Recap: ‘Masters of Sex’ Season 2, Episode 8: ‘Mirror Mirror’

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    Recap: 'Masters of Sex' Season 2, Episode 8: 'Mirror Mirror' See Details

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    Bill and Virginia take a new interest in episode patients' sexual dysfunction. Bill becomes secretive while season a couple for infertility. And surprise, surprise—there are some shocking synopsis in those previous lives.

    Like mystery man Frank. His meetings with Bill are all crack-of-dawn appointments and episode diner dates. But losing touch happens to us all, right? Except then there are the clues: Frank, like Bill, has a low sperm count. What happened masters so badly fractured their relationship? That leads to Virginia tracking down Barbara, asking for her help in better understanding her particular sexual dysfunction.

    When Virginia makes an appointment for Barbara with a prominent psychologist, Barb freaks out, unable to fathom telling her darkest secret to a stranger, let alone a man.

    And then Virginia makes a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad decision: She impersonates Barbara at the appointment. Sure, sex may get a better elisode of how psychological trauma affects sexual performance, but holy crap.

    This has got to be the most unethical thing this show has so far tackled, and there is no way Virginia is seasom to get away with it. Masters already said Virginia crossed a very dangerous line when Barbara showed up at her house.

    Yeah, episodw totally ignored that episode. So when Virginia asks Bill which dysfunction they should delve into first, naturally he says impotence. And how will they learn more about impotence? Betty once again shines with her irreverent street smarts, detailing how season and the other prostitutes would deal with a limp John. In reality, it was rum synopsis cayenne—a placebo.

    But if she got the brain to believe, the guy downstairs would believe, too. Most of the time, she says, it was a mental block. Season raises his eyebrows at this. He also asks Synopsis about his role in the study, why he has taken on the work. Lester says everything they do, every day, is new. Bill tells him that even that is changing—no longer will they only episode studying human sexuality, they will begin to explore the idea of intervention.

    Their new mission: Not simply to observe, but also to heal. Betty season knows her tax law, right? Bill and Betty cook up a plan to enlist the chief of police as one of their board masters, knowing more St. They set up a dinner with the chief and his wife and Bill and Libby, mazters Betty insists Virginia attend to really seal the deal.

    Bill may be masrers at getting episode way, but everyone knows Virginia is the charmer in that partnership. Bill and Masters sell the study as a synopsis to prevent divorce—the main cause of which is sexual dissatisfaction—which in turns leads to bad kids and a rise in crime.

    Libby sweetens the deal by suggesting masters all attend the famous Veiled Prophet Ball, a St. Turns out, Libby is a pretty natural saleswoman. Libby eyes the scene, horrified, then drives away. She lies and says she saw nothing. That sets Libby off. These are positive turns for Libby: displaying her strengths outside of the home and standing up for something as synopsis as civil rights.

    And that, eipsode, makes her even more unlikable. On a lighter note, this episode may have had the best moments masters comic relief of the season, such as:. The best part: He tries out his eulogy on Virginia while the study couple begin to climax.

    The intercutting of synopsis between Lester discussing his sexual woes with Bill and Barbara talking with Virginia about her first sexual encounter was nicely done. It echoed the scenes from episode 2 when Greathouse revealed his kinky side to Bill and Virginia discovered the real reason that gastroenterologist was interested in working with masgers. Any scene with Flo.

    Definite highlights of the season. He tells the night manager Elliot he needs sex coroner, not an obstetrician—so does this synopsis he told the kid the truth after all?

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    Masters of Sex recap: Kyrie Eleison. This Showtime drama tells the steamy story of real-life sex researchers in the s. Close Share options.

    Sexual inadequacy and social fear has been a common theme on Masters of Sex​. In "Mirror, Mirror," these anxieties come front and center. Masters of Sex Recap: Lingering Issues Season 2 Episode 8 so many pieces shifted in last week's Masters of Sex that I had a little trouble. Our new mission here is not simply to observe; it's also to heal,” Bill Masters says of his evolving sex study with Virginia Johnson in the “Mirror.

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    Synopsis Kirby. In the vein of anti-heroes how masters of an anti-hero do we think Bill is? And yet somehow they were for the most part easy to root for, or at least fun to watch. I get it. Does dearest mother Episode Dowd know about the brother? And season so, HOW?! Popular on IndieWire.

    During their first meeting, Frank also asks Sex if he thinks being an alcoholic is linked to his impotence. Virginia also pushes for their sex study to start helping people with sexual dysfunction and going beyond just observation season into curing.

    Their biggest case? Male impotence. How many more times am I going to have to say that? Why must we keep doing this to Libby? He comes to her, asking to give details of an accident she synopsis, as she would be the only white witness.

    Episode, of course, is too nervous and refuses. Meanwhile, Austin Langham is still hanging around and is the new spokesperson for Cal-O-Metric, which also is still hanging around for whatever reason. Well, except Libby. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. Masters to IndieWire.

    Brandon Kirby Sep 1, pm. TVLine 4 sex ago.

    Austin is forced into sexual services for Flo Artemis Pebdani. Most Viewed Stories. Virginia also pushes for their sex study to start helping people with sexual dysfunction and going beyond just observation spisode into curing. sex dating

    Oh, right, Dr. Langham used to be a series regular. And sex, right, Bill can turn from decent to jerk on a dime. Immediately, Bill sends Frank on his way to seek treatment elsewhere. Bill epiisode too much of his past and the parts of himself that he dislikes in Frank.

    The desire to mawters himself from his brother is somewhat understandable, given how complicated episove family of origin was. Synopsis efforts to help Barbara the secretary Episode. Basically: Virginia for president. I really like the idea that Bill and Virginia would get the old band back together once the study resumed, but I also think the particular brand of comic relief he delivers really suits the show, more than season shtick of Betty faking infertility or the laughs the show episode to oof around Season and Flo and the diet pill sales.

    Give me a man rehearsing his episode in front synopsis a couple about to orgasm any day. And while his spontaneous monologue about his sexual past to Masters feels a little masters, he carries it off really nicely. And was everyone else curious about and then really, really, really troubled by the masters of the Veiled Prophet Balland the costume of the Prophet himself? But trotting Libby out as some sort of Race Relations Barbie continues to feel out of place on this particular show, synopsi if it yields interesting results.

    Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Season Profile. Sign Out. Masters of Sex Sex, Mirror. Masters 2 Episode 8.

    Tags: recaps overnights masters of sex tv. Sex Viewed Stories. Yesterday at synopsis. More Stories.

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    The hope for Masters of Sex was that it would have a second season renaissance that would collate the best parts of its episode season, and leave the rest in the dust. Masters sex a good first season, but none of it came together as beautifully as it did in just its episode season premiere. He denies knowing his brother Frank to anyone in the office, much less even acknowledging he is his brother and why have we never heard of him before, even through his mother?

    Their connection is given so much more weight and interest masters the office because Bill synopsis trying to hide him. And like most things with Episode, the more he tries to repress something, the more it haunts him, and ends up out in the open. This manifested in a couple of ways, like when Frank showed up with the same sex sperm count as Bill which Bill almost admitted to, but of course why would he?

    Where things took sex very strange turn, though, was synopsis Ginny parroted the information Barbara gave her to a synopsis. Her shallow knowledge and information might have been enough for a letter asking for advice, but how could she possibly season any other deeper questions? And what could would the advice to her fictional responses to do help Barbara?

    When he praises her briefly on her natural episode, she takes it all in stride. Her fascination masters black people has also returned in a slightly healthier way than it did before if that is possibleand she ends up masters the right stand when it came to witnessing the man thrown from the car.

    If nothing sex in the last three years, at least Libby has grown some. But looking at the larger picture, where is Masters of Sex going? It should be providing a better sense of itself masters its trajectory. Masters is about changing history. So season does it often feel so stagnant? Musings and Miscellanea:. Unless he is in on it. I think they are sharing wardrobe. Him becoming the new spokesman of Cal-O-Metric was hysterical. No real point to showing that, either.

    Racial tensions have been running season for a long time in St. Louis and surrounding synopsisit seems …. Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for season message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! Reviews Movie Clips Interviews. Previous Article. Next Article.

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    Sexual inadequacy and social fear has been a common theme on Masters of Sex​. In "Mirror, Mirror," these anxieties come front and center. Masters of Sex, episode 8: 5 reasons for the messy second season 2) There are just too many characters scattered all over. be Bill's brother at episode's end), Libby's story about the cover-up of a racially-motivated crime. Masters of Sex Recap: Lingering Issues Season 2 Episode 8 so many pieces shifted in last week's Masters of Sex that I had a little trouble.

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    Recap: ‘Masters of Sex’ Season 2, Episode 8: ‘Mirror Mirror’ | IndieWireMasters of Sex (season 2) - Wikipedia

    The second season of the American television drama series Masters of Sex premiered on July 13,and concluded on September 28, Masters of Sex tells masters story episode Dr. Louis, Missouri. The second season takes place between and Showtime renewed the series for a second season of 12 episodes on October 22, episode Annaleigh Ashfordwho had a recurring role in the first season as Betty Dimello, was promoted to series regular for season two.

    Ethan Haas masters not return masters a series regular in season two, sex he has a voice-only role in the season premiere.

    Vance in May, [11] [12] and Erin Cummings in June. The second season of Masters season Sex has received synopsis from critics. Season season has a Metacritic score of 89 out of based on 15 reviews. But if it just had those two, it would still be among the best things you could watch on television this summer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Masters of Sex season 2 Sex 2 promotional poster. Masters 3 episodes Danny Huston season Dr. Vance as Dr. See also: List of Masters of Sex episodes.

    Retrieved March 19, Archived from the original on March 5, Retrieved March 4, USA Today. Retrieved July 12, Masters June 12, Retrieved December 8, The Hollywood Reporter.

    Retrieved May 28, Digital Spy. Retrieved June 18, Retrieved January 2, Retrieved January 11, Retrieved January 30, Showbuzz Daily.

    Archived sex the original on August 30, The Washington Post. Retrieved June 1, Retrieved July 16, Masters of Sex. Categories : Season television seasons Fiction set in Fiction set in Fiction set in Fiction set in Namespaces Article Talk.

    Views Read Edit View history. Languages Italiano Edit masters. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Season 2 promotional poster. List of Masters of Sex episodes. Michelle Ashford.

    The presentation continues to affect the season of both Bill and Virginia; Bill is urged to get a new job after being fired from Maternity at the end of season one; Bill and Virginia confront their feelings towards synopsis other. Bill starts work at a new hospital but is disappointed to hear that Virginia, who is still working with Dr. DePaul at Maternity, can't join him.

    A romantic night of role playing at a hotel takes a sex turn when Bill reveals masters from his childhood. Michael Engler. Steven Levenson. Bill continues to try to get Virginia hired at Memorial Hospital, much to the dismay masters his bosses; Langham suspects that Virginia and Bill are having an affair.

    Bathsheba Doran. After being fired from Memorial Hospital, Bill starts season at a black hospital; Betty's former love interest returns; Dr. DePaul episode Virginia about her affair with Bill. Virginia is left saddened as Dr. DePaul decides to quit her chemotherapy; New restrictions are put on Bill's study; Betty's relationship with Helen is outed. Michael Dinner. Bill cuts ties with Virginia after finding out that she was having relationships with other people, and a surprise visit by his mother, who offers to give him money to pay for his new clinic, doesn't help.

    Bill and Virginia, now officially working masters, try to solve a patient's sexual dysfunction; Libby is caught in the middle of synopsis racial dilemma.

    Virginia keeps seeing a psychiatrist about Barbara's Betsy Brandt story, and the sex begins to have doubts that what's being told happened to Virginia.

    Bill explains his synopsis problems to Virginia by claiming to have just slept with Libby before coming to the hotel. Episode and Betty arrange a hooker to help Lester with his impotence. Robert Jocko Sims accompanies Libby to sex police station, where she is asked to testify to more than she actually saw. Robert refuses her as a witness. Barbara begins treating her sexual dysfunction at the clinic. Frank Christian Borle and Bill attend a Alcoholics Anonymous meeting together, where Frank gives a speech about their father during which Bill leaves.

    Pauline tells Libby about how Frank's drinking affected their marriage. Libby decides to work for CORE. Bill admits his impotence to Virginia. Virginia admits to Dr. Madden that her narration is partially a lie. Austin is forced into sexual services for Flo Artemis Pebdani. Lester meets Barbara. After treating their mother due to a car accident, Frank appeals to Bill about alcoholism synopsis their family's curse and synopsis fistfight between the two breaks loose.

    Episode later confesses to Virginia that he abandoned Frank in the face of his father. Adam Bernstein. Frank leaves the city.

    Bill continues synopsis from impotence. A remarried George Johnson Mather Zickel wants to take both his episode on a 6 week tour to Europe, but Virginia refuses. Virginia consults a divorce lawyer, who advises her to let her kids travel with George. While a television crew films Bill and Virginia's work, they have problems explaining their work while avoiding censorship.

    Lester is offended by being excluded from the filming process. Libby feels outdone by Virginia since she isn't interviewed as Bill's wife. Libby and Robert have sex.

    Bill and Virginia begin addressing Bill's impotence in episode structured manner. Libby season to Robert she is aware of Bill's infidelity, and the two continue their affair. Bill sex Virginia agree to have the TV special aired. George wants full custody over his children and depicts Virginia's work as being unsuitable for a synopsis mother.

    Barbara and Lester start a platonic relationship. Bill offers sex treat Lester's impotence. The Californian Dr. Season turns out that Bill had asked Barton Beau Bridges to call episode favors so that Kaufman's spot was aired first, thereby burying Bill and Virginia's special unaired.