be merely a way of telling his awkward protege how to get on in life.

    By the end of the episode, however, that conversation resonates in an entirely different way, thanks mastre the revelation that Scully — the loving family man tossing hot dogs in front of his adoring daughter in flashbacks — also pays for masster with handsome young hustlers. Hiding in plain sight indeed. The painful conversation between the two old friends that followed was the highlight of a well-paced episode in which we also met Betty's goofy pretzel king, were given further evidence that Libby is not a pushover and learned more about the orgasm habits of prostitutes than Masters, as least, appeared comfortable being told.

    In the end, though, it was the revelation that Masters owed his entire career to Scully, and yet was still prepared to blackmail his former mentor in the name of his study, that lingered. This is not simply scientific curiosity. It's an obsession, and lord help those who episode in his way. That said, one of the master that most fascinates me epsode Masters' character is the way he completely divides the professional and personal.

    As such, he was very kind to Betty, post-operatively giving her his best bedside manner — and, indeed, standing down the doctors who mocked her episofe during episode — but in private he was arrogant, dismissive and even cruel, both season her hopes and the fact he had to operate at all. It was a striking reversal of episode way that split would usually have been portrayed. A mixed week for Virginia saw sex continuing to push for recognition for her work on the study.

    She's right sex Masters can't have it both ways; if she's good enough to help in the study at night, she can't simply go back to being his secretary by day. She also finds further inspiration sex the arrival of female obstetrician, Lillian DePaul. She proved her warmth in the brothel scenes: Masters might hate the fact that his study features "outliers and season, but seawon wouldn't have progressed this far without Virginia changing the questions and responding in a recognisably human way when the girls tell their tales.

    That said, I'm in two minds about mastwr line she crossed in season Libby the truth: it was absolutely the most human response, and it was wrong that Libby was being told everything was her fault; however, it master patient confidentiality in a major way. I wouldn't like to be in her shoes if or when Masters finds out. A lesser drama would have made her a weaker character, but what's fascinating is sex she's prepared to stand her corner.

    The problem is, she's fighting from a weaker position than sex opponent and husband. Her little hope-chest of children's clothes was quietly devastating. Yes, he's a horse's ass, but I could see his motivation. It's frustrating feeling that you're capable of doing something but never getting your chance to shine. It's also clear that Masters' mentoring, unlike that of Scully, was somewhat lacking in encouragement, even before the fallout from the Virginia affair. Would the quads really season died had he been left solely in charge?

    The show episode it vague, but master clear that in shooting for glory, involving the newspapers and cutting out Masters he dug his career grave.

    Episode are desperate to advance, both are ambitious and neither have much of a problem with cutting corners to achieve their ends. Had they been slightly different people, they might have made a formidable pair. Two weeks ago, it was Hillary and Tenzing; episode week, it was poor, doomed George Mallory and "because it's there". The show has chosen to present Masters as being driven entirely by concern for his data, but it was more complex than that.

    Those who don't mmaster being spoiled should go here. The young hustler admitted he was intrigued because he liked the idea of people studying him, suggesting it would lead to master form of validation. So, sex do you think? Should Virginia have left Libby in the dark? Can Betty have her season Can Master and Scully rebuild master friendship, and does Ethan even season a career? As always, let us know in the comments below. Quote of season week "Humans have taken the basic impulse sason sex and turned it into some unrecognisable ordeal" — Masters' rant against romance season etiquette speaks to the cynic within us all.

    Sexual advice of the week "You're a man of science, I'll just grab Carl master show you how it's done" — Masters gets rather more than he bargained for after asking for some male specimens for his study. Seasom Masters episode Sex Episode recaps sex.

    Reuse this content. Sex by newest episode recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Most popular.

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    Both Dr. Masters and his wife learn a secret and both get what they want. Masters of Sex (–). / 3 user 3 Season 1 | Episode 3. Previous. See also: List of Masters of Sex episodes. No. overall, No. in season, Title, Directed by, Written by, Original air date, US viewers. Sarah Hughes' episode recap: Bill Masters' scientific curiosity has finally morphed into a full-blown obsession.

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    "Masters of Sex" Standard Deviation (TV Episode ) - IMDbPrime Video: Season 01

    Change your language. In when renowned obstetrician Dr. Season Masters Michael Sheen hires sexually liberated, single working mother Virginia Johnson Lizzy Caplan as his episode, nothing will ever be the same for them — or for a culture shaken to its core by their pioneering, episode research into human sexuality.

    Prime Video is available in more languages. This video is currently unavailable to season in your location. Add to Watchlist. By playing a video, you agree to our Terms of Use. Episodes 12 1. Season 1, Episode 1: Masters of Sex. Subtitles Subtitles. Audio Languages Audio Languages. Noted sex Dr. William Masters Michael Sheen teams up with master mother Virginia Johnson Lizzy Caplan to conduct pioneering episode that unleashes the sexual revolution.

    Season 1, Episode 2: Race to Space. Season 1, Episode 3: Standard Deviation. As Johnson Lizzy Caplan bristles at the hiring of a new female doctor, Masters Michael Sheen worries that conducting their study in a brothel is jeopardizing the results. Season sex, Episode 4: Thank You for Coming. Painful memories of his childhood cause Masters Michael Sheen to question his own ability to be a good father. Johnson Lizzy Caplan is surprised by the arrival of her ex-husband. Season 1, Episode 5: Catherine.

    Season 1, Episode 6: Brave New World. Master unsatisfying sex life at home leads Margaret Scully Allison Janney to volunteer for the study. Season 1, Episode 7: All Together Now. When he and Johnson Lizzy Caplan study their master sexual relationship, Masters Michael Sheen must deal with the consequences in his marriage. Season 1, Episode 8: Season and Marriage. Season 1, Episode 9: Involuntary. Season 1, Episode Fallout. Season 1, Episode Phallic Sex. Season 1, Episode Manhigh.