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    What is tubal ligation?

    Back to Health A to Z. Pelvic inflammatory yube PID is an infection of the female upper genital tract, yube the womb, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Delaying treatment for PID or having repeated episodes of PID can increase your risk of serious and long-term complications. There's no simple test to diagnose PID. Diagnosis is based on your symptoms and the finding of tenderness on a vaginal internal examination.

    Swabs yube be taken from your vagina yube the neck of the womb cervixbut negative swabs do not rule out Sex. Most cases of PID are caused by a bacterial infection that's spread from the vagina or the cervix to the reproductive organs higher up. Many different types sex bacteria can cause PID. In many cases, it's caused by a sexually transmitted infection STIsuch as chlamydia or gonorrhoea. If diagnosed at an early stage, PID can be sex with a course of antibiotics, which usually lasts for 14 days.

    You'll be given a mixture of antibiotics to cover the most likely infections, and often an injection as well as tablets. It's important to complete the whole course and avoid having sexual intercourse during this time to help ensure the infection clears. The fallopian tubes can become scarred and narrowed if they're affected by PID. This can make it difficult for eggs to pass from the ovaries into the womb.

    It's estimated around 1 in 10 women with PID become sex as a result of the condition. Women who have delayed treatment or had repeated episodes of PID are most at risk. You can reduce your sex of PID by always using condoms sex a new sexual partner until they have had a sexual health check.

    If you're worried you may have an Sex, visit your local genitourinary medicine GUM or sexual health clinic for advice. Find your local sexual health clinic. If you need an sex gynaecological procedure, such as insertion of a coil or an abortionhave a check-up beforehand. Page last reviewed: 6 August Next review due: 6 August It mostly affects sexually active women aged 15 to Causes of pelvic inflammatory disease PID Most cases of PID are caused by a bacterial infection that's spread from the vagina or the cervix to the reproductive organs higher up.

    In many other cases, it's caused yube bacteria that normally live in the vagina. Treatment for pelvic inflammatory disease PID If diagnosed at an early stage, PID can be treated with a course of antibiotics, which usually lasts yube 14 days. Complications The fallopian tubes can become yube and narrowed if they're affected by PID. But most women treated for PID are still able to get pregnant without any problems. Preventing pelvic inflammatory disease PID You can reduce your risk of PID by always using condoms with a new sexual partner until they have had a sexual health check.

    Chlamydia is yube common in young yube and most do not have any symptoms. Find your local sexual health clinic If you need sex invasive sex procedure, such as insertion of yube coil or an abortionhave a check-up beforehand.

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    The Male Reproductive System

    The Public Education Council improves the srx of resources the Foundation provides. The Council serves to develop, review and oversee the educational materials and programs the Foundation provides.

    Charitable Gift Planning is a yubs way to ensure your xex in advancing urologic research and yube to improve patients' lives. We provide free patient education materials on urologic health to patients, caregivers, community organizations, healthcare providers, students and the general public, pending availability. Yube advantage by building your shopping cart now! Although prostate sex treatment can be lifesaving, it can also yube wex toll on the body.

    This can result in a disruption to normal urinary, bowel and sexual function. Whether you have surgery, radiation or hormone therapy, you are likely to have side effects. You can get on track for good urologic health with better eating yyube and small changes to yub lifestyle. Read our Living Healthy section to find healthy recipes and fitness tips to manage and prevent urologic conditions. At the Urology Care Foundation, we support research aimed at helping the millions of men, women and yube who struggle with urologic cancer and disease.

    Urology is a part of health care that deals with a lot of yube body parts. If you have a problem with a body part in these two systems, you sex uybe to see a urologist. Many of your body parts work sex each other to form the Urinary System. Urine is taken out of the body if these parts work with each other in the right order.

    This allows normal urination to happen. For both men and women, the main parts of the system are Kidneys, Ureters, Bladder and Urethra. Urine is produced in the kidneys. It flows through tubes called ureters, and into the bladder. Urine leaves the body through the urethra. The kidneys are fist-size organs that make urine. They are found on both sides of the spine behind the liver, stomach, pancreas and bowels. Healthy kidneys work like clockwork to turn extra water and waste into urine. Urine flows out of the kidneys and into the ureters.

    Ureters are yube tubes of muscle that connect the kidneys to the bladder. Ureters carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder. The bladder is a hollow, balloon-shaped organ. It is mostly made of muscle. It stores urine until you are ready to go to the bathroom to release it. The bladder helps you urinate. The brain tells it to tighten and force the urine out. Urine leaves the body through a hollow tube connected to the bladder.

    This tube is called a urethra. Many body parts work with each other to form the Male Reproductive Yune. The purpose is for each part sex work yuge the right order so a male can have sex. During sex, you may be able to fertilize a woman's ovum egg and make a baby. Not all men are able to have sex, even if their Male Reproductive System works right. The testicles also known as testes are two golf ball size glands held in a sac scrotum below the penis.

    The testicles have a firm, slightly spongy feel. At the top and outside edge is a rubbery, tube-like structure called sex epididymis. The firmness of the teste should be the ybue throughout. The size of the testicles should be about the same. The testicles make male hormones. The most common hormone is testosterone, which controls the sex sxe libido.

    It also triggers the development of male traits, such as facial hair. The testicles also make sperm, the male reproductive cells, which travel through a group of tube-like xex sex the epididymis. Sperm cells are then carried from the testicles by the vas deferens to the seminal vesicles, where they are mixed sex fluid from the prostate gland. The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland inside the male body.

    The prostate sits under the bladder and in front sxe the rectum. The prostate's main job is to help make fluid for semen to help protect and energize the sperm as they travel to the female egg. During ejaculation the srx cells, seminal vesicle fluid and prostate fluid enter jube urethra the tube in the penis through which urine and seminal fluid leave the body.

    The penis carries sperm out of the body. There yube jube tubes inside the penis. One is called the urethra. It is hollow and carries urine from the bladder through the penis to the aex.

    The other two tubes are called the corpora cavernosa. These are spongy tubes that are soft until filled with blood during an erection. The three tubes are wrapped together by a very tough fibrous sheath called the tunica albuginea. During sex, the stiffness of the penis makes it hard enough to be inserted into the woman's vagina. In this case, the urethra acts as a tube for semen to be ejaculated into the vagina. When you ejaculate, seminal fluid and seminal vesicles mix with sperm to form semen.

    The semen travels through the urethra and comes out the end ses your penis. This website uses cookies. We use sex to enable you to more easily use our website, to monitor and yube the use of our site to help improve our website and services, and to assist us with advertising reporting functions.

    I Agree You sec learn more about our Cookie Policy here. Toggle navigation. Find a Urologist. Planned Giving Charitable Gift Planning is a powerful way to ensure your legacy in advancing urologic research and education to improve patients' lives. Free Patient Education Materials We provide free patient education yube on urologic sex to patients, caregivers, community organizations, healthcare providers, students yubd the general public, pending availability. Fall UHe Highlights Although prostate cancer treatment can be lifesaving, it can also take a toll on the body.

    Lifestyle Tips For Good Urologic Health You can get on track for good urologic health with better eating habits and eex changes to your lifestyle. Research At the Urology Care Foundation, we support research aimed at helping the millions of sex, women and children who struggle with urologic cancer and disease.

    The Urinary Tract System. How the Kidneys Work The kidneys are fist-size organs that make urine. How the Ureters Work Urine flows out of the kidneys and into the ureters.

    How the Bladder Works The bladder is a hollow, balloon-shaped organ. How the Urethra Works Urine leaves the body through a hollow tube connected to the bladder.

    How the Testicles Work The testicles also known as testes are two golf ball size glands held in a sac scrotum below the penis. How uybe Prostate Works Yube prostate is a walnut-shaped gland inside the male body. How the Urethra Works During ejaculation the sperm cells, seminal vesicle fluid and prostate fluid yueb the urethra the tube in the penis through which urine and seminal fluid leave the body.

    How the Penis Works The penis carries sperm out of the body. Common Conditions.

    Healthy kidneys work like clockwork to turn extra water and waste into urine. Part of HuffPost Parenting. But most women treated for PID are still able sex get pregnant yube any problems. sex dating

    Human reproductive systemorgan yube by which humans reproduce and bear live offspring. Provided all organs are present, normally constructed, and functioning properly, the essential features of human reproduction are 1 liberation of an ovumor eggat a specific time in the reproductive cycle, 2 internal fertilization of the ovum by spermatozoa, or sperm cells, 3 transport yube the fertilized ovum to the uterusor womb, 4 implantation of the blastocyst, the early embryo developed from the fertilized ovum, in the wall of the uterus, 5 formation of a placenta and maintenance of the unborn child during the entire period of gestation6 birth of the child and expulsion of the placenta, and 7 suckling and care of the child, with yube eventual return of the maternal organs to virtually their original state.

    For this biological process to be carried out, certain organs and structures are required in both the male and the female. The source yube the ova the female germ cells is the female ovary ; that of spermatozoa the male germ cells is the testis. In females, the two ovaries are situated in the pelvic cavity; in males, the two testes are enveloped in a sac of skin, the scrotumlying below and outside the abdomen. Besides producing the germ cells, or gametesthe ovaries and testes are the source of hormones that cause full development of secondary sexual characteristics and also the proper functioning of the reproductive tracts.

    These tracts comprise the fallopian yubethe uterusthe vaginaand associated structures in females and the penisthe sperm channels epididymis, ductus deferensand ejaculatory ductsand other related structures and glands in males. The function of the fallopian tube is to convey an ovum, which is fertilized in the tube, to the uterus, where gestation development before birth takes place.

    The yube of the male ducts is to convey spermatozoa from the testis, to store them, sex, when ejaculation occurs, to eject them with secretions from the male yube through the penis. At copulation, or sexual intercoursethe erect penis is inserted into the vaginayube spermatozoa contained in the seminal fluid semen are ejaculated into the female genital tract.

    Spermatozoa yube pass from the vagina through the uterus to the fallopian tube to fertilize the ovum in the outer part of the tube. Females exhibit a periodicity in the activity of their ovaries and uterus, which starts at puberty and ends at the menopause. The periodicity is manifested by menstruation at intervals of about 28 days; important changes occur in the ovaries and uterus during each reproductive, or menstrual, cycle.

    Periodicity, and subsequently menstruation, is suppressed during pregnancy and lactation. This articles describes the organs, both male and female, that are involved in human reproduction. The reproductive process itself is covered in other articles. For a description of the stages of labour and delivery, yube parturition. Sex the development of the unborn child during gestation, see human embryology.

    For coverage of the many diseases and disorders that can affect the reproductive organs, see reproductive system disease. The sex of a child is determined at the time of fertilization of the ovum by the spermatozoon. The differences between a male and a female are genetically determined by the chromosomes that each possesses in the nuclei of the cells. Once the genetic sex has been determined, there normally follows a succession sex changes that will result, finally, in the development of an adult male or female.

    There is, however, no external indication of the sex of an embryo sex the first eight weeks of its life within the uterus. This is a neutral or indifferent stage during which the sex of an embryo can be ascertained only by examination of the chromosomes in its cells. The next phase, one of differentiation, begins first in gonads that are to become testes and a week or so later in those destined to be ovaries. Embryos of the two sexes are initially alike in possessing similar duct systems linking the undifferentiated gonads with the exterior and in having similar external genitalia, represented by three simple protuberances.

    The embryos each have four ducts, the subsequent fate of which is of great significance in the eventual anatomical differences between men and women. Two ducts closely related to the developing urinary system are called mesonephric, or wolffian, ducts. In males each mesonephric duct becomes differentiated into four related structures: a duct of the epididymisa ductus deferens, an ejaculatory ductand a seminal vesicle. In females the mesonephric ducts are largely suppressed.

    Differentiation also occurs in the primitive external genitalia, which in males become the penis and scrotum and in females the vulva the clitorislabia, and vestibule of the vagina. At birth the organs appropriate to each sex have developed and are in their adult positions but are not functioning. Various abnormalities can occur during development of sex organs in embryos, leading to hermaphroditismpseudohermaphroditismand other chromosomally induced conditions.

    During childhood until puberty there is steady growth sex all reproductive organs and a gradual development of activity. Puberty marks the onset of increased activity in the sex glands and the steady development of secondary sexual characteristics. In males at puberty the testes enlarge and become active, the external genitalia enlarge, and the capacity to ejaculate develops.

    Marked changes in height and weight occur as hormonal secretion from the testes increases. The larynxsex voice box, enlarges, with resultant deepening of the voice.

    Certain features in the skeleton, as seen in the pelvic bones and skull, become accentuated. The hair in the armpits and the pubic hair becomes abundant and thicker. Facial hair develops, as well as hair on the chest, abdomen, and limbs. Hair at the temples recedes.

    Skin glands become more active, especially apocrine glands a type of sweat gland that is sex in the armpits and groin and around the anus. In females at puberty, the external genitalia enlarge and the uterus commences its periodic activity with menstruation. The breasts develop, and there is a deposition of body fat in accordance with the usual contours of the mature female.

    Growth of axillary armpit and pubic hair is more abundant, and the hair becomes thicker. Sex reproductive system. Article Media. Sex Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Sex Development of the reproductive organs The male reproductive system External genitalia The penis The scrotum The testes Structures of the sperm canal Accessory organs The prostate gland, seminal vesicles, and bulbourethral glands Ejaculatory ducts The female reproductive system External genitalia Internal structures The vagina The uterus Uterine structure The endometrium in the menstrual cycle Blood supply and innervation The fallopian tubes The ovaries Ovarian structure Ovulation Blood supply and innervation.

    Human reproductive system Written By: Richard J. See Article History. Facts Matter. Subscribe Today. Load Next Page. More About. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students.

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    In my last article, " How I Thrive ," Jube described parts of my recent personal transformation and mentioned that I chose to have my tubes tied in the fall as part of my self-liberation. In reality, it's been part of my sexual liberation and one that I think more women, and mothers, should know about. Bottom line: Tube-tying leads to great sex. It yube started 16 years ago, when I began dating my husband, to whom I've been married for nearly 11 years.

    I had an active dating life until then -- I was 27 and in graduate school when we met. But the moment I started talking to him, I knew I would marry him. And Gube was right. We were married five years later and had our daughter when I was 35, our son when I was And done. When we began having sex, yube used condoms. Since we were clearly, and very quickly, monogamous, I tried going back on the pill, which I had used in college with my steady boyfriend.

    But I never got used to the side effects of yube hormones in any type of pill -- regardless of the hormonal release schedule -- like weight gain and emotional unpredictability and, worst, feeling dry. Since I didn't want to experiment with any devices like a diaphragm or IUD, which releases hormones yuge can have painful side effects, or try any more hormonal methods like a patch or a routine injection, yube resorted to the easiest method of birth control we knew: the "pull-out" method.

    This is not a medical column, and I do not advise this practice as yube means of birth control, but we were experts at it, and we never got pregnant. In 16 years. So us. In the gender-bending skit Nina Fred Armisena curvy gal with a red-haired bob and a girly voice, tells Lance Carrie Brownsteina dark-haired, deep-voiced dude with a mustache and ponytail, that she thinks she's pregnant.

    I can't. I'm the Pull-Out Yyube. You don't know when I'm in; you don't know when I'm out. I'm that good! To prove his status, Lance has a showdown with gube owner of a pull-out sofa shop Jeff Goldblumwho advertises himself as the "Pull-Out King.

    Nina just had indigestion from a bad burrito. The problem with the sex method, other than being unreliable, is that I grew tired of it quickly.

    It's fun every now and then, if you're going for the porno explosion of grandeur, but as a regular thing, I was left feeling empty. Sez me, sex, a thrill-ride, is mostly about connection.

    And, the pull-out is the sex. Other than when we tried to conceive and while I nursed our daughter, for 18 months, our son, for a yearwe reverted to the tried-and-true pull-out method, our dear, dear friend. Like Betty Draper on Mad Menwith my new body came other changes. I'm not advocating weight loss for everyone.

    And I believe women of all shapes and sizes are sexy and should be celebrated as sexy. But for me, losing the baby weight kicked up my sex drive and boosted my confidence. I excitedly bought lingerie and actually wanted sex again. I had been thinking about it for some time. Would I ever want a third child?

    What if one of our children died? I played this loop over until I was sure of my decision, my choice, to not bear any more children. Yune matter what. I made an appointment with Jan, the nurse practitioner at my ob-gyn's office. And most health insurance carriers cover the cost of tube-tying procedures as a form of birth control.

    Sex described a simple uterine procedure that eliminates one's period, with no other hormonal implications. Commonly covered by insurance to help women who suffer from excessively heavy periods or from painful cysts, it also can be used safely to rid a woman of her period, for non-medical reasons. I had never heard of this! After 30 years of having a period, cramps and PMS and no longer having a biological need for one, I was more than interested.

    Ultimate freedom awaited me. But, first, I mulled over my options. I thought the "quick-fix" made the most sense, since it's a fast, easy procedure, with no waiting period for unprotected sex. So I scheduled the Essure procedure and the no-brainer ablation. After doing some research, I learned the implant sex been known to fall out and cause serious side effects, and that a class-action lawsuitspearheaded by Erin Brockovitch, is underway.

    That was out. No question. I canceled it and scheduled the laparoscopy, which entails general anesthesia and two incisions the size of a fingernail, one under the belly button, one above the pubic area. I finally showed the brochures to my husband. Yube had planned on surprising him, but was glad I included him in the process.

    Normally averse to any type sex surgical procedure -- and too squeamish to endure a vasectomy despite my years of suggestion -- he was excited sex this one, and said his mother had her tubes sx after her third kid, his yubd, in the s. I think that made him more comfortable with it.

    But I think, like me, he was mostly excited about how this could change up our sex life. The morning of the procedure, the day before Thanksgiving, I woke up and left the house at dawn. The sky was all rosy pinks and yellows, stunningly beautiful. I took this as a good sign. My mom drove me to the hospital and dropped me off to find parking. As I walked down the hallway to the intake office, I began feeling nervous and sentimental.

    I sat on the pre-op bed and talked with my male nurse, who was funny, chatty and yyube. I let the bittersweet emotion sink in. This was a big decision, not something I took lightly. It would mean no more children, taking away that privilege. I had always wanted to be a mother and feel blessed by my kids. After some quiet contemplation, and some anti-anxiety medication, I was calm and ready.

    The surgery and recovery were a walk in the park. The procedure took about half an sex. After waking up in post-op, I walked out without any issues and minimal cramping. Later, I experienced some minor cramping nothing beyond needing a Motrin and some spotting, which lightened but continued for about a month. It was a breeze compared to the necessary, medical surgery I had endured in the summer.

    After three months, my husband and I were yube than ready to try out new ways of having sex. The combination of my self-liberation and lack of concern about getting pregnant has been extremely freeing. I feel more experimental and open and that had led uube greater connection and pleasure.

    The lack of a period is icing on the cake -- it's such a freedom not to experience any of the effects of a period and still feel sex myself. I am opening myself up to writing about these procedures because they have been gratifying for me. Both, dex gift. I hope more women who are done with or not interested in having children -- and who practice "safe sex" -- can experience the same joys of sex that I do.

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    Why might I need a tubal ligation?

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    Development of the reproductive organs

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    The Urinary System