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    The matriarchs of the Garouthe Black Furies only accept sex as members save a few male Metisand are known for their honor, wisdom, pride, and fierce a in battle. Furies mistrust written records, seeing them as tainted from the Weaver 's webs. In turn, they trust solely oral records kukloi on from mother to daughter. This makes a lot of their history more myth than truth.

    The legend passed down from early times says that the Black Furies were originally gathered by the moon goddess Lunain the incarnation of the Greek goddess Artemisand appointed as the protectors of the Wyld. The first pack kukloi the Black Furies, the Medusaeembodied the five Auspices and saw themselves as the unconscious "Hand" of Gaia. They settled the sed around the Aegan Sea. The Black Furies claim that they were the force sex the Impergium once they discovered that Man had learned how sex and childbirth correlated and used this knowledge to subjugate Women and Children as property.

    Many Furies protested against the Concord and formed the proto-Bacchantes to continue their work. Much of their oral traditions is intertwined with Greek mythology: The Furies believe that the Titans of myth are the offspring of Gaia and a personification of the Weaver, and that their reign was an age of harmony and prosperity.

    The reign of the Twelve Olympians kukloi seen as fall from this Golden Age, but the intercession of their Tribal Totem Artemis, who walked among the Olympians, convinced the Black Furies to coexist with them. The Furies saw and continue to see themselves as the Erinyesthe infernal goddesses of vengeance and hounders of those who transgress. In their stories, it were Black Furies that hunted Orestes after he had slain his mother and who continued to seize the administration of justice in Athens after Orestes had been pardoned by Athena a figure that is regarded as a counterpart to Artemis.

    Athena also sought to subjugate Pegasus, the new patron of the Black Furies after the last of the Medusae had died and Artemis had no longer the necessary resources to continue to act as a Tribal Totem. Her pawn, Bellerophon, had strife with the Red Talons and this inspired the story of the clash kukloi the greek heros and the chimera.

    When Pegasus became old enough to rebel against him, Bellerophon gelded it, which outraged Pegasus and lead it to throw him off its back over the Aegan Sea. Sed, Pegasus landed in a Fury Caern and sxe that it would never again kneel before a male, but also spoke the edict to allow the Metis of Furies to be accepted into the tribe though it would take centuries until the Furies actually consistently practiced it. The Black Furies also take credit for the destruction of Sodom described in the Bible.

    The Furies saw Rome as tool of the Patriarch and were happy to see it gone. Through much of the early Dark Ages, the Black Furies fought against Christianity and its kukloi of wise women and faiths that were closer to their ideal of the Mother Goddess than their own.

    The rise of the Order of Our Merciful Mother, which sought to nudge Christianity closer to a religion that venerated Gaia, sparked bloody strife within the Tribe until several Elders managed to mediate between the two groups. During the crusades, aex Furies moved to end what they saw as the systematic oppression sex women. The tribe isolated itself from the other tribes in this time, fearful of contracting the Flaying Plague.

    The practices of the persecution of priests brought the Black Furies and their Kinfolk under the scrutiny of the Inquisition. The misogynistic worldview of the witch-hunters did much to set the Furies against them. While the Furies did not suffer during the Burning Times to the same extent of other supernaturals, like vampiresthe damage was done nonetheless.

    Multiple Furies sex from Europe when the Americas were discovered, hoping to find places untainted by Man to keep safe. Instead, the met the Pure Tribes. The Furies saw that multiple sacred sites, due to the low threat of the Wyrm, were defended by merely one or two packs and seized them kukloi themselves.

    In contrast to other Tribes, the Furies were often content to use diplomacy to gain the approvement of the Pure Tribes to safeguard their Caerns. Their non-aggressive style of negotiation ensured that the Black Furies were among those Tribes within the Garou Nation with amiable relations to the Pure.

    Other Furies tried to establish Caerns in the Amazon rainforest, but were met with heavy resistance from the local Fera that no amount of diplomacy could overcome.

    As the Tribe was divided into two large territories, arguments between both factions began. The American Furies xex more packs to hold the new Caerns and defend them against the ever-growing threat of Banes and other great threats like the Storm Eaterwhile the European Furies were unable to spare any kuiloi since the power of the Wyrm and the Weaver grew to disastrous heights in Europe following the Industrial Revolution and military conflicts.

    The growing movement of emancipation again split the Tribe. Some Furies believe that women are still not liberated from men's yoke, while others consider that Woman has been liberated to the extent kukloi modern woman prefer to act like men rather than actual women.

    Other points of contention are the issues of abortion, which some Furies condemn as the worst kind of crime a woman can commit against Gaia, while others see it merely as a symbol of woman's right of control over their own body. Ever strengthening these schisms are the influx of young Garou who see the Black Furies as merely excuses to swagger like the males jukloi other Tribes, instead of preservers of the Mother's mysteries.

    Multiple Furies were also involved in the battle against Baba Yaga and her servants in Russia. South of Oklahoma, Furies are experiencing a curious Wyld Plague. The plague called the Metamorphic Plague is responsible for the growing number of Male non-Metis born to the Furies at large.

    The plague also affects the psyche of the person infected and is a far more likely sex. The plague alters a fundamental principle within the person dramatically, sexx.

    Also around the time of the appearance of the Metamorphic Plague, Medusaone of the Gorgonsa pack of Garou who became the first Black Furies and are now totemsdisappeared. Medusa was the ukkloi living and the most powerful. What this means for the tribe at kukloi remains to be seen.

    The Outer Calyx is comprised of members that are chosen by chance officially and consist of thirteen members. These sex dictate Fury orthodoxy and set tribal customs.

    The Inner Calyx is much more secretive and comprised of five members, each mirroring one of the original Medusae.

    No one knows how the members of the Inner Calyx are chosen, some speculate sex Luna herself has a hand in it. Camps are referred to as kukloi, or "circles", among Black Furies. While many claim them to be the ultimate feminists and men-hating amazons, the Black Kukli think of themselves as providing opportunities to females who would have otherwise been oppressed.

    Instead of working through intimidation, the Furies are usually content to work through persuasion and compromise. The personal views of each Fury vary greatly from member to member; however, honor and their connection to the Wyld tend to be constants for all members.

    While the Black Furies present the face of a women-only club, they count a surprising number of male metis among their ranks. In spite of legends that say Black Furies only give birth to females, male cubs are occasionally born to a Fury.

    Furies can either be born into the tribe or recruited from other tribes, particularly ones that show little respect to women. In part, kukloi exchange of their newborn male cubs allows them to take away female cubs that are in dangerous circumstances. The Black Furies divide their roles within the Tribe according to their age. Young Furies are considered " Maidens ", as long as they sex not birthed sex child.

    The Black Furies believe that breeding sex a sacred duty and gift, and carefully choose the fathers of their children. After that event, they are regarded as " Mothers ".

    When a mother becomes too old to bear children, they are referred to as " Crones ". Although Furies tend to operate with similar methods, there are lines of division in how much men are to be shunned. All Furies, no matter their view, will avenge a crime against a female.

    Older Furies tend to regard men more lowly than others, viewing them as little more than tricksters and troublemakers; but are also among those Furies that are the first eex point out that Man is half of the equation and should not be pushed away.

    Younger Furies tend to have more liberal views regarding Garou in general and men in particular, and many are willing to work with males for the benefit of everyone; khkloi there are several who have taken up rather misandric views and begin to lose themselves to their own Rage. As females, the Black Furies view themselves as having a kukkoi connection with the Earth sex Gaia than other tribes. In exchange for their Giftsprivate moots are held regularly as recognitions of these gifts, and also to acknowledge the tribe as a whole.

    Some Rites are open to Kinfolk and humans, but others, particularly the physically and emotionally exhausting Ulaka ukkloi are exclusively for Black Furies. While the main focus of veneration of the Black Furies is directed to Gaia and Luna kukloi in three aspects, Maiden, Mother and Crone, respectivelythey recognize the power of the Triptych their name ,ukloi the Triat.

    To them, the Triat fulfills the role of the Moirai, with the Wyld personifying Klotho, who spins the thread; the Weaver whom the Furies refer to as the "Namer" personifying Lachesis, who measures the thread; and the Wyrm as Atropos, who cuts the thread.

    The chief enemy of the Tribe is regarded as an entity known as the " Patriarch ". In contrast, the Furies revere the Wyld as a force of femininity, of instinctual thought instead of intellectual abstractions that are of the Weaver and regarded as masculine by the Tribe. Kukloi Wyld is the force that keeps the cycles of Gaia and Luna moving and complements them.

    Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Black Furies Kuloip. Black Furies Revisedkkkloi. Rage card depicting Black Fury kinfolk. Categories :. Cancel Save.

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