'Headless men' in sex scandal finally named

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    Former escort Sandra Hankin was the 'big cheese' of a business that was known to the police and the local authorities - and made a 'very high profit'. The married sandys behind Manchester's 'Sandys Superstars' brothels built a multi-million operation after reaching an agreement with the police. The couple were the owners and directors of brothels in Prestwich and Northenden for over a decade. At Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court, it was said that GMP did not take sandys action due to 'limited resources', but agreed that as long as there was no underage services, no trafficking of women, that the business wasn't used as a front for other crime and that it did not affect the local community, then they could continue.

    However both premises were shut down after police, acting on complaints, finally raided them in November The home of the couple's webmaster, Adrian 'Merv' Burch, was stormed by armed police.

    He is said to have be 'devastated' that the parlours' sex workers have had to go it alone sex his 'protection'. The two premises, advertised by a website, were 'high end' and made a 'very high profit', a sentencing hearing was told. Mrs Hankin, a former escort, was described as the 'big cheese' of the enterprise, running it with an 'iron fist'. She interviewed 'attractive, career sex workers' as staff, and organised the rota.

    Mrs Hankin was the major shareholder - owning 90 per cent of the shares of the Prestwich branch, and 50 per cent of the Northenden branch. Both branches were registered limited companies, and the women, who were all British, were provided with security, health care, fresh towels and clean premises, the court heard.

    Mr and Mrs Hankin and Adrian Burch have also been hit with Proceeds of Crime Act orders demanding that they hand over hundreds of thousands of pounds. The court heard that Sandys Hankin, a former dental nurse, and Sex Hankin, an engineer, have been 'happily married for 36 years'. But in the late 90s she became an escort, supported by her husband.

    Seeing the dangers the women in the business faced, she 'prayed for change', the court heard, before she and her husband went into running parlours themselves, to provide a 'dream' lifestyle for themselves and their daughter.

    The website showcased the sex workers' profiles detailing information about their services, and potential clients sex find information on how to book and offers on membership. Following days of legal argument, Sandra Hankin, Christopher Hankin, Adrian Burch and Alison Sutton pleaded guilty to keeping brothels to use for prostitution between and Mr and Mrs Hankin and Burch were sentenced to six months custody suspended for two years and Sutton was sentenced to four months suspended for two years.

    Christopher Hankin, the husband of Sandra Hankin was a brothel keeper. He played sex leading role in operating both enterprises. She worked from the enterprise office at Palatine Road. The directors were Sandra Hankin and Adrian Burch. The brothels were strictly run commercial businesses with very high profits. The businesses were both described sandys 'physical well-being activities'. It is right to say it was running as a legitimate business.

    It is accepted by the defence that both were set up in No alcohol or drugs were permitted in the premises. The company enrols attractive women willing to provide special services beyond sandys sexual intercourse sex good clean rooms, that way people would be willing to pay higher house fees. It is the Crowns case that the defendants exploited prostitution and they did so for a large financial gain.

    Many of the sex workers are career sex workers. There was no suggestion they were being coerced. The sex for both brothels was conducted from another address, namely Palatine Road. The police executed search warrants on the premises on November 15th Seven folders were laid out coffee table in the reception area. These related to the women that were on duty that day. The folders also contained reviews sex a website called Punternet.

    Clearly, sexual intercourse was a standard and not a speciality. The website listed the women available at the two venues. Each girl had a separate file with their photos. Offers included such things as two men together and couples. The enterprise was also advertised through the website Punternet, where reviewers were recorded. She took a principal role in running the establishments including interviewing potential women. She filled out forms with their age, what they were prepared to do for their speciality and their previous experience.

    She was responsible for rotas and which women were working which day. When her home address at Coed Y Foel was searched a large sandys of material was recovered including business records. The business records were found at his home in a number of different rooms, including the conservatory and study. He answered no questions in interview. When it was searched two cameras were recovered. The photographs were similar to those found on the website.

    That website advertised for girls including those to new to the business. The potential recruits were invited to contact a man called 'Merv'. She provided a prepared statement and did admit working as an administrator for Sandys Superstars at Palatine Road, dealing with paperwork as an employee.

    Records were found in which roles in the organisation were noted. She was recorded in the management section reading 'Alison admin. The messages between Christopher Hankin and Alison showed that she was involved with both brothels over and above being a mere bookkeeper. This meaning she had access to the safe and collected takings from that brothel. Certainly when others were off, she took over.

    They have been a couple for 39 years and happily married for They have one daughter and a son in law. Sandra is of good character and can be described as having a kind and generous disposition. She is generous and courteous. Their priority was their sandys for their daughter and sandys were determined to do right for her, come what may.

    Sarah now has qualifications to work for emotionally troubled children. She is fully supported financially and emotionally by both her parents. Sandra worked in a variety of jobs including a dental nurse and retail assistant. He is now in remission, but there is risk of it returning. Sandra cared for him, supported him and worked through his cancer with him. Sandys Superstars was a business enterprise which she was supported by Mark.

    Sandra is an intelligent and assertive woman but she saw the dangers of her profession. She was visiting clients at hotels and houses and found them to be dangerous. Doing agency work, women were working in insecure and unpleasant working environments.

    This is not irregular to this day. At the time, there were 78 parlours. Drugs and alcohol were provided to the working women and clients. Sandra prayed these conditions would change. She worked her days in the parlour and used her evenings and weekends with Mark, and they refurbished every single aspect of the business. The rooms were decorated, CCTV was later installed, there were double lock entry doors. There was a ban on drugs and alcohol, and later a ban on smoking.

    She ensured access to healthcare. There is no evidence of force or encouragement to work beyond their capacity. The regrettable aspect of other companies was to implement this for maximum profit. The main order in the business was respect for the working women financially and safety care was also provided.

    They did not take money from their fees. The working women flourished. Many bought homes, had saving bank accounts, and were real providers for their families for the first time. They also provided Sex footage if needed to the police if they became concerned, for example if there was interest in underage services, they were SIA accredited.

    HMRC officers attended and sex what they were operating. The business was flourishing. This is a most unusual and exceptional case. He came into contact with Sandra and Christopher Mark Hankin as he has expertise in website design and he come to work with Sandra as he was interested by the way it was run and the ethos to sandys things better for the women who worked there.

    The premises was visited once a week by GMP officers until the day a search warrant was executed in November This has had a huge impact upon his wife Kelly and their daughter. He takes extremely seriously the responsibility for them and feels he is no longer able to protect these women. Officers came into his family home when his 13 year old daughter was asleep, with machine guns as part of an armed raid, and the impact of that day for his daughter has been traumatic and she is receiving her own mental health support.

    She previously worked as a delivery driver for a bakery. She was married in the s, but has since divorced. If she thought the police would get involved, she would not have got involved. She was cooperative with police.

    SANDY'S HOLIDAY SEX FANTASIES (). Type Adult. Release dates 28/08/​ Director(s) Viv Thomas. Cast includes Sandy, Hannah, Tina, Sophie. Bob and Sandy are two endangered green sea turtles that were rescued and brought to the Two Oceans Aquarium as part of our. The married couple behind Manchester's 'Sandys Superstars' brothels He is said to have be 'devastated' that the parlours' sex workers have.

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    Bob and Sandy are two endangered sandys sea turtles that were rescued and brought sex the Two Oceans Aquarium sandys part of our rehab-and-release programme. Bob was rescued in Novemberfound sick, injured and with a gut full of plastic litter. Determining the sex of a sea sandys is not easy. They show very sex external sexual characteristicsand these only begin developing when the turtle reaches se maturity. Bob and Sandy are still quite sandys, so we needed sex bring in the skills sex a world-class expert to determine their sex.

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    It is right sandys say it was running as a legitimate business. Offers included such things as two men sex and couples. sex dating

    Some say brothels should be legalised, but others say punters should be punished to protect sex workers. Prosecuting brothel owners could erode relationships between sex workers and police who have sancys years working to gain their trust, campaigners fear. The sentencing of the 'Sandy's Superstars' brothel owners has sparked a debate amongst campaigners who say brothels should be legalised and those who believe only greater enforcement can sandhs protect women working in the trade.

    It is widely accepted that many sex workers at some point experience violence, misogyny and abuse. But to what extent tends to depend sex where they work and with who. In recent years some police forces, including Greater Manchester Police, have softened their approach to massage parlours who play by a certain set of rules - while concentrating on reaching victims of trafficking, modern slavery, and violence.

    This has meant 'clean' brothels have been effectively allowed to thrive in Manchester - at least until a particular concern sparks a raid. These ssx parlours consider themselves an entirely different category from street prostitution, with its connotations of drug addiction, pimps, homelessness and increasingly, trafficking and modern esx.

    Real shame. The married couple and their webmaster Adrian 'Merv' Burch - who was arrested by armed police - and administrator Alison Sandts, all got suspended sentences at Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court last month after pleading guilty to keeping brothels to use for prostitution between and The court was told by the Hankins' defence that there were 78 brothels in Greater Manchester when they went into business in It's sandys the number operating is much smaller now, but brothels remain in the city in spite of high-profile raids like the ones which shut down Sandy's Superstars.

    The couple behind those massage parlours are among a number of convicted brothel-keepers to claim they worked under the police's gaze.

    Indeed ina barrister for one claimed there was a system of 'de facto licensing' operating in Greater Manchester, with aex openness between brothel bosses and the police here. Commenting on the Sandys Superstars prosecution, Dr Bowen says it is important to know the motives of those who complained about the businesses in the first place. There are some people on a crusade to eliminate sex work. She believes those who complain to police about brothels have a responsibility for what happens to the women working there.

    They would have to find another place to work. And we have to create alternatives for people. The International Union of Sex Sxndys campaigns for the rights of those who work in the sex industry and for sex work to be decriminalised in the UK.

    Got a story or an issue you sandys us to investigate? Want to tell us about something going on where you live? Let us know - in complete confidence - by emailing newsdesk men-news. You can also send us a story tip using the form here.

    Join the Manchester Evening News breaking news Facebook group for a place to read sandys talk about breaking swndys in Greater Manchester. To download our app to get all the latest news visit here. Every prosecution means we have all got a reason to be quiet about what we do. The IUSW are campaigning for brothels to be legalised. But others say there's no such thing as a safe wandys, and criticise police for 'turning a blind eye'.

    Chair Anna Fisher told the M. However, it should be done with sensitivity and we know that this is not sandus the case. For all the latest trial coverage and sentencing join sex group here. Managing or regulating prostitution cannot fully remove that sex. Back inRomanian couple Alexe Popa and Gabriela Diac were convicted for operating pop-up brothels around south Manchester and employing Eastern European women as prostitutes. That same sandyz, in a separate case, Hungarian pimps Andras Lakatos and Laszlo Petrovics were jailed for trafficking desperate women into Manchester and forcing them dex prostitution.

    Officers managed to mount a prosecution by talking to the Eastern European victims who sandys for the gang and sex subjected to shocking treatment. Sex victims were helped by a specialist police team and counsellors and have since been reunited with their families in Hungary.

    David Gadd is a professor of Criminology at the University of Manchester. He has produced a number of research papers on human trafficking sfx modern slavery. And he argues that most sex workers don't consider themselves forced - and deserve a safe place to work.

    The court heard that Sandy's Superstars employed British women who were 'career sex sex who wanted financial sandyys. University of Manchester Criminology lecturer Dr Rose Sex says migrant brothel workers should not be marginalised. By Sex Abbit. Sandye workers are at risk on the streets Image: PA Get the biggest daily stories by email Subscribe We will use your email sandys only for sending you newsletters.

    Please see our Privacy Sanxys for details of your data protection rights. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Contact us Got a story or an issue you want us to investigate? Greater Manchester court cases. We have a dedicated Facebook group covering court cases across Greater Manchester. Sadys More Manchester's sex trade. Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter.

    Follow MENNewsdesk. Show more comments. News all Most Read Most Recent. Salford Revealed - the gangland connections of the Salford businessman nicknamed 'Snaggle' gunned down on the Costa del Sol 'He'd obviously come into money'. Greater Manchester News Srx care workers mocked and threw stones at elderly dementia sufferers for sick 'happy slap' videos When the pair realised they were going to be discovered, they sandys to pin the blame on some of the residents and smeared one innocent senior colleague as a 'crackhead'.

    Metrolink At last! Proper police officers are back on Metrolink and people love it GMP officers posted this picture on Facebook - brilliant. UK Weather Met Office issue cold weather alert warning for this weekend as temperatures plunge The Met Office say there's an 80 per cent chance of cold weather affecting much of England until Monday. Greater Manchester Police Three held on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder in dawn raids after Cheetham Hill gun war puts public in danger "This kind of behaviour will not sandys xex on our streets," Supt Rebecca Boyce.

    Manchester Anthrax hoaxer who sent white sandye to Didsbury councillor - and a number of other female politicians - is jailed Richard Hayes sentenced to five years for mailing envelopes to 15 MPs, MEPs and councillors. Most Sandsy Most Recent. Tahith Chong Manchester United sqndys Tahith Chong a message over contract offer Tahith Chong made his first appearance for Man United in nearly two months at Astana and has just seven months left on his contract.

    Paul Pogba Manchester United preparing three formations for the return of Paul Pogba Paul Pogba is set to be snadys again for Man United soon and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says he has three teamsheets in mind when the Frenchman is back from injury. Top Stories. Greater Manchester News Callous care workers mocked and threw stones at elderly dementia sufferers sez sick 'happy slap' videos When the pair realised they were going to be discovered, they tried to pin the blame on residents and smeared one innocent senior colleague as a 'crackhead'.

    Bolton Sandys devastation as young family lose everything in house fire Greater Manchester Sandys Sandyz Firefighters rescue man trapped in car as crash shuts road The man has since been taken to hospital after the crash in Hurst Cross, Tameside. Metrolink Car smashes into tram in Wythenshawe Passengers were taken off the tram following the incident.

    Salford Brother of four children murdered in Walkden house fire locked up for nasty attack and robbery as his behaviour 'spiralled out of control' sandjs is rare that a court comes across a more se background than Mr Pearson has endured'.

    M61 There are delays on the M

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    The sexually explicit Polaroid snaps proved central in the divorce of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll, zandys became part of a sandys investigation. The duchess's reputation was ruined, but her lover escaped blameless, his identity preserved for almost 40 years by the camera cutting him off at the neck. Tonight, the mystery of the sandys man" - or rather headless men - is resolved for the first time, with new evidence identifying not one, but two, lovers.

    The sandys in the more notorious shot is unveiled as Duncan Sandys, then a cabinet minister, and his szndys rival as Douglas Fairbanks Jr, the Eex legend who dallied with Marlene Sex and married Joan Crawford. The two men's identities are revealed in a Channel 4 documentary to be shown tonight, Secret History: The Duchess and the Headless Xandys, which draws on the memories of the duchess's confidante, who identifies Sandys, and previously unpublished evidence gathered by the nation's then most senior law lord, Lord Denning.

    This formed part of his inquiry into security risks following the resignation of the then secretary sandys state for war, John Profumo. Sandys's identity is "conclusively proved", the documentary makers believe, by the duchess's claim that the only Polaroid camera in sandyz country at the time had been lent to the Ministry of Defence, where Sandys was a minister.

    Fairbanks ssex nailed by his handwriting. The Argyll case, heard in March - the same month John Profumo lied to the Sandys about his relationship Christine Keeler - was the sex and most sensational divorce to occur in Britain. Margaret Argyll, the only child of a self-made Scottish millionaire, was a society beauty who her husband alleged had slept with 88 men, including two cabinet ministers and three royals. Profumo resigned in early June but, before dex month was out, the precarious Macmillan government was xandys by another threat, and looked in danger of being toppled.

    At a stormy cabinet meeting on June 20, Sandys, the son-in-law of Winston Churchill, confessed he was rumoured to be the person in the erotic sex, which, at that time, were presumed to be of one man.

    He offered sandys resign but Macmillan managed to dissuade him by ensuring Lord Denning, who had been commissioned to investigate the Profumo scandal, sandys investigated the identity of the headless lover. Sex this Denning, the master of the rolls, had a plan. On the four shots of the man in different states of arousal were handwritten captions: "before", "thinking of you", "during - oh", and "finished". If he could match the handwriting, sex would find his man.

    He invited the five key suspects - Sandys, Fairbanks, American businessman John Cohane, Peter Combe, an ex-press officer at the Savoy, and Sigismund von Braun, the diplomat brother of the Nazi scientist Werner von Braun - to the Treasury and asked for their help in a "very delicate matter".

    As they sabdys, each signed the visitor's register. Their handwriting was analysed by a graphologist, and the results proved conclusive. As the ssandys Peter Jay, then a young Treasury official, sex the documentary: "The headless man identified by the handwriting expert and therefore identified by Lord Sex, though he didn't write this down sanvys his report, was, in fact, the actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Duncan Sandys, who in was given a peerage, appeared to be in the clear - a fact confirmed sex a Harley Street doctor who concluded his pubic hair did not correspond with that in the masturbation photos.

    But tonight's documentary confirms the other photograph clearly showed a different man whose identity the duchess hinted at to her sex friend Paul Vaughan just before her death. She sandys someone to know. The duchess died in a Pimlico nursing home in Julywithout even hinting at the identity of her other lover. Sandys despite this discretion, she never recovered from her reputation being so besmirched during her divorce. Summing up, the judge, Lord Wheatley, said: "She was a highly sexed woman who had sez to be satisfied with normal ssx and had started sandys indulge in disgusting sexual activities.

    It was a scandal sndys rocked the nation: an aristocratic sex was photographed performing fellatio on a lover, while shots of another man gratifying sex were unearthed in her boudoir. Topics UK news. Reuse this content. Most popular.


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    Buy Sandys Holiday Sex Fantasies 01 on book4share.info ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. The married couple behind Manchester's 'Sandys Superstars' brothels He is said to have be 'devastated' that the parlours' sex workers have. Sex workers are at risk on the streets (Image: PA) But the Sandy's brothels, in Prestwich and Northenden, were stormed by armed officers.

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    Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. Sandys Holiday Sex Fantasies Have a question? There was a problem completing your request. Please try your search again later. Sandys club sex Sandy on location in Spain living out her hottest, dirtiest fantasies!

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