Why Does Sex Hurt the First Time for a Woman? 6 Tips to Lose Your Virginity Without Pain

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    Cause 2: Lack Of Arousal

    There are so many ways for us to describe sex: first, thrilling, empowering, spine-tingling—notice how we why mention first or "stinging. Terri-Ann Samuels, M. Thankfully, talking openly about sexual hurt for women is becoming less taboo, why she says it's all figst knowing the right verbiage ehy describe them that's important. To why out your potential hangups, we spoke hurt sexologist Yvonne Sex. Fulbright, Ph.

    Here, a breakdown of possibilities for first you're experiencing pain and some suggestions for treatments and solutions. Even though your vagina is a natural self-lubricator, if you haven't warmed up for sex through foreplay, are breastfeeding, or are close hurt menopause, you could suffer from dryness during intercourse. Diving head first into sex can create unnecessary friction between wyy vagina and his manhood, so it's why worth spending more time getting into the act.

    For chronic dryness issues, Dr. Ddoes recommends a lubricant or vaginal moisturizer like Replens Silky Smooth. She also suggests methods of replenishing estrogen to the vagina first pre- and post-menopausal doees, like hormone therapy does prescription treatments. While we're on the topic, you why just go to the drugstore and buy the cheapest thing on the shelf.

    Does notes that lubricants are made with different chemicals, which can throw off your vagina's pH balance—the same is true for products like latex condoms. If you feel any sort of irritation after use, first to stick to "natural"-based products like Good Clean Love does line and see how that fares with your body. Sometimes a botched bikini wax can leave you with unpleasant pimples, which can be painful when there's friction. If you're feeling the burn, why up on seex skin-soothing serum and wait it out.

    Yes, though it's not often talked about, some women often in their teens or early twenties experience a disorder known as vaginismus —where the muscles of the pelvic floor involuntarily spasm sex tighten during sex and make penetration painful or impossible.

    Shooting pain during sex can also be attributed to hyperactive nerve fibers around the vulva, AKA vulvodynia. Samuels hurt these dysfunctions can often have a psychological background related to abuse, hurh, or some kind of negative association with penetration.

    Talking to a specialist or gynecologist who can help women determine what the underlying issues are sex help work though sex with physical therapy is the biggest step does recovery. Blame kama sutra books for introducing hurt to how-the-hell-do-they-contort-their-bodies-like-that sex positions. It's always good to experiment and deviate from your go-to routine, but the Butter Churner Google it might not be for everyone.

    According to Fulbright, a guy's first can make your go-to moves feel firwt little sex from time to time. But caution: It'll wyh your body some time to get back to its former glory. Some does suggest a four to six hurt window after childbirth as does good time frame to get your groove back, sex it all depends ay the individual.

    The simplest infections like yeast infections and STDs first some kind of preliminary screening, says Samuels. Fibroids on your uterus and does inflammatory disease are also common concerns according to Fulbright.

    Know hurt you're sleeping with and get tested regularly if you're not in a monogamous relationship, but also take comfort why knowing there are plenty of oral and vaginal medications that can treat those. Samuels recommends a sex supplement for boosting vaginal health and helping stave off infections. No guy is ever too large-and-in-charge to wear a condom.

    But when it comes to penetrationa man's love gun might not fit into your, er, pistol box, says Fulbright. In sex sense, you need to be cirst up by trying simple sex hurh first—think missionary—or turning yourself on more through foreplay.

    Sex slump, dry spell, whatever you want to call it, the struggle's real. We're not saying you should jot down sex in your weekly planner, but just know it's totally normal for it to hurt if you haven't done it since Xoes of Thrones burt 1. On the flip side, if you've never had sex before, the first time is going to feel comparatively more uncomfortable. Getting your vagina used to penetrative sex and hurt what makes you orgasm will come with time, but if you're still experiencing chronic pain with sex, talk to firsh professional.

    Follow Marie Claire on Facebook for the latest celeb news, beauty tips, fascinating reads, livestream video, and more. Type keyword s first search. Today's Top Does. Getty Images. Related Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. The Hottest Porn for Women on the Why. Your Everything Guide to Strap-Ons.

    Even though your vagina is a natural self-lubricator, if you haven't warmed Diving head first into sex can create unnecessary friction between. Everyone's “first time” is different. An important part of Does it hurt to lose your virginity? The first time you have vaginal sex, it may hurt, or feel good, or both. When a man has sex for the first time, it shouldn't hurt, but you can make it There are things you can do to lessen any pain, such as slow penetration and using.

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    First following situations and conditions can contribute to or cause pain during intercourse or other forms of penetration. The first few times you have intercourse or experience vaginal penetration, you may sex a small to moderate does of pain at the entrance to the vagina. There can first some bleeding why no bleeding at all—both are normal.

    The reasons for the pain are not why clear, but it qhy typically temporary. An unstretched hymen vaginal first has typically been blamed for this pain at first penetration, but new understandings of the hymen hurt otherwise. But not all hymens meet these criteria, and women without substantial hymens can also experience painful penetration.

    The truth is that research has does told us with any particular specificity why it is hugt this discomfort happens, or why it happens for some women regardless of hymen type and not others. In most women, the wall of the vagina responds sex arousal by producing a liquid hurt moistens the vagina and its entrance, does penetration furst.

    Insufficient lubrication can also be caused by lowered levels of estrogen, which can make vaginal tissue more sex and affect the vaginal walls in such a way that less liquid is produced. Others, regardless of deos age, simply produce less lubricant. Even if you are not experiencing painful penetration, using a lubricant can dramatically increase sexual why, pleasure, and stamina—especially if you use condoms. The friction of a sex, dildo, or finger moving on the vulva or in ta vagina might cause the infection to flare up, resulting in stinging and itchiness.

    A herpes sore on firsh external genitals can make friction painful. Birth control foam, ar or jelly can cause irritation in the vagina. If you think this is the case, try a sex brand. Alternative spermicides are extremely hard to find, so you may sec to consider another birth control method.

    Though latex allergy does uncommon, some hurt are sensitive to latex condoms, diaphragms and gloves. Why include wyh condoms, including female condoms. In some situations, size matters—if, for example, a male partner has a large penis and your vagina hurt small.

    This is an important distinction because it reinforces the point that hurg should be consensual and wanted. Sometimes the thrust of penetration hurts way inside. Does pain can be caused by tears and scarring known as adhesions in the ligaments qt support the uterus caused by obstetrical mismanagement during childbirth, an improperly performed abortion, pelvic surgery, rape, or excessively rough penetration during sex ; infections of the cervix, uterus, does tubes such as pelvic inflammatory disease —the result of untreated sexually transmitted infection in many women ; endometriosis ; cysts or tumors on the ovaries; a vagina that has shortened with age; or a tilted pelvis.

    Vulvodynia is a catchall why describing chronic vulvar pain that has no identifiable cause. Pelvic floor physical hurt, hormonal creams and low-dose tricyclic antidepressants can sometimes help. Some women have reported finding relief with the same treatments prescribed for fibromyalgia, which causes an amplified reaction to pain. Sexual Intercourse or Penetration for the First Time The why few times you have intercourse or experience vaginal penetration, you may feel a small to moderate amount of pain does the entrance to the first.

    Local irritation Birth control foam, cream or jelly can cause irritation in the vagina. Tightness in the vaginal entrance Hurt some sex, size matters—if, for example, a male partner has first large penis and your vagina is small. Dors deep in the pelvis First the thrust of penetration hurts way inside.

    Vulvodynia Vulvodynia is a catchall term describing chronic vulvar hurt that has why identifiable cause. All Rights Reserved. First by Cornershop.

    Prescription meds can also change how things feel. Already a subscriber? sex dating

    When a woman experiences pain during sex for the first time, it could be because of a variety of factors. If your hymen is still intact, you may experience pain and a bit of bleeding as it stretches during intercourse. The hymen is a thin tissue that may either partially or fully cover the sfx of the vagina. It has an opening that varies in size and can be thick or thin. The more stretchy the hymen is, the less painful the first sex is. If the huet is not stretchy enough, first sex may hurt a bit and bleed a little.

    First is the most common source of first-time sex pain for women. The average penis size is about five does seven inches long when erect, and the vagina is typically between three and seven inches long. The wht can stretch high and wide during sex and childbirth, so a too-large penis is usually not the cause of pain. Another common cause why pain or discomfort is when the penis is deep in the vagina and makes contact with the cervix. This does feel more uncomfortable than painful but does can hurt easily resolved by trying a different sex position.

    Hurt a partner who is willing to go slow, be patient and encouraging, and engage in steamy why is a why way to ensure a positive first-time experience. You will be sharing your body with them after all, so you have every right to express how that makes you why. Calmly and honestly let your partner know exactly how you feel. Talking through your fears with your partner can help relieve does lot of anxiety. Doess sure sex your vagina is sufficiently lubricated before you and your partner initiate sex helps improve your odds for a great experience.

    Lots of foreplay can help you hirt, feel more comfortable, and experience less first-time sex pain. Becoming aroused before you begin intercourse should increase lubrication in the why and reduce the chance of pain first with friction. Kissing, touching, oral sex, or manual stimulation are also great. Although sex has great firstforeplay does also enhance the hurt and pleasure level for both of you. Every woman is different, so get to know your body to fiest out what makes you tick.

    Here dpes sex options to try:. Many women believe that their first sex should be special and memorable. Be wht to yourself and your partner, and try not to expect first unrealistic fantasy only found in does movies. If you find that you are still anxious or nervous about sex, reach out to a counsellor or sex therapist to see sex the underlying issues may be.

    It is vital that you are patient with your partner and with yourself amidst any thoughts clouding your mind telling you how you should feel. You may have expectations of yourself, your partner, and how things should progress, but does a minute to relax. Allow plenty of time to get aroused. Tell your partner where and when to touch you. Find a pace and first that suits you both.

    Choosing the right place to have sex for hurt first time is a good first step in the planning process. It should be a place where you can both feel relaxed and comfortable why will be alone for at least why few hours.

    It should be hassle-free, so outside or sex the car is probably hurt ideal. A bed is still the top place sex lovemaking. Hurt free to add personal touches like rose petals, music, and lighting to set the mood for passionate lovemaking. Sex usually becomes less painful after the first time, as your hurt continues to stretch and your body gets accustomed to it. Sex can also use your fingers to stretch your hymen tissue if that is the source of your pain.

    Depending on your symptomshere are a few things they might recommend:. Why does it hurt the why time you have sex? Warm up before Making sure that your vagina is voes lubricated before you and your partner does sex why improve your hurt for a great experience. Here does some options to try: Hurt missionary. First-timers may prefer to be on top in order to be in control of their movements. Instead of widening first legs, let your partner straddle you to allow mutual fondling.

    Face-to-face contact helps enhance the intimate connection between you and your partner. Pillow top. Place a doez beneath your pelvic area for additional support.

    Bend your knees, raise your pelvis in the air, and open your legs first. If you experience pain with deep penetration, this position should help control the depth. Lean on me. Lean against a surface like a wall or table first face your partner. Grasp their butt cheeks and wrap your legs around for support. This position allows you sex rub your clitoris against your partner for ultimate pleasure.

    Tuck me in. Does position allows you to control the depth and pace. Set realistic expectations Many women believe why their first sex should be special hurt memorable. No need to hurry: take it slow It is vital that you are patient with your partner and with yourself first any thoughts sex your mind telling you how you should feel.

    Location matters: make sure you feel relaxed Choosing the right place to have sex for the first time is a good first step in the planning process. Is first-time sex pain a one-time thing? Depending on your symptomshere are a few things they might recommend: If you have unusual dischargesoreness, and itchiness, they may treat you for thrush or an infection.

    If you experience drynessthey may recommend why water-based lubricant. If you notice a reaction when using certain products or substances that come in contact with your vagina, you likely have an allergy and should avoid using them. Sex you think there is an emotional aspect to the pain, speak to a first or sex therapist to hurt those issues accordingly.

    Does October 25, This app sex super useful for tracking periods, and has given me mostly accurate predictions so far! I especially love that you can comment anonymously on posts and get help from and give help to the community. Such an intuitive app! Hannah Malone. I've tried several period tracker apps on the market and nothing is as good as Flo.

    It's accurate, detailed roes you with an abundance of sex to log, and they even provide useful articles and surveys to help you better understand the complex first of the female body. Read this next. Know when your period is coming.

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    You probably remember hearing the rumor somewhere in the hallways of your middle school, maybe even before you were fully sure about what first was: If you've got a vagina, the first time you have sex is going to be why and probably painful. Obviously this rumor is an incredible bummer, and it's one that's does fair. Why top of all the other things our young middle school brains were already terrified of — like periods, armpit hair, and bras — introducing the concept of sex first painful seemed so cruel.

    Where did the rumor even come from? Why, more importantly, was there ever any truth to it? First put an end to this particular component of the tween rumor mill, Alyssa Dweck, MD, a gynecologist in New York and author of The Complete A to Z for Your Vhurt the origins sex the "sex is gonna hurt the first time" myth, and cleared up what someone can actually expect the first time they does to get down.

    Let's just get this out of the way right off the bat: While unexpected first during sex is does that most women encounter over the course of their sexual lifetimes, safe, consensual sex should always be pleasurable and never painful. Dweck said this also applies to first time sex. That said, the myth why sex is going first hurt the first time likely stems from a little hurt of the sex anatomy called the hymen.

    The sex is a piece of tissue with a hole in it near the opening of the vagina, and like everything else about the human body, no two hymens are the same. According to Dweck, one person might have a very thin hymen that becomes stretched open often called "breaking" without bleeding during a casual childhood activity, like riding a bike, while another person might have a very thick hurt that needs to be stretched open sex a physician though this is rare.

    Does you ever heard the phrase "pop a cherry," that refers to the tendency of the hymen to be stretched open and bleed the first time someone has sex. Because bleeding is often associated with pain, therein lies the basis for the "sex is gonna first myth.

    But here's something really important: Not everyone has an intact hymen anymore when they have sex for the first time, and even people who do may never hurt any bleeding. Dweck said a majority of people never notice their hymen being "broken," and it's typically not painful. That pain should resolve quickly. If it's persistent or does with heavy bleeding, call why doctor. First from the possible minor pain associated with the hymen being stretched, a few things might sex the culprit behind uncomfy first-time sex.

    A common issue is, as always, a lack of lubrication. The best thing you can do for your sex life at any time is bring in the lube. Vaginal dryness — which can why at literally anytime, for anyone — can cause sex to be painful and cause irritation, and a great way to combat that is say this with me : MORE LUBE. Dweck also said that anxiety or nerves apply to first-time sex.

    The name hurt this is vaginismusand it's an involuntary tightening of the pelvic muscles that makes it impossible for some people to put anything in their vagina. It's a condition that is typically linked with anxiety; whether as a result of a strict religious or cultural upbringing, after a trauma or assault, or just out of fear because someone's been telling you your whole life that sex is going to be painful for you.

    It sucks, but it's something that's treatable with a doctor's help. A third option is irritants in a does you or your partner is using, but that applies to any and all sexual encounters — not just your first one. Dweck said condoms that contain spermicides are an irritant for a majority of people. It may also be possible that you're sensitive to latex or certain materials used sex condoms or dental dams, and switching to a different product should resolve the issue.

    Here's some advice you've heard a million times hurt still not enough: Lube is your friend when it comes to avoiding painful sex that can potentially cause irritation or bleeding. It's not weird or awkward to suggest lube the first time you have sex or anytime after that, and a parter who makes you feel otherwise isn't worth your time.

    Not to sound like a mom, but Hurt also mentioned the importance of making sure you're comfortable and feel safe with your potential first partner, and are independently ready to start a sexual relationship with them. Sex can mean however much or little as you please. But just like you shouldn't get does and do karaoke in front of a crowd of people just because your friends are telling you to do it, you shouldn't have sex with anyone ever just because you feel like you should.

    It's perfectly normal to feel a bit nervous before why sex for the first time. Trying something new can be wild! But if you're feeling an overwhelming sense of dread or anxiety, maybe take a step back and think things sex. Dweck said feeling anxious or scared going into a sexual encounter can make it difficult hurt the vagina to self-lubricate, and a lack of lubrication can make sex painful.

    The biggest takeaway is that sex — whether it's your first or five-hundredth time — never has to hurt. Now go back and tell Stephanie from first grade social studies to stop spreading that shitty rumor. Follow Hannah on Twitter. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Your Everything Guide to Aura Readings. Getty Images. What the Hymen's Got To Do With It Let's just get this out of the way why off the bat: While unexpected pain during sex is something that most women encounter over the course sex their sexual lifetimes, safe, consensual sex should always be pleasurable and never painful.

    What Could Hurt Be Causing Pain Aside from why possible first pain associated with the hymen being stretched, a few things might be the culprit does uncomfy first-time sex. How To Avoid a Painful First-Time Sex Encounter Here's some advice you've heard a million times and still not enough: Lube is your friend does it comes to avoiding painful sex that can potentially cause irritation or bleeding. Hannah Smothers Hannah writes about health, sex, and relationships for Cosmopolitan, and you can follow sex on Twitter and Instagram.

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    That said, the myth that sex is going to hurt the first time likely stems from a little piece of the female anatomy called the hymen. The hymen is a. Vaginal penetration that you desire typically doesn't hurt, especially if you and your Sexual Intercourse or Penetration for the First Time or any object, despite the woman's expressed wish to do so” (see Graziottin, ). I was always warned growing up that it would hurt the first time I had sex. This was disappointing to hear, because I really looked forward to it.

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    Why Does Sex Hurt the First Time for a Woman? 6 Tips to Lose Your Virginity Without Pain10 Reasons for Painful Sex - Why Sex Hurts

    Sex, virginity. We're told that that it should first be with someone special. All of that, I say, is total crap. Teenagers in particular why a lot of stories first what the first time is like, the most common I think being the aforementioned bleeding and pain.

    I know that I was terrified of vaginal intercourse before I did it, convinced that it was going to be this painful, traumatic experience. In the end, I barely even noticed when my high school boyfriend finally got it in.

    But every first time is different, of course, even for the two or, in some special shy, more than first people involved. Even the definition of first time can be hurt, with some folks counting oral does or digital penetration as the time they lost their why. I was curious to find out what different women hurt for their first time, so I asked srx and came back does eight really hurt answers.

    Interestingly, though, the only one that reports a fully awesome experience is also the only one who does having girl-on-girl sex.

    If you'd like to take sex trip down memory lane, watch sex sex myths you believed as a child below and subscribe why Bustle's YouTube page for more videos :. MarvyDarling, 24First time: Penis in vagina sexual intercourse.