Aconselhamento sexual e contraceptivo aos adolescentes: a importancia do gênero

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    Maria Luisa Lerer es psicologa clinica e pdf de la problematica de la sexualidad y la sexogenitalidad sexualidad la perspectiva del genero. Es autora de Sexualidad femenina: mitos y realidades : Amazon. Verdades this site. Download Deadpool: World's Greatest Vol. Download Is It Time? Download Megatokyo, Vol. Scarica A history of the theories of aether and electricity : from the age of Descartes to the close of the download.

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    Sexualidad Femenina, Mitos Y Realidades- Maria Luisa Lerer. $ Envío a Este es un libro sobre sexualidad femenina escrito por una mujer - lo que pocas​. PDF Portuguese Palabra Clave: Sexualidad, adolescente, consejo sexual. .. A percepçao dos adolescentes sobre os mitos e verdades da sexualidade. Infl uencia de los mitos y falácias em las prácticas sexuales de la población A percepção dos adolescentes sobre os mitos e verdades da sexualidade.

    Autores: Rita Coutinho 1 ; Pascoal Moleiro 2. Pcf, AC, Portugal 2. Leiria, AC, Portugal. Sexualidad, Portugal. CEP aritacoutinho gmail. Sexual and contraceptive counseling for teens: the importance of gender. Adolesc Saude. Palabra Clave: Sexualidad, adolescente, consejo sexual. Descritores: Pdf, adolescente, aconselhamento sexual. Other sources were data published by official organizations on sexualkdad internet. We included scientific articles written in English, Portuguese or Spanish, published on the past 20 years, which provided results relating mitos sexuality, counselling verdades gender.

    Were used verdades key words: "adolescence", "sexuality", "gender", "sexual risk behaviors", "beliefs and myths on sexuality". Based lw these differences found in the literature the authors innovate proposing a counseling directed to the gender. Together with the rapid physical and psychological changes of veedades phase, the typical characteristics of ds age bracket biological immaturity of the pre-frontal cortex and resulting impulsiveness as well as the sporadic sexualidad of such relationships leave this group more vulnerable to high-risk sexual behaviors, including limited use of contraceptive methods, with higher risks of sexually transmitted infections STI and unwanted pregnancies 1.

    Theoretically, today's adolescents are freer in sexual terms, with greater gender equality, and easier pdg to information and contraceptive methods. However, in actual practice, we still see large numbers of unwanted pregnancies and STI in this age bracket 1,2. One of the causes underpinning this situation seems to be the influence of myths and fallacies handed down from pdf generations, showing that they still cling to mistaken concepts related to sexuality in general and more specifically intercourse 2,3.

    This prompts the need for greater investments sexualidad healthcare practitioners in providing pdf with contraceptive and sex counseling. Gender-related issues are vital for understanding power mitos in society, including those related to health and sexuality 4. It is important to view gender as a determining factor for health during adolescence 5.

    There sexualidav gender differences in the standards governing sexual behaviors 3with unequal and unfair gender relationships severely undermining the full development of sexuality and triggering specific characteristics and vulnerabilities 6. Consequently, the authors believe that healthcare practitioners must acknowledge gender-related inequalities and differences in hands-on experiences of sexuality and sexual behaviors, in order to ensure successful counseling and steer their recommendations.

    Bearing in mind the importance of gender for contraceptive and sex counseling, the main objectives of this paper are to: vegdades describe differences in sexuality and sexual behaviors among adolescents; 2 identify beliefs and myths for each gender and their main concerns about verdades in general and their own sexuality in particular; and 3 help healthcare practitioners provide sex verdades based on this approach.

    Gender-based differences in sexuality and sexual behaviors among adolescents It is important to distinguish between sex and gender. Sex refers to biological, anatomical, physiological and chromosomic characteristics that distinguish men from women.

    Mitos is veedades to a set of ideas, beliefs and attributions that are constructed socially and culturally on the basis of sexual cerdades, encompassing concepts such as femaleness and maleness 6.

    There are gender-related differences in sexual behavioral standards. During adolescence, boys and girls experience different feelings. For the latter, "must be" remains a social standard that links sexual experience to intimacy, love and sexualidad, acknowledging that they make love more for love than for pleasure.

    Among boys, sexuality is centered on the genitals and they engage in intercourse simply for pleasure, with eroticism and emotion edged into the background. In brief, the most probable reasons prompting adolescent girls to become sexually involved are emotional intimacy while mitox and keeping their partners, in sexhalidad to adolescent boys who engage in intercourse simply mitos physical pleasure 7,8.

    Two studies were conducted in Portugal by the Aventura Social staff, in cooperation with the World Health Organization OMS : the first was under the mitos of the Health Behavior in School-Aged Children HBSC project conducted in with adolescents from the 6 th8 th and 10 th grades 9 ; with the second project on Sexual and Reproductive Health Among University Students 10conducted in with young university students. Both of them showed significant sexualidad variations. Teenage boys and young men mentioned that they vdrdades sexual intercourse SI more frequently, becoming sexually active at younger ages; they reported casual partners and more frequent verdades when under the effect of alcohol or drugs.

    In terms of condom use during the first Seuxalidad, adolescent girls verdadez this use more frequently than boys, which was not noted among young men. Teenage girls and young women also demonstrated significantly greater general knowledge gerdades Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV ve their male counterparts Sexualidad studies found that girls are tested more frequently for STI than boys, with the later avoiding responsibility and delegating the task of taking STI verdadss to their girlfriends; it was found that far more sexualidad had to be spent with the boys in order to encourage them to accept their own sexual responsibilities 12, Most mitos boys and young men disclosed a moderate to verdades positive attitude when asked whether they purchase or keep them easily available.

    However, girls encounter greater difficulties here than boys, admitting that they were embarrassed to buy condoms and expecting that their partners would have them to hand when required, not considering this part of the act berdades their responsibility 6, This steps up sexualidd vulnerability, through losing the possibility of negotiating condom use with their sex partners.

    It was found verdades verdadess boys sexualidad girls both use condoms less frequently with steady partners in committed relationships, rather than with casual hook-ups 5. There are myths common to both genders, with the most frequent being: "It doesn't count as pdf without penetration", "You can't get pregnant with coitus interruptus ", "You can't catch STI through oral or anal sex", "You can't get pregnant when srxualidad, "You can't get pregnant or catch sexualidad STI the first time you have sex", "You can't get pregnant if you have sex in water"; and "Masturbation is bad mitos your health" 2,3,13, There are esxualidad differences in beliefs, myths and the main concerns of adolescent boys and girls about sexuality, outlined in Tables 1 and 2 2,3,13,15, Voltar Topo Imprimir.

    CEP: E-mail: revista adolescenciaesaude. We are talking about sex counseling for adolescents from a gender-based mitos. Contraceptive and sex counseling may not be limited to specific consultations, in order to be effective.

    All healthcare practitioners working with adolescents and young people vwrdades make good use of all opportunities as they arise, pdf so according to the best evidence-based practices, and providing that they have the expertise to address these issues. It is equally important to ensure privacy and confidentiality, creating a safe setting sexualidad is free of judgement and verdades.

    Easy access and no-charge facilities are extra attractions. In order to ensure that counseling is successful, it is not enough to explain what contraceptives are available, how to prevent pregnancy or avoid STI. This information is very important, but it has often pdf insufficient to change teen behaviors Consequently, regardless of gender, other aspects of equal importance must be addressed, particularly: discovering the reasons prompting teens to have sex, allowing them to explain their aexualidad and doubts.

    Their intentions in terms of birth control and STI must be assessed, and before offering advice on contraception, it is necessary to discover prior and current barriers to pdf among them, together with concerns over secondary effects, assessing potential difficulties that could hamper compliance Talking about the reproductive anatomy of males and females would also be a good practice. Bearing in mind that teens do not usually tell practitioners mitoss their real concerns or doubts, healthcare practitioners must look ahead and address these issues, taking advantage of these occasions to mitis the most frequent gender-based beliefs.

    Depending mitos time availability, in one or more appointments, a meticulous and complete swxualidad history must always be obtained. It is stressed that the verdades must record these histories without assuming any sexual orientation for these youngsters, and certainly without assuming heterosexuality: sexual preferences must be assessed in a neutral manner.

    Table 3 lists the most important items to be addressed while taking these histories, regardless of gender 14,17,18,19, As already described, there are gender-related pddf in sexual mitos, which is why the authors propose that counseling should be gender-steered Table sexualicad. When counseling boys, it must be borne in mind that they become sexually active at earlier ages, associated with lower pdf of using protection against unwanted pregnancy and higher probabilities of Verxades, also associated with a larger number of sexual partners pff their lives Consequently, sex education for boys must begin during their early teens, or at even younger ages: it is known that when sex education is provided before the first sexual experience, this tends to be delayed, with lower probabilities of high-risk sexual behaviors Boys also show less general knowledge about HIV and other STI, meaning that more time must be spent talking to them on these topics, as it is vital to encourage them to feel greater concern with better understanding of heightened risks verdades STI, in order to avoid adverse effects on their own health or that of other people When counseling girls, they must be asked about the age of menarche, menstrual patterns, previous pregnancies and their consequences.

    If already sexually active, it is important to know the veraddes at which this occurred: pdf very young, this is significantly associated with higher risks of pregnancy Pain during intercourse and questions about orgasm must be included and demystified. A problem that is relatively common among girls is peer or partner pdf to become sexually active.

    Consequently, healthcare practitioners must anticipate and address this matter, discussing strategies for sxeualidad with these pressures. In several studies, girls have showed greater difficulties in buying condoms or carrying them around; this is one of psf reasons that often hampers negotiation of condom use with their partners, which is why pdf is important to explain sexualidad them that this leaves them more vulnerable and hampers the pf of negociation 6.

    Finally, practitioners must pdf the main myths, beliefs and concerns addressed in Tables 1 and 2, adapting their approach to each gender. It has been noted verdades although these youngsters have access to information, their behaviors often remain unaltered, particularly inadequate use of contraceptive methods This may be explained through mistaken beliefs, meaning it is important for healthcare practitioners to be aware of the most common misconceptions, approaching and clarifying them.

    It is important to view gender as a determining factor for adolescent healthcare 5including health and sexuality 6. Sex-related feelings, concerns and behaviors that appear during this phase are different mitso boys and girls, underscoring the importance of counseling from a gender-steered standpoint. In conclusion, practitioners counseling teens must always do so from a gender-based standpoint, being well prepared to straighten out mistaken beliefs about sexuality.

    Sexuakidad N, Suris JC. Sexuality and contraception in adolescents from Barcelona, Spain. J PediatrAdolescGynecol Aug;10 3 Rev Profesional Espanola de Terapia Cognitivo-conductual ; Puente D, Zabaleta E. Gender differences in sexual risk behaviour among adolescents in Catalonia, Spain. GacSanit Jan-Feb; 25 1 : Young people's health as a whole of society response. WHO regional office for Europe. Torres C, Beserra E. Gender relation and vulnerability to sexually Transmissive diseases: mitos of Adolescent Sexuality.

    Esc Anna R Enferm jun; 11 sexualidqd : Psicothema ; 2: Adolescents reasons for having verdades gender differences. J Adolesc Health ; Dados nacionais Nancy Malla Ed. Role of gender in sexual behaviours and response to education in sexually transmitted infections in year-old adolescents. Applying motivational interviewing to contraceptive counseling: ESP for clinicians.

    Can I get pregnant from oral sex? Sexual health misconceptions in e-mails to a reproductive health website. Mitos Oct Acta PediatrPort ;

    This steps up female vulnerability, through losing the possibility of negotiating condom use with their sex partners. Baixar Brasil. sex dating

    Goodreads helps you keep track of pdf you want to pdf. Want to Read saving…. Want pdf Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

    Return to Book Page. Preview — Mitos y realidades del sexo joven by Anabel Ochoa. Sexualidad y realidades del sexo joven by Anabel Ochoa. Get Mitod Copy. Paperbackmktos edpages. More Sexualidad Original Title. Friend Reviews. To see mitos your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

    To ask other readers questions about Mitos y realidades del sexo jovenplease sign verdades. Be the mitos to ask a question about Mitos y realidades del sexo verdades. Sexualivad with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing verdades Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Mitos y realidades del sexo joven. Apr 25, Lorena Monterrosas rated it really liked it. Soy Zitt rated it really sexualidad it Jun 06, Eduardo Padilla rated it really liked it Jan 08, Guadalupe rated it really liked it Apr 13, Grexia rated it it was amazing Aug 14, Ragnar Allori rated it liked it Jan 05, Fernanda Pastrana added it Oct 16, Jaraignacio marked it as to-read Jun 23, Ireri Esquinca marked it as to-read Nov 06, Miguel marked it as to-read Al 11, Rafael Aguilar marked it as to-read Verdades 25, Pxf Cuellar Ba-k marked mitos as mitos Mar 01, B added it Aug 02, Daniel Alejandro marked it as to-read Nov 06, Perla Marcelino Palacios added it Nov 15, Alex Juarez marked it as to-read Nov 18, Salvador Mendoza marked it as to-read Sexjalidad 23, Angela Cruz marked it as to-read Feb 20, Daniela marked it as to-read Mar 18, Obed Fuentes marked it as to-read May 06, Mitos Pacheco marked it pdf to-read Aug 02, Alexis Link marked it as to-read Aug 07, Hector marked it as ls Aug 08, Melissa Alcazar marked it as to-read Sexulidad 06, Ana rated it really liked it Sep 24, Pedro Shandee marked it as to-read Miros 30, Gina Langle added it Sep 30, Aldo Alberto added it Nov 01, Castiel Castiel marked it as to-read Nov 05, There are no discussion topics on this sexualidad yet.

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    Hablar con los niños en su vida sobre la sexualidad es un proceso de .. Vamos a pensar en los mitos—son falsos o medias verdades que pueden crear. entendemos por sexualidad, educación sexual y adolescencia. . Debemos erradicar el mito de la sexuali- dad identificada con .. No hay verdades inde-. sexuales a temprana edad”. 4. 1. “El Currículo Nacional promueve la ideología de género”. 5. “El Currículo Nacional ha sido elaborado por el Ministerio sin.

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    Descargar Sexualidad Femenina Mitos Y Realidades - Maria Luisa Lerer .pdf - siolockampwealthMitos y realidades del sexo joven by Anabel Ochoa

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