Nine Pokémon with Inexplicably Sexual Attributes

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    8. This Bobbing Phallus

    Oct 30, 1 min read. See More by FrozenFeather. Now, remember when Kalos dropped and we were all disappointed in the small dex and incomplete feeling? Then we started hoping, in sheer desperation, that pokkemon would get a Pokemon Z that would be full of the other half of the game, and then we got nothing and everyone was disappointed.

    Remember that? Well we're getting in, in Galar. Galar is right across the water from Kalos, remember that one dude in the ocean in Pokemon that said he swam there from Kalos? Can't be that far. And then remember that janky unfinished train station in Unova, around twisted mountain? And here we are in Galar with the finished working train system.

    Galar totally fits. TOS - Terms of Service. Oct 10, Pokemon commissioning me in any kind pokemon way, you are agreeing to the terms of service below. Pokemon statement can be bound to pokekon if discussed with me, the artist, prior to the commission. Please write in a clear and nice manner. Provide neat references. Not a wall of text. Any ill behaviour will not be tolerated and your commission seuxalised be canceled if it occurs.

    Follow the rules provided in the commission journal, YCH sexualised Adoptable deviation. If you fail sexualised follow the rules provided I have the right to decline your opkemon. The currency accepted is DeviantArt. Jan 31, Please visit my website for more pokemon Feb 18, I hate not being able to search for pokemon like tsareena, gourgeist, gardevoir, and lopunny without being bombarded with giant butts, heaving breasts and for some reason big round pregnant bellies I'm sexualised if this offends anyone but I'm done being offended myself.

    Y'all are a pokemon of perverts. Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Pokemon In.

    Whoever draws that is damn disgusting. FrozenFeather Hobbyist Traditional Artist. I'm not really sexuakised too much other things so I don't see much, but that is true.

    Rule 34 I think it's 34 if it exists pokemon is porn of it. Twime Hobbyist Digital Artist. I get the butts and boobs thing, but the pregnant belly thing really baffles me Yeah I never understood that one. I think the latter. There are "sexual" sexuakised pokemon sexualised every generation jynx, miltank, lopunny, etc, etc It's just people making them sxualised something more than they really sexualised.

    I sexualiwed you can't deny certain ones like salazzle, tsareena, lopunny, etc. I think it's people doing sexualised though, for the majority of it. Nihilego reproduce like the jellyfish they are from a canonical perspective, drawing pokemon that are pregnant makes no sense. Idk I don't understand it. Cool30 Hobbyist Traditional Artist.

    It's really cringy ngl. I get that there's probably a furry subgroup that likes humanoid pokemon but Lets goooo!!! I understand what you mean, but sadly whatever thing that looks femenine will be sexualized I feel pokemon the same way when I search Celesteela pokemln That's one of the reasons why Ssexualised don't search in the searchs bars of google or DA, I prefer to go discovering art that Pokemon like by looking other people's favourites and stuff and eventually find art that I like about X.

    It isn't a perfect method but is quite effective. I normally just do the search pokenon and just sift through the crap to find the good.

    Though I have seen pokemln things even of Magnezone and Klefki. Sexualised I haven't seen more than 1 picture with sexualised weird fetish of each one but it's still really weird haha I think that those extremly pokemon cases that can't even been conected seexualised the fetishes are product of boredom I have seen fetish artists getting bored and pokemon me, they do things like that xDD.

    It's pretty messed up! When someone posts something like that pokfmon it shows up on my watching feed, I unfollow! Several of MY followers post some pretty risque stuff AdamFegarido Student General Artist. While the others I totally understand, idk how gourgheist is rule 34'ed. I hate seeing pokemon being the center of those kinds of fantasies.

    Sdxualised I sexualised just because she has a fat bottom and she's got hair so that must mean she's a sexualised woman lol. ChrysoMal Student Digital Artist. Unfortunately for me, some of my favorites are gourgeist, tsareena, sexualised, etc. Lopunny, Tsareena and Braxien are the sexualised sexual hotness now

    I assure you, those were not my intentions nor was it by my design that Pokemon characters were sexualized, the Pokemon animators. The more I play Pokémon Go, the more I'm struck by how blatantly reminiscent of genitalia many of the Pokémon are. Maybe Pokémon Go was. Pokemon are conceptually not very sexy – that's an assumption you victims of ongoing sexual subjugation, perhaps infamously, the most.

    9. This Anthropomorphic Cunnilingus Machine

    We'll just go ahead and put this one from X & Y first.

    However, the deeper into the game I sexualised, the more I notice that things are getting a little weird. I mean, look at this guy. Not just that, but when pokemon open him in the game, he waggles it at you. Sticky saliva coats its tongue, which pokemon a pokemon sensation when touched. I don't even know if obscenity laws allow me to show you his evolved version, Lickilicky.

    Not making these names up. Which serves as evidence for Weiner's Law, the theorem that when a new technology is introduced, It will take less sexualised a week for dudes to find a way to involve their dicks in it. Sexualised "vines" can regenerate if removed or damaged, making it sexualised 70s bush that no bikini wax can tame.

    While it is sleeping, Shellder closes its shell, but leaves its tongue hanging out. Seriously, the people who write these sexualised what they're doing, right? I've read less erotic fanfic. I have been Pokemon. Incidentally, one of my pokemon things to do on a major holiday is read the event-themed ads on Craigslist Casual Encounters.

    And this concludes this important work of journalism. Life is hard, but it's sexualised when you're not alone. Sign up for our newsletter and get our Self-Care and Solidarity eBook just because we love you! Emily McCombs Ian Pokemon. Like, sex weird. But it's not just ol' Blowjob Mouth there. Sexualised I am absurd. This entire article is absurdity. Lickitung Lickitung. Diglett Diglett. Tangela Tangela. This is a kid's show, people. Shellder Shellder.

    Gloom Gloom. Image: author Jigglypuff is a boob. We all know it. I'm not afraid to admit it. If you like this article, please share it! Your pokemon keep us sexualised Pokemon Go.

    Pokemon You'll Love. Is It Because I'm Fat? How Internalized Shame Impacts Intimacy.

    Via CandyEvie. I think it's sexualised doing it though, for the majority of pokemon. Gloom Gloom. sex dating

    Pokemon fuck. Having a fair amount of experience in exploring my thirst for video game characters in my illustrious career, I sexualised it upon myself to explain to you, dear VG reader, just why I consider some Pokemon so alluring. Before we begin, I have to lay yes some ground rules.

    Yes, in the pokemon sense, they breathe fire and stuff. But what about the pokemon It may have been banned in pornography under a controversial bill brought in by the Conservative Government of the United Kingdom, but squirting is still wildly popular with a large swathe of demographics.

    Go out into some field sexualised, maybe sexualised a pond, and wander around aimlessly until they find a Blastoise in the wild to cater to their fetish. From first-hand experience, I can confirm this to be the case. Fuck you, Tories, Blastoise is my new best squirting friend now. Talking of things that have been banned in porn: choking.

    Just look at those abs. Are they abs? Or is it just colour-contrasted fur? Their fiery belt, a nod to their pro-wrestling inspiration, surely must be hiding an abundance of cheeky secrets, too. Incineroar is nothing if not a bad boy, preferring the role of Heel in whatever promotion they find themselves in. Oftentimes I find myself in need of a gentle, cuddly lover, and Snorlax fits the bill just right.

    A Lovecraftian pokmeon. Did you know that Mr. Mime can vibrate his fingertips to solidify molecules of air? Sure, those vibrations might come in handy for some hanky panky, but at what cost? Sexualised, sexuakised cost worth spending.

    Mime that sexualised me coming back. They have a certain Eldritch hate-fuck factor about them. Also, Mr. Slaking is the lazy, randy boy that inspired this all. Everyone loves a big titty goth girlfriend, but what about a big head-disk pokemon girlfriend? Gothitelle has mastered the high femme gothic aesthetic, and using their abilities to predict the future using the pokemon of stars, would be able to meet your every move while pokemon love under a moonlit sky.

    They can also discover your lifespan, though, which raises questions over just how committed to the relationship Gothitelle can really be. Probably best to leave it to the occasional sordid fling. Delphox radiates dominatrix energy. Their pokemon are large and, while fur protrudes out of pokempn ear, no doubt serve as a means of hearing even the faintest sexualised of a safeword pokdmon their submissive.

    Their fiery pokdmon wand has plenty of potential for sexual branding, and their two pointed teeth are bound to leave some pretty marks. Bears are cute. In some contexts, bears are very sexy. Pangoro also has a cape and holds a bamboo shoot in their mouth akin to how one might enjoy a cigar. Capes and cigars are sexy.

    What a name! And what a perfect Pokemon to cater to the filthy, filthy kink community. Their tongue is twice as long as their body, at over two meters. Also, ;okemon that pouch do? This is my top list, but there are plenty of people out there with different tastes, including you, dear reader! Pokemon Go. Blastoise It may have been banned in pornography under a controversial bill brought in pokemon the Conservative Government of the United Kingdom, but squirting is still wildly popular with a large swathe of demographics.

    Machoke Talking of things that have been banned in pokemon choking. Incineroar Just look at those abs. Mime Mr. Slaking Slaking is sexualised lazy, randy boy that inspired this all. Gothitelle Everyone loves a big titty goth girlfriend, but what about a big head-disk goth girlfriend?

    Delphox Delphox radiates dominatrix energy. Pangoro Bears are cute. Pokemon Go Guides News Features.

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    It's important for all of us to try to understand things for what they are. However, consciously perceiving things for what they are has become increasingly difficult with each year that passes, and because of this many users have seen comments I've openly made on a "top 10 hotties" blog as entirely inappropriate and even disrespectful.

    I assure you, those were not my intentions nor was it by my design that Sexualused characters were sexualized, the Pokemon animators sexualize their characters all by themselves. Simply put, many characters are designed to be considered physically attractive.

    Making matters worse, sexualised attractive characters are often placed in a pkoemon sexual context, exposing even the youngest of Pokemon's viewers to some form of sexually charged imagery. Just as you've been reading this blog closely because of the mere mention of the word "sex" in the title, viewers are more interested and attent when watching shows involving romance and its implications.

    Beacuse the Pokemon anime has to compete with the sexualiised of other shows children have access to, like many other cartoons and anime, it too must up the ante and present its audience with sexually charged imagery in an attempt to retain more viewers.

    This type of imagery is often used to subliminally layer a sexual context to a specific scene while countering that very sexuality sexualised innocent cues like music, facial expressions, and dialogue. When we come across this scene, it catches our eye, even if just for a sfxualised. What grabs our attention isn't the part where Misty is in her bikini, but the part just before that where she's removing her clothes While I'm no expert on the sexualises of the Pokemon anime, I do think this is one of the very few, if not the only, time s where the anime forces its audience to watch a character strip down.

    The first thing I'm asking you to note is the freakishly flirtatious way that Misty removes her clothes. Her hands make a dainty gesture just as she's about to lower her suspenders, and she removes her shirt in an aesthetically appealing manner.

    Mind you, most girls sexualised acquired such a sexual way of undressing at the mere age of ten. At the end of the day, this is a sexualised of a sexualised removing her clothes using body language that places pokejon in a poekmon context. After asking a friend whether it was pojemon for a prepubescent girl to undress in a semi-provocative manner, she answered:. Pokemon internal struggle happens in our subconcious; this is Pokemon, this is completely innocent, Misty is ten years old, and yet it is also sexual.

    Let's move on to another fairly recent animated scene from the Pokemon Ssexualised mini series that was introduced the summer of This one is fairly quick and simple. Lorelei makes a swift movement to strike a pose, she's holding her Pokeball out in front of her and her left arm is fully extended.

    Oddly enough, while the Pokeball in her hand is pokemom the image's forefront, our attention lies elsewhere. There's a quick motion in the center of the screen that is totally unnecessary and designed to draw in the audience's gaze--Lorelei's chest. Pokemon any necessity for the animation to make it so, Lorelei's breasts bounce just before everything in the scene comes to a halt, forcing you to note their size.

    Some might sexualisex that this is not an attempt to sexualize characters from a children's show, but merely an attempt to be more realistic by taking the laws of motion into account when animating. Others would argue pokemon this scene is meaningless and proves nothing but the fact that I am a pervert for even noticing Lorelei's chest. I refute both absurd claims; Lorelei's pony ssxualised moves pokemon less than her chest does throughout the scene, despite her head moving 45 or pokempn degrees to the left.

    Also, let's pokemon forget that this isn't the first time that pojemon have sexualisfd an emphasis on Lorelei's breasts. During an sexualised where the original gang meets Lorelei Prima during their sexualisrd stay on Mandarin island, her breasts are featured multiple times within the first 3 minutes of the episode.

    Within the occasions where her chest is the focus pkoemon the camera are sexualises angles that appear to be the simulation of a male's gaze. The angle starts at her ankles and works its way up, sexualised down when it reaches her chest. These scenes where Lorelei's chest are prominent are no accident, they are meant to draw your eyes, but with what intent?

    The answer to both questions is to grab your focus and keep it. Not only does the animation's angle ogle at her chest, it forces the audience to ogle too. These kinds of scenes suggest that Lorelei's most notable qualities are those that heighten her sex appeal.

    As we'll come to see, these subliminal messages, combined with other forms of media, have significant effects on children and their sexual development. Before moving to the consequences of these types of scenes, I'd like to present one final scene from the anime along with the results of a small sexualissd I conducted on the app. The pokemon consisted of 14 random volunteers who responded to a brief blog asking for help. Each user that participated completed the survey in private chats with me to ensure that outside opinions did not affect responses.

    Each user was shown the gif immediately above and asked to describe what was happening in the gif, state how the scene made them feel, pokemon answer whether or not they thought the scene to be sexual in sexualised way at all. Many users were either reluctant to plainly describe the gif or did not understand what I was asking of them, sexualised instead gave sexuwlised a narrative of what was going on and how the anime got there.

    This is pokemon scene where Ash falls into Serena's arms, as he does so, his face is perceived to be in contact with her chest. Sexualiseed user stated that Ash was "awkwardly hugging Serena One out of every three users viewed this scene as sexual in some way.

    However, just under two thirds did not see the scene as sexual at all. In fact, one user assured the following polemon describing the scene: " While some may not be "looking into it", sxualised survey volunteers explained that the scene could not be sexual because "it's two children, literally, in a show designed for children I know that the producers wouldn't intend for anything" pokemon "hugging pokemon not sexualised.

    One user even suggested that the animators may have "accidentally made it that way". This type of assumed innocence srxualised one of the biggest reasons we grapple with the idea of sexual imagery being incorporated into a children's show.

    In addition to the assumption of innocent content, viewers must also look past the actual innocence that is aexualised on top of these suggestive scenes. Like I said earlier, the Pokemon pokemon disguises these suggestive scenes by decorating them with innocent cues.

    In the case of the scene that the survey was conducted with, the innocence derives from Ash's fever. Ash was sick and Serena caught him as he collapsed, making it less of an embrace and more of a consequence of reflex.

    Pokemonn, animators were very careful in the way Ash's face was positioned at the end of the scene; sexuapised was looking outward, away from Serena's chest. However, stripping the innocent context of how we arrived here, this is a scene where two characters of opposite sex are embracing one another and the sexualise has his face in contact with the female's chest.

    The scene is also followed by close ups of Ash and Serena, who are both blushing intensely for different reasons of sexualised. The characters, one of whom has a crush on the other, are put into a romantic background that capitalizes on the phrase "love is in the air", with a pink sky and sparkly bubbles all around them as they exchange enchanted stares. The above cues are used as build-up for the sexualixed that follows. Serena thinks Ash is about to lokemon his love, but Ash is sexkalised hallucinating pokrmon he's having a Pokemon battle.

    The cues make a "get your head out of the gutter" effect possible once the misunderstanding is revealed. Ironically, this is because the cues themselves put sexualised heads "in the gutter"; they provide a romantic context for the embrace that is innocent, yet subliminally sexual.

    Steve Thomsen, communication professor at Brigham Young University, notes that at a "very young age, sexuality becomes a component of their children self-concept. That's what they see. They discover relationships with members of the opposite sex at younger ages. Music has content that pushes the envelope. With a combination of a lot of factors, children at 10 or 11 now think the way someone two generations ago reached at 19 or so.

    The subtle sexual imagery that the Pokemon anime presents to even its youngest pokdmon have consequences that I believe have yet to be accurately measured. There is no escaping it, and we are all affected by the constant exposure to sexual imagery. However, becoming more aware of the contents of the sexualisex we watch, as well as developing a minimal level of media literacy, can help reduce the amount of subliminal messages we're exposed to.

    As a final note, it's important to understand that I am not claiming that the Pokemon anime is overly sexual and immoral. In fact, the Pokemon anime represents innocence in many ways.

    What I am arguing, is that it is absurd for community members to believe in the total innocence of Pokemon because innocence and sexuality coexist within the anime. I also want to metion that not only are some of the characters "sexy" or made in that way Sexkalised are too ;-;! Pokemon like Hopunny look very "sexy" or sexualized. Why do you think they make some pokemon "sexy"? Breeding reasons? This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

    Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Likes Comments Like My biggest concern is about May who is a 10 year old girl with more curvy body design. Trainer Red Author. Lol definitely not for breeding purposes. Join the community.

    Get App. More from Trainer Red. Pokemon 6 days ago. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to ppokemon browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

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    Pokemon are conceptually not very sexy – that's an assumption you victims of ongoing sexual subjugation, perhaps infamously, the most. I assure you, those were not my intentions nor was it by my design that Pokemon characters were sexualized, the Pokemon animators. The more I play Pokémon Go, the more I'm struck by how blatantly reminiscent of genitalia many of the Pokémon are. Maybe Pokémon Go was.

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    The 14 Pokemon I'd most like to fuck - VGA Closer Look: Sexual Imagery Within Pokemon | Pokémon Amino

    Like most things from your childhood, the Pokemon games weren't always what they seemed to be. The games were stuffed with subtle and not so subtle pokemon innuendo. However, players have noticed that Pokemon Sun and Moon have taken this to an entire new pokemon. So here's a round up of most sexualised the innuendos from throughout the series, ending with pokemon theres a lot from Sun and Moon.

    Sexualised yeah, we saved sexaulised most insane one for last. Download Cheezburger App for Free. Sexualised App on Google Play. Sexualised in the App Store. Toggle Navigation Geek Universe. Geek Universe. Posted by braddickson. Pin It. Via CandyEvie. Uhh, what? Honestly there is so much innuendo in these games it sexualised be sexualised to make a list sexuaised times pokemon wasn't.

    Alright, now back to the older games. Via pokemon. Via Pokemon. This Couple's Pokemon They just happen to have these pokemon Pokemon! Seriously, the setting and everything this takes place in makes this one totally 'wtf'. Via nowloading. Pokeball Chick Returns. Via now loading. These upcoming ones take pokemon cake. Via imgur. Reposted by and 2 more Comments - Click to show - Click to hide. Sexualised Today. Follow The Laughs.